Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th February 2014 Written Update

Sharda gets a call from Latika. Latika is stuck in office because of an urgent meeting. Sharda agrees to manage it. Sakshi is with me too. You handle your work. She ends the call as the doc has come.

Doc asks them about the problem. Sharda and Sakshi explain everything to him. Doc checks Diya while Shrada looks on anxiously. Doc tells them that Diya has juvenile diabetes which shocks both of them. Sharda asks him how this can be possible. She is so young plus she eats well and we take good care of her. How can this happen? They are told that it can happen to anyone at any age. Maybe someone in your family has it or had it. Sharda is clueless about it. He writes down some medicines for Diya. Take good care of her and her food habits. Bring her here for check up every week.

I will give an injection to her as well. Diya gets scared. She doesn’t want an injection. She goes and hugs Sakshi as she looks at the nurse who is holding an injection in her hand. Sakshi calms her down. Sharda decides to call Pratik but his phone is unreachable. She calls Latika next who agrees to call her back after the meeting. Sharda firmly asks her to come over right now. This is more important than your meeting. Your daughter’s health should be your priority. We will take Diya home from here come over asap. Latika agrees to come. She thinks mom has never spoken to me like this. I should go. She tells her fellow members that they will continue the meeting later.

Sharda is sitting sadly. Diya comes to Sharda. Don’t get upset Nani I will take the injection. Sharda hugs her sweetly after which Diya goes back inside for her injection. She shouts a little in pain and Sharda feels bad about it.

At the coaching centre, Shirish addresses the class. He is teaching vowels and consonants and they will have a test 2 days later. He is about to start the class when he asks for Mrs. Modi. Can anyone tell me why she isn’t attending the class these days? Everyone shakes their heads. He continues with the class.

Sakshi, Sharda and Diya come home. Dadi notices the worry on their faces and asks Sharda about it. Sharda tells Sakshi to take Diya to her room so that she can rest. They both leave. Sharda tells Dadi everything when Pratik comes there and overhears their convo. He is not ready to believe it. Maybe the doc made some mistake. Sharda declines. He checked her nicely. We were in fact trying to call you. He tells her that he was in godown and maybe that’s there was no signal in my phone. I came over as soon as I got a call from Sakshi. Where is Latika? She went with you, dint she? Just then Latika makes an entry. She is upset with her mom that she called her on a working day that too in the midst of a meeting. Why did you call me so urgently? Sharda is about to tell her when Pratik stops her. He tells Latika that there is another thing other than business, profit and money which is called home. A home is made by a mom and not a businesswoman. I don’t have a problem with you working but I regret the fact that you couldn’t become a good mom. Everyone is shocked to hear him say it. Latika insists that she is a very good mom. Pratik reasons that if that would have been the case then why could you not know it which mummy ji (Sharda) could understand. Latika still stays put. She isn’t unwell. She is growing and this is all normal. I was about to take her to the doc but mom and Sakshi took Diya before me. I don’t understand why we are creating such hype over it. He asks her when was she about to go. Do you have time? You might have gone but by then Diya’s problem of juvenile diabetes would have increased? Latika is shocked. How can this be? These are mere changes. Mom, don’t know what kind of doc you took Diya to? You know how this has become a business today. I should have gone with you. Sakshi speaks up now. Ma wanted you to come along with us but you had your meeting. Latika thanks her for reminding her she was busy. But now I must remind you that I am Diya’s mom and I know what’s good or bad for her. Anyways, Diya cannot have diabetes as she is quite young. I will take Diya. She calls out for Diya. Sharda explains to her that the doc wasn’t lying. Diya is really unwell. Pratik holds Latika’s hand. I want to talk to you right now. He takes her with him. Dadi gets worried. Sharda tells her to let them talk. Dadi nods.

Latika frees her hand. He apologizes for saying so much to her as he was angry. But you yourself think as to why you couldn’t notice those symptoms which mom and Sakshi could see. Anyways, we cant change the past. But from today onwards you will have to take care of Diya. Latika gets angry. You mean I have never taken care of her? Agree I overlooked those symptoms but you dint see them at all. Why a mom is whole sole responsible for it? Why not on you? He agrees he dint notice those as when is my daughter with me that I can spend time with her. Latika finds it so convenient. You blame everything on me so I am only responsible for this also. He tries to talk reason but she is in no mood to hear anything and walks out of the room.

Suresh is home and Sharda tells him about Diya. Latika was passing by when he stops her. She goes to Diya’s room. He too leaves from there. Sharda excuses herself as she wants to talk to Pratik.

