Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th March 2014 Written Update

Sakshi wakes up and there are already a few color marks on her face. She is wondering about Karan’s whereabouts just when Sharda comes there looking for her. Get ready as the puja preps have already begun downstairs. She notices the color marks and remarks that Sakshi’s holi has already started. Sakshi is confused so Sharda asks her to look in the mirror. Sakshi looks in the mirror just when Karan walks inside. He asks her if she took her medicine. Sharda leaves after asking them to get ready. Sakshi asks her about the color on her face. He very cutely replies that he wanted to be the first one to wish her. Saiyaan re plays. Sakshi smiles shyly.

Everyone is praying. Sharda seeks God’s blessings for her family. Karan wants his Sakshi to be happy always and his only. Sakshi

wishes Karan to be as happy always as he is right now. Plus my whole family should be happy and away from any evil eye. Priest asks them to put on a tika on everyone’s faces thereby wishing each other. Suresh looks a little sad when he wishes his mom. Chirag wishes Baa. She hugs him and asks him if he will have bhaang. He nods happily. Sharda blesses Sakshi and Karan and vice versa. It is Sakshi’s turn to wish Karan now. Sakshi notices Dadi sitting alone on the sofa. She wants to put colors on her to wish her on the festival but Sharda tells her against it. Ma ji has not played holi since her husband dies. Don’t put color on her and neither let anyone else do that. Sakshi nods.

The festivity begins. Everyone is enjoying holi. Sakshi and Karan go to their friends. Sakshi had asked her friends to bring amchur chaach for her and her friends. Baa asks her about it. Sakshi tells her how they drink this instead of bhaang or thandai. I have heard that bhaang has an altogether different effect and fun. Baa nods. Sharda hears the word bhaang and is worried. It is wrong as a person cannot control himself after drinking it. It will neither come here nor will be talk about it. Sakshi agrees. We will only drink amchur chaach. Sharda declines as Sakshi will have a throat ache because of it. Plus you have still not recovered completely. She takes the girls with her.

Chirag gestures Baa to come to him. He shows bhaang to her but is scared as if anyone sees it with him then he will be gone. She offers to fix it for him. He leaves thanking her. Baa calls out to Bhagwati asking her if she knows what to do. Bhagwati nods and leaves. Baa is sure bent upon ruining this holi.

Diya wishes her Nani a very happy holi. Sharda puts colors on her while singing a cute rhyme. Pratik and Latika too wish her. Latika asks Karan about holi. Where is your pichkari? His friends too comment that without water it is no fun. Sakshi’s friends tell him that if Sakshi is drenched then no one will be able to save themselves especially Karan. Rohan too teases them wishing someone would put colour on him too. Though it is different with girls. They are more busy in saving themselves rather than putting it on someone else. Sharda asks them all to play holi. This is Sakshi’s first holi so it should be memorable. She goes to get gujiya for everyone.

Bhagwati agrees with what Sharda bhabhi said while she mixes the bhaang in thandai. Don’t worry as I am here. After drinking this bhaang I think all of you will remember it for life. She notices Sharda coming there and is worried that she might be caught. She hides behind the table. Sharda is seen to be approaching there but Kaveri comes there. Diya is asking for sugar free sweets. Sharda goes to get it but then turns. She notices Bhagwati peeping out from behind the table but Kaveri again catches her attention. Sharda leaves with her. Bhagwati is saved. She mixes the bhaang when no one is looking. She leaves afterwards though she forgets the bottle behind (from which she had mixed bhaang).

Sakshi’s friends mix amchur powder and give it to Sakshi who doesn’t want to drink it as ma had declined. She doesn’t want to cheat her. They prod her to go ahead. Baa and Bhagwati watch her taking the glass from a distance. She takes a sip but then someone passes by hitting her thereby making the glass fall. She points out how even God doesn’t want her to drink it. Karan and his friends come there. He too sides with his mom. Sharda joins them. She seems to make light of the note of Sakshi drinking chaach. Baa too asks her to let the kids enjoy. Sakshi is anyways very intelligent. She won’t do anything wrong. It is anyways chaach not bhaang. Sharda too doesn’t want to hold her back for anything. I have full faith in her. She agrees to let Sakshi drink chaach. Sakshi is overjoyed. Suresh calls out for Sharda so she has to go. Baa keeps looking at Sakshi intently while she gulps it down. Chirag too wants to drink it so she gives him a glass too. He thanks her happily and goes to bring his friends.

The bhaang seems to have an effect on Sakshi. She asks Suresh to put a tika on ma. He obliges and puts a small tika. Sakshi is not satisfied. She makes him put color on both the cheeks of Sharda and makes her do it too. He comments that Sakshi looks quite happy today. Sharda nods. She has to as it is her first holi. Sakshi hoots for holi.

Sakshi and Latika are dancing on Chaan ke Mohalla. Karan smiles as he watches her dance. Sharda is enjoying it too but changes her expressions when Suresh looks at her. It is Balam Pichkari now. Karan, Pratik and Karan’s friends join them for the dance. Pratik and Latika leave the group after a while. The song changes and Karan and Sakshi’s friends stand by to watch the couple. Sakshi dances around Sharda too. Sakshi is dancing in full swing leaving Karan confused. What has happened to Sakshi? Is she ok?

Sakshi is putting colors on everyone. Karan comes asking if she is all right. Just then his friends come and pull him along with them. Baa and Bhagwati come to talk to Sakshi. You have made this holi fun. But I feel sad when I see my sister sitting in a corner sadly. Since her husband died all the colors have disappeared from her life. I tried explaining her that life doesn’t stop when someone leaves you. She must be feeling like playing holi when she sees us all enjoying. Sakshi agrees with Baa. Life is incomplete without colors. Dadi must play holi. It is the responsibility of family members to take care of one another and keep them happy. I will put color on Dadi and make her agree to play holi. She takes a plate full of colors and is shown to be heading towards Dadi. She collides with Sharda who is taken aback to see her state. Baa says this was such a wonderful pair (Sharda-Sakshi). I really used to have tears in my eyes sometimes as I looked at them but who can change the fate now. It is in God’s hands to make or change pairs. After all bhaang showed its effects. Epi ends on Sharda’s face.

Precap: Sakshi pours a bucket full of colored water on Dadi. Everyone looks in shock. Suresh is upset. Sharda approaches Sakshi while she keeps on cheering for holi.

Update Credit to: pooja

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