Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th March 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Sakshi heading towards Dadi to put colors on her. Baa and Bhagwati stand back to watch. Sakshi collides with Sharda who is concerned for her. Sakshi puts colors on Sharda after seeking her permission. Karan realizes she looks intoxicated. Looks like she had bhaang. Karan interrupts them. He diverts Sharda saying dad is looking for you. He takes Sakshi along with him on the pretext of another dance. She leaves with him happily.

Once in a corner Karan asks Sakshi if she had bhaang. She declines. I had amchur chaach. It is very tasty. She gives a glass to him to try. He takes a sip and understands that bhaang has been mixed in it. This is why Sakshi is behaving like this. He tells it to Sakshi. If someone gets to know you had bhaang then it will be a big problem.

He holds out his hand for her to hold but she runs away. He runs after her trying to stop her but she hides. Karan is unable to find her but Baa pats her on the shoulder startling her. Sakshi starts laughing uncontrollably. I thought I was caught. Baa again talks about Dadi. She is not looking happy when the occasion is such. Baa encourages her to fulfill her mission now. Sakshi gets happy and calls out for her friends.

Sakshi goes to Dadi telling her Sharda ma is calling her there. Dadi cannot see her anywhere which is why Sakshi has come to call her. Dadi goes to where Sakshi was pointing. Sakshi comes and pours a bucket full of colored water on Dadi wishing her a happy holi. Everyone stands still as they watch it. Suresh wants to know who did this. Sakshi cheers loudly in holi’s spirit. Fui instigates Sharda indirectly. You did right. People make mistakes. It is good that you forgave your DIL but I was thinking if Karan’s Dadi will forgive Sakshi for her mistake. Sharda looks on sadly.

Karan brings Sakshi to their room. She is singing and laughing non stop. He is concerned for her. She is a little sad thinking about Dadi. She wont forgive me. He assures her that she will forgive her if she will apologize with a true heart. He goes to get coffee for her asking her to take a bath meanwhile. She is fast asleep by the time Karan comes back. He tries to wake her up but she tells him to let her sleep. She puts her hands around his neck. Why do you care? When I act like your wife then you have a problem then why are you behaving like a husband now! Saiyaan re plays in the background while they share an eye lock. He is about to say something when she decides to take a bath. I will feel better afterwards. He helps her in getting up and takes her to the bathroom.

Sharda is looking for Chirag. I am sure only he would have brought bhaang in the house. I dint say anything to him yesterday but I wont leave him today. She notices him talking to his friends. She is about to call him but then decides against saying anything to him in front of his friends.

Sakshi comes out after taking a bath and Karan stares at her. She asks for his help to tie the knot of her suit. Saiyaan re plays as he does as told. Sakshi is worried thinking she dint do it right with Dadi. I made a very big mistake. I am recalling everything slowly but why did you not stop me. He tells her she was not in a condition to stop. Whatever you did with Dadi was ok but what you did with me! She is surprised. He acts shy while she is getting all confused.

Chirag and his friends come to his room. Chirag keeps something in his bag. Sharda had come there to talk to him but stands outside to watch what he is doing. She hides when he walks out of the room with his friends. As soon as they are gone she comes to check his bag but Chirag is back by then. He is sure mom wont spare her now. Just then Suresh calls out for Sharda (she has found bhaang in his bag by now) and Chirag hides. Suresh asks her to give gifts to the guests who are leaving. Chirag comes and takes his bag from his mom. Why are you checking my bag? He complains to his dad about it. She asks him if he is doing it right by bringing bhaang. He feigns to be innocent. Sharda tells Suresh that it is wrong. I know he is grown up now but what is wrong is wrong. He puts the blame on his friends. How can i deny them something? Everyone drinks it even if we don’t. This is considered as shagun. She is upset at the fact that he keeps on committing mistakes but doesn’t realize what he is doing. He came home drunk yesterday and today this. Suresh tells Chirag he is upset with him. I agree to let you party but this doesn’t mean you will start behaving this way. I don’t like all this. Chirag agrees not to do anything like that and leaves from there. Sharda is still worried but Suresh asks her to forget it. This is just bhaang. I guess Chirag is right. It must be one of his friends who would have brought it. Trust your kids so that they can trust you too. When kids grow up then something good and something bad happens. Don’t worry get the gifts as the guests are about to leave. She nods.

Latika is talking to some people about business. Diya wants to have gujiya and comes to seek her permission but she continues talking to other people. She finally allows Diya to do what she wants to. Diya leaves happily. She takes one bite and Pratik comes to stop her. She tells him that mom permitted her to eat it. Pratik takes her with him. He comes to ask Latika about it. What if something would have happened to her? You allowed her to eat it without properly listening to what she was saying. How can you be so irresponsible? One of the ladies tell him to chill. Why can you not appoint a baby sitter for Diya? Pratik straight away tells them he cannot afford to have one. I am a middle class person and the kids of middle class people aren’t brought up by some nanny. He takes Diya with him. Latika excuses herself for a minute to talk to Pratik. He is leaving for home. You can come along if you want to. Sharda hears this and asks him if everything is fine. He affirms. All three of them leave.

Sakshi comes to Dadi’s room to apologize. Dadi is wiping the color off her face when Sakshi calls out for her. I know I have hurt your feelings / heart. I have made a very big mistake. I don’t know how I made such a big mistake. I am sorry.

Karan tells Sharda how upset Sakshi is about what she did. But Dadi must have felt bad too. I don’t think Sakshi would be able to make her happy again. Sharda says ma ji is strict from outside but has a very soft heart (like a coconut). Whatever Sakshi has done was done by mistake. My Sakshi is innocent just like kids and no one can be upset with kids for long.

Sakshi says when kids make mistakes then they are punished for it. Punish me too. Karan and Sharda come there and wait outside to see. Sakshi shows Dadi a stick. Take it and beat me or scold me but don’t be upset with me. Sharda says give ma ji the kheer that you made for ma ji. And why are you holding this stick? Sakshi holds the bowl of keer in one hand and stick in her other hand. Either forgive me by eating this or by beating me but please forgive me. Dadi says when kids grow up then their mistakes too become big. She takes the bowl from Sakshi. I am your Dadi MIL. However big or small your mistake is I will have to forgive you. You have made it right? Sakshi hugs her with love. I am so sorry I won’t make such a stupid mistake ever. Now there is one thing left to be done.

Precap: Baa tells Bhagwati how she has not done anything till now. Just wait and watch what I will do now. Sakshi comes there interrupting her. I will tell you what to do. You will pack your luggage and leave from here for forever. Baa is shocked and shouts at her angrily. Sakshi shushes her. I am your DIL. I am saying this for your benefit only. Pack your bag quietly and leave in the morning or else!

Update Credit to: pooja

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