Sakshi gets a call from Karan. He asks her why she hasn’t replied to any of his messages. You surprised me again with the lunch as I hate it. You only would have packed it. She denies. Kaveri must have packed it. He notices that she sounds a little low and asks her if she is all right. She tells him about Diya. He is taken aback and asks about Diya. Thank God you took her to the hospital and it was detected on time. Don’t worry this can be managed. Diya will be fine don’t worry. I am coming home right away.

Latika is caressing Diya’s head while she is asleep. She looks really sad. What has happened to my daughter? She got such a big disease in such a small age. She doesn’t even know she is unwell. She cannot eat like her friends and cannot even lead a normal life. Why did this happen with my daughter? Suresh comes there and looks at her. you are crying? You are my brave girl this doesn’t look good on you. Medical science has advanced so much today that everything has a cure now. We will take Diya to the best doc.

Sharda asks Pratik to be strong. I can understand how parents feel when they see their children in pain but you and Latika have to support each other / be with each other in this circumstance. He says it is important for the partner to be with you to support each other. You know how busy she gets in her work that she doesn’t get time for Diya but atleast I should have been careful. My daughter was bearing so much and I dint knew anything about it. Its all my fault. Sharda asks her not to think about it. You too have to think about your work. Plus both the partners have to work together to make it work. He still blames himself for it. Nothing is greater than my daughter for me. I will make sure I give as much time to my daughter as I can and fulfil all her wishes. Sharda remarks that love is the biggest cure of any disease / problem. We all are here for Diya but she needs her parents most at such times as she loves both of you more than any of us.

Latika wants to take a break from office for a few days. Everyone at home is right in thinking that I couldn’t become a good mom. Suresh looks shocked. I couldn’t fulfil the duties of a mother. He asks her not to talk like a kid. Will Diya get well if you stay at home? You are not responsible for whatever has happened! you are handling business with me today not because you are my daughter but because you are talented. Don’t even think about wasting it. And if Pratik thinks that everything will be sorted if you stay at home then ask him to increase his income first.

On the other hand, Sharda offers to make Latika understand. She loves Diya a lot and she needs to spend more time with her right now. She will understand don’t worry.

Latika considers herself responsible for Diya’s state. Pratik thinks the same. Suresh says the same thing. You cannot leave your career for such things. We will give the best treatment to Diya. She thanks him.

Everyone is gathered in the living area. Pratik is taking Diya home. I want to spend all time with her until she gets better. I think that Latika too should take a short break from her work as Diya needs her most. Suresh says that Diya’s problem wont sort out by either of them staying at home. This isn’t needed. Diya is good here and she will stay here only. Sharda and Sakshi will take care of her. Plus leaving your work isn’t a sensible thing to do. You both can anyways take care of her after your office hours. Sharda asks him how Latika can continue with her work in such a situation. Suresh looks pointedly at her. Do you have a problem? She shakes her head but wants to say something. Pratik tells her to let it be. No one can take better care of Diya than you. He leaves from there. Latika too wants to go get her stuff. Sharda suggests packing some lunch for her and Pratik. You look tired and must not have eaten too. Latika agrees.

Suresh is thinking something. He calls out for Sharda. You only would have advised Pratik to take off for a few days and stay at home? Sharda begins to say something but he cuts her off. Home, family, only you can talk all this. A wife, a woman must give her time to her family. But understand one thing clearly that Latika isn’t just a wife, a woman or a mom. She is a businesswoman and excels in her work. She is the best. Yet you want her to stay at home? Sakshi looks upset and with an unbelievable kind of expression at him. What are you doing at home other than talking big? Diya fell ill and you couldn’t see it. Neither of you, ma or Sakshi could realise it? You are at fault Sharda. Don’t blame Latika to hide your faults. Only you are to be blamed for this. You should have taken care. Diya is still a kid. How would she understand anything? You gave her any kind of sweets whenever she was hungry. You think even think how much injurious it can be to her? sakshi looks at Sharda with shock written all over her face. I toil day and night to earn money but what’s the use of it when the kids of the house are unwell. I expected only one thing from you that you should take care of the kids of the house but you failed Sharda.

Precap: Karan too has reached home. Suresh says one has to go out to earn money. Money doesn’t come to someone while staying at home. You have to work hard and poor Latika is doing all this. Yet you people make her feel guilty about not taking care of her daughter? You (Sharda) focus on your work only. Stop interfering in anyone’s life. No one here is a kid. Everyone knows what’s good or bad for them and in fact, a lot more than you. Sharda looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: pooja

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