Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th February 2014 Written Update

Karan asks Sakshi for a dance and she is all the more happy to oblige. They dance on the romantic number Aadha Ishq. By the time the song comes to an end, they are lost in each other’s eyes. The moment breaks. They both agree to head home now as it is quite late.

Sharda gets milk for Suresh. Ma ji became so hyper upon hearing the news of her sister’s arrival. I was helping her that’s why got a little late. He nods and she keeps it on the side table. Suresh continues working on his lappy while she tells him how much work is still left to do. He asks her about her class. How will you manage your studies while doing all this? Did you go to attend your classes in the last few days? She couldn’t go owing to Ma ji’s health and Diya’s School’s Annual Function. I will

take one more off tomorrow and finish everything. She talks about Ma ji and her sister’s relation when he laughs at her. Finally your fever for studies is over. I had said already that this isn’t your cup of tea. One needs to have patience, dedication and one must work hard to achieve that goal. This isn’t like some house task for which if you start tomorrow you are able to cook it by tomorrow. Why don’t you understand that it is a different thing to keep someone else under a misunderstanding but you must not do that to yourself! You aren’t meant for studies. All the responsibilities of this house are for you and no one else can handle it better than you. You are the respect of this house. Don’t snatch it for the sake of studies. Anyways now that Fui (his mom’s sister) is coming, you very well know how these people with old mentality are. Sharda looks worried.

Karan and Sakshi come outside to look for their car. Karan wonders as to where the driver has parked their car. Neither of their phones have signals. He suggests walking a little distance. We can board an auto or taxi as and when we will find one. We will call the driver when the signal comes back. She agrees. They both start walking on the road with Aadha Ishq playing in the background. Sakshi is all smiles. She is about to trip when Karan holds her. They both share an eye lock. They both find a taxi and get inside it. Both have a big smile on their faces as they head home.

Sakshi and Karan come home. They talk about some stuff and then are about to bump into each other when they stop. Karan sweetly gestures her to go ahead while he sits down on the bed.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up and looks at Karan who is sleeping on the couch. She covers him properly. Just then her phone rings. She goes out in the balcony to talk to Vinni who wonders why she is talking in low tones. Sakshi tells her that Karan is sleeping that’s why. Vinni teases her for the same. She asks for the details of their first Valentine’s Day. Sakshi says we just went for a dinner. Vinni knowingly calls Karan boring so that she can hear what Sakshi has to say about him. sakshi denies right away. he took me out on a surprise. We danced. The ambience was very good, the music the dinner everything. You know Karan is quite funny. He dances so well. It was very romantic. We dint realise when we were about to kiss each other. Sakshi covers her mouth. Vinni gets happy and wants to know more. sakshi says there are no secret. Vinni replies you are hiding it from yourself that you are in love. sakshi smiles but doesn’t abide by it. Vinni teases her all the more. When things go to the height of kissing (without being planned such) then that means that friendship is turning into love. This is so exciting. The beginning of love in an arranged marriage! Sakshi ends the call but she cannot stop herself from smiling.

Sakshi comes to Sharda’s room with a big broad smile on her face. Sharda asks her about it. You want to ask something? Sakshi diverts it to the breakfast menu. Sharda asks her not to worry. He gets stressed when his things are not in its place. Sakshi sits down to talk to her. Papa has become carefree because of you. You take care of him, his stuff. Sharda says this is what every wife does. Yes, newly married women might take some time to understand their husbands but they also start understanding everything with time. They don’t do things as per their needs or wishes thinking it to be some work but they do it with love. Saiyaan re plays as Sakshi smiles shyly. Sharda asks her if she is right. A husband and wife’s relation is just like sandalwood and water. But why are you asking about all this today? sakshi turns it to nothing. Sharda asks her about their special day yesterday. You are only smiling since then! I have never seen you this happy. Tell me what happened as we are the best of friends. You will hide it from me as well? Ok, try and hide it but don’t forget that you can hide the flower but not its fragrance. The same way you can hide love but its colour shows on face. Sakshi feels shy. Dadi calls for Sharda so she has to go. Sakshi wonders why is everyone feeling like I am hiding something. What’s there to hide after all? Am I seriously hiding something from ma, Vinni or myself? Have I seriously fallen for Karan?

Karan comes out of the bathroom after taking a bath and finds his clothes on the bed. Sakshi comes there and tells them that she has kept it all out for him. He thanks her for doing it but he doesn’t like the colour of the shirt. This is why I don’t wear it. Sakshi feels sad but asks him to wear it as she likes it. I feel that it will look very good on you. Please wear it for me. She goes to get his breakfast ready. He wonders what has happened to her. She looks changed. Its nice of her that she is taking care of me but this shirt??

Chirag checks his weight. He asks his mom if she has oil wells in Saudi Arab. You put so much oil when you cook so I thought you might have. Sharda shakes her head. He has gained 4 kgs in last 15 days. I work hard in the gym but your food ruins it all. Sakshi suggests him to eat the salad and soup which is made especially for him if he is so weight conscious. Honestly, I don’t think you need to lose weight. Dadi calls him a foodie. He forgets all the exercise when he sees good food. She tells him to walk away from the place when he sees yummy food. Sakshi and Diya smile and so does Sharda. Chirag leaves from there upset that Dadi too has started making fun of him. It is Diya’s turn now. Sharda gets worried seeing that she has lost weight. She eats well. In fact, her diet has increased. Diya doesn’t have fever but Sharda finds something odd about it. Sakshi suggests taking Diya to the doc. All these signs aren’t good. Sharda agree and offers to call Latika.

Latika is in the office when Sakshi calls her. We were thinking about taking Diya to the doc. She has lost weight too. We think there is some problem that’s why we have thought to take her to the doc. Latika thanks her but she agrees to take Diya for a doc visit on her own. Sakshi insists. I will take an appointment. You too come there please. Latika gets a little hyper. I said I will take her. Why do you worry all the time? Please relax. Sharda takes the phone. Sakshi is right. We must not delay. We are going there you too come over. Latika cannot say anything to her mom. I was anyways going to take her myself. I am her mom and I am worried about her too. Sharda affirms. Latika agrees to join them. The call ends. Sakshi tells Sharda not to miss her call today. I will take Diya you don’t worry. Sharda declines. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in the class as my mind would be here. I have to be with Diya. You wont be able to handle her on your own.

Karan sends a message to Sakshi as she dint send any since morning. Her phone is on vibration motion so she doesn’t realise when it beeps.

Sharda, Sakshi and Diya are told to wait. The doc will join them soon. Sharda looks worried.

Precap: Sakshi tells doc about Diya’s symptoms. He checks Diya. Diya has juvenile diabetes.

Update Credit to: pooja

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