Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Episodes starts from where it was left yesterday. Sharda says to Sakshi that now we have many hands to work. Sakshi apologizes to her for thinking that she will accept Pallavi offer. Sharda says that you are my teacher who cares for their students just like parents do for their child. Sakshi says today your teacher did not believed her. She says today you have come first. Shanaya sees this. Sharda says I will come first when we will deliver Meeta’s order at deadline because Sakshi and all workers are with me. They all say we will come first. She sees Shanaya so she says we all are like a family and in a family there are some mistakes but it don’t mean that we becomes angry on our family. Situations make us do mistakes but it also give us chance to make it alright which we should not lose.Shanaya

thinks about it.

Neha (worker) comes. Sharda goes to meet her. Sakshi is in kitchen. She appreciates Sharda and is sorry for their dead. Sharda understands this. She says in these circumstances she would also join Pallavi but Sakshi make her understand. Neha gives her something and leaves. Karan comes. Sharda goes to plate his food. Sakshi comes to him and gives him the good news that all workers came back.She sees him in tension. She consoles him that he will find job soon and now workers also came so no tension. He stands up angrily. He says what you want to prove that I am a loser. She is shocked. Sharda comes. He apologize and say now maybe I don’t have right to be angry on her. Sakshi is shocked. He leaves. Sakshi cries. Sharda asks her what is going on. She tells her that she don’t know, since when he left the job he is blaming her for everything. She says Mom offered him job so whats the point on being on her, she was angry on her mom but Karan blamed her. She asks Sharda her mistake. Sharda makes her understand that he is angry on himself because of the circumstances. She sends her for food. Sharda blames her for Kasak relation problems.

Sharda goes to Sakshi and asks her to take tomorrow holiday to spend time with Karan but she says I can’t as we have to complete order on time. Sharda makes her understand to balance her work and Karan. Sakshi also agrees and thanks her.

Pallavi has just entered the room when she remembers her talk with Sharda. She places milk and medicines together then sets the bed for Dadi and leaves. Dadi comes and sees all this. She thinks Sharda has come.She calls Chirag and asks him whether Sharda came. He says no. She asks who done this, he says that he don’t know, while Pallavi listens their conversation secretly.

Karan is on phone for some job but no avail. Sakshi comes with tea. He says if u do this for me then what will happen of factory. She says that she had taken holiday to spend time with him. He says that he doesnot want babysitting, he can’t do anything for them but can take care of himself. Sakshi cries. She asks him her fault because of why he is talking like this.She is trying to manage both of them but his behaviour really hurts her. She is about to go when he holds her hand. He apologizes to her. She hugs him. He says her to stop crying. He says if she stops crying then he will make tea for her. She breaks from hug and says I don’t want bitter tea of urs. Both smiles. Forehead joins. Meanwhile, someone knocks. Sakshi opens. It is Shanaya. She tells Sharda send her to bring clothes pattern. Karan phone rings so he goes outside. Sakshi goes to neighbours to bring it. Shanaya searches for something. She says she want something to trap Sakshi. Someone comes and asks for Sharda for factory rent. Shanaya says that we don’t have money so give us extension. He becomes angry, she also talks with him. He gives her a slip in which she had to sign that they can’t give the rent. She signs but of Sakshi. She hides copy of it in a book. Sakshi comes and sees her standing. She asks on which she lies. She gives her and she goes.

Sakshi brings food for Karan. He appreciates the food. He then feeds her. She is doing some calculations. He is about to say something when phone rings. He says to pick it later but she says its from factory. He again is about to say when her phone rings. She asks him what he was saying when another phone comes and she picks it. He is angry. She says that lets go for a movie. He says where the money will come from. He again becomes angry on her. He says he should go to her mom’s house. She stands up and asks what has happened to him. They fight. He gives her permission to go to her mother’s place. He is about to go when she stops him. But he says that you stop else people will say that husband make wife homeless and now that you works, its ur right to stay in this room. He goes.

Some people comes and asks to close the factory. Sakshi says you have to give notice. One of them says we gave to Sakshi. She says I didnot signed at any. Shanaya smiles. They make everyone out of the factory and then close it. Then they leaves. Sakshi says we will do something.

Karan is fighting with some people. Sharda stops him. They leaves. He says to Shanaya why were you smiling to these people, you are small so don’t know these type of people. She says I am small but I know how to take care of myself and by the way who to smile who not who are you to tell me. Karan says I am like your big brother thats why I am telling you. Sharda is shocked.

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