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Pallavi makes Sharda’s workers on her side by giving greed of money. She puts a condition of starting work from today itself. The workers agree. Pallavi is confident that Meeta will have to come to her now.

Sakshi returns home. Karan tells her that she should have gone with her mum. They don’t live in the big house now and with little experience, it will be difficult for him to find a new job. She asks him why he’s talking like that. He argues with her for telling her mum everything and now her mum offering a job to him. She says she is just worried for them, but he says it’s better if their house topics remain inside house. Sharda comes and they stop arguing.

Suresh is waiting for breakfast and he takes Sharda’s name. Dadi reminds him she doesn’t

live there anymore. Suresh asks the maid and she says it’s getting ready. He’s frustrated. Aarav comes there and he asks if he had breakfast, but he picks up an apple and leaves. Suresh asks what has happened to this house? All are behaving like this is a hotel, no discipline. He goes to kitchen and asks how long for breakfast. Pallavi says she’s not a robot and asks him not to talk like that to her, she’s not Sharda. Suresh leaves without eating.

Sharda and Sakshi come to their factory. No worker is there. They ask Shanaya and she says she’s also waiting for them. Sakshi and Sharda call the workers, but all give excuses. Sakshi feels something is wrong. How all can have issues same day. Sharda receives a call from Meeta and she says she tried to take a week time, but she could only manage to get 3 days time. Sakshi says how they will finish everything in 3 days especially when they don’t have anyone. Shanaya is feeling happy seeing them worried. Sharda tells Sakshi not to worry, when you don’t have anyone, you have to become your own support. They can work together and finish it.

Later, Sharda thinks that she told Sakshi, but even she knows this can’t be possible. The maid informs Dadi that Chirag is not at home, and he’s not picking up phone either. Dadi asks her to look outside. Dadi’s health deteriorates and she calls Sharda. Sharda leaves in rush telling Sakshi she will tell everything after coming back.

Sharda comes to Suresh’s house and tells Dadi nothing will happen, she has called doctor. Dadi tells her she came, so now she’ll be fine. Doctor comes and asks if Dadi is not getting medicine on time. Sharda asks the maid why no one gave medicine to Dadi. Doctor tells Sharda to be careful, even a small mistake can cause major issues. Doctor leaves. Dadi asks Sharda not to leave her. Sharda says she won’t and asks her to sleep.

After a while, Sharda comes out and sees Pallavi’s photo with family members. Pallavi and Suresh return home and they are shocked to see Sharda. Pallavi taunts Sharda. Sharda says she came because Dadi’s health deteriorated. Pallavi asks the maid why she didn’t call her. The maid says Dadi called Sharda. Pallavi reminds Sharda that it’s her duty to look after Dadi, not an outsider’s duty. Suresh tells Sharda that she should have called him instead coming here. He goes to see Dadi.

Pallavi lectures Sharda more and tells her about the workers leaving her. She asks what will happen to her. Sharda says those who make efforts don’t lose. Pallavi says, this time they will lose. Meeta wont’ give any more time and she doesn’t have anything. Sharda says, she does have her strength, her workers. Pallavi smiles and says, you had workers, now those workers are mine. Sharda gets shocked. Pallavi says, don’t get shocked, you didn’t have any money to give to them, but I had. Money power is more than love. You neither have money, nor workers. All paths are closed for you. You have lost. Only I can save you from this problem. To save your head, you will have to bend it down. You went to make your new identity, now your new identity will be of working as a designer for me. Only I can make your dream come true. You can take your time and let me know. Suresh comes out. Sharda says, sometimes you don’t have to think too much. You know my answer. Pallavi says “rassi jal gayi, par bal nahi gaya”. Sharda wipes her tears and says, you can think whatever you want. You’re right that this is not my sasural, it’s your house. I shouldn’t have come like that here. I also don’t like coming here, but I came here without caring about my self-respect, without thinking anything just for maji. You will say when I don’t have any relationship with him (Suresh), then what relationship do I have with maji? Relationship are not made by name, they are made by love, by fulfilling them. Maji and I have mother-daughter relationship. I have just left this house, not maji. You’re Suresh Modi’s wife, so it’s your duty to take care of Maji. If you don’t want me to come here again, then make sure you fulfill your duty well. If Maji gets sick, and if she needs me, then no one can me, not even you. Pallavi is shocked. Suresh just stands and listens.

Precap: Sharda is in Pallavi’s office. All workers are there as well. Sharda says so Pallavi finally needed Sharda, but Sharda doesn’t need Pallavi. I will make my identity on my own. Pallavi asks her what she has left? How will she do everything alone? The workers interrupt and say, she is not alone. We all are with her. Pallavi is shocked. Sharda asks her whether she got an answer or would she like to hear it from her?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  2. I think pallavi is now too much …. what is the sharda’s mistake that she is punshing her and not punishing to Suresh …….

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