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Two workers previously of Sharda shows Pallavi a saree which they had made whole night. Pallvi storms on them that Meeta will not approve this. Latika says to her that the real talent is in Sharda. They are only doing what they know. She says you took her workers but how will you take her talent. Pallavi orders that till the time they don’t get a good designer, lower the workers’ salaries. Latika is shocked listening this.

Sakshi is praying to God to help them. A man comes from Nirmal Jewelers. Shanaya is listening to their talk. She tells him that their factory is currently in loss so they need money. He tells her that her marriage jewels he had made so he would happily help them. Sakshi took out her bangles, chain and earrings and ask him whether he could give some money from

it. Before she can hand over it to him, Sharda stops her. Sakshi says that these are only jewels which she can buy later. But Sharda makes her understand that these are not only jewels, these are married woman nishani and she will not let her to sell this. She gives her Karan’s promise so she keeps quiet. She says that you have given me support which is the biggest thing. Sharda then takes out her bangles and manglasutra. Sakshi asks why she took it off on which she says that if I have no right on my husband what this manglasutra means. She asks the price of it. He tells 4 lakhs and goes. Shanaya smiles. Sakshi says we need much more money than this. Shanaya thinks that you cant complete this order under the deadline.

Suresh is talking to some client and asking what is the problem. They only had changed the name from Sharda to Pallavi textiles. He says there is no problem in the name but since when it has changed, the quality has become poor. Suresh says its impossible so maybe its ur fault. He says we have no fault. Suresh says that he will personally check the quality.

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Suresh goes to Pallavi and asks what is this happening. She says don’t blame at me, I have taken the decisions but to see them its Latika’s work. But you will never fire her. Both have argument related to it.

Sharda gives Karan roti when he asks her where is her manglasutra. She lies. Sakshi comes. He says nowadays robbery is so common on which she says that she is already robbed and we all know who robbed her. She tells him that Sharda sold her manglasutra. He blames himself for all this condition and then without eating food he goes.

Suresh at the dining table asks maid about everyone. He thinks about Pallavi-Sharda talk and this his talk with client. He calls Sharda who was sleeping but seeing Suresh phone at this time panics and asks about Dadi. He says I was thinking about Pallavi offer to her. He praises about her talent, she also gets happy. He says that I want that you join our company as a designer. In this we both will be in advantage. She thinks that he only said this for his own advantage. She tells him to give some time to think.

Sakshi wakes up to see Karan and Sharda not at home. Then she reads the letter from Sharda that says in some days our lives has changed and it has only gave you both difficulties so now I have only two choices. To struggle for my pehchaan or to join Pallavi. Sakshi says that she will never let her fail. She goes to factory and sees Sharda sleeping. She writes a letter then starts working. Sharda wake up and reads the letter which says that its our exam, if we both work for 19 hours a day then it will be finished on time.

Workers are outraged coming to know that their salary is reduced. They tells Latika that Sharda never did this to them. Pallavi comes and listens this. She says if Sharda is so good then why did they came here. She says that her factory is about to be closed then she will come here for work. Sharda comes.She says you must be happy to see me here and I am also happy to come here as you cared about my talent. She says Pallavi Ajmera needs Sharda Mehta but Sharda Mehta do not need Pallavi Ajmera. She says I alone will make my own pehchaan when all her workers take her side. They goes with Sharda.

Sakshi is factory is tensed thinking about Sharda’s pehchaan. Sharda comes. Sakshi says that she should not work with Pallavi. They are with each other as Sharda-Sakshi team. Workers come and say that now you are not alone we all with you. Sakshi is happy. Shanaya watches them.

Some boys enter. Sakshi asks who are they. One of them says that they had not payed the bill so close the factory. They throw their things out. Sharda Sakshi and workers try to save things but then the factory is locked. Sakshi says we will do something.

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