Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th March 2014 Written Update

Sakshi is making Gujia. Sharda sees it and praises her. She asks her about Chirag and gets to know that he has not came yet. She goes to call her. Bhagwati comes with Bua and laughs at Sakshi’s gujia as she replaced sugar with salt. Bua warns her to do something right as her previous plans got unsuccessful because of Sharda.

Latika’s Home
Diya comes to Latika and asks her to go to Nani’s house.She makes her wait for few minutes as she had to mail something. Prateek comes. He says that it is not good to celebrate all the festivals there, she has to use to making festival here too. But Latika interrupts him that they are my family so what is not good in making festivals there. Prateek tells her that my family is you and diya. Diya insists on going there.


is calling Chirag but he is not answering. She tells this to Suresh. He tells her that he will come as today is a festival so he must be with his friends. He tells her to keep Prasad for him. But Sharda tells him that he is not answering the phone and she is worried for him. He tells her to not to worry. Diya comes. Sharda asks them why they suddenly planned to come here. Prateek answers smartly. They goes for pooja.

Sharda starts the pooja. Sakshi says thank you to Karan as without his help Sharda could not go to her class. Karan says that if Sharda’s study he is always with her. Karan says to himself that I must thank you as you came into my life making it beautiful. Sakshi asks him whether he said something to her but he denies. Diya asks Sharda why we make Holi. Sharda fully explains her. Sakshi says that today really good surpassed evil.
Sharda-Suresh does pooja.Next Karan-Sakshi, then Prateek-Latika then Bua, Dadi, Bhagwati. Sharda sees Chirag coming home in a drunken state. She goes to his room and confronts him. She is very angry on him. She threatens him that she will tell to Suresh but he stops her telling her that his friends made him drink it and that he will never do it again. Sharda makes him lie on the bed and leaves the room. Bua sees her.

Karan and Sakshi are coming back from garden. Sakshi tells him that it was the best holi she ever had. Karan also says that I enjoyed very much and maybe this can be because of a good company. She says that I think that tomorrow’s holi will be also very good. Karan says her to be ready as tomorrow many colours will be meeting her.
Dadi calls Sharda saying her to feed everyone. Bua taunts her. Karan volunteers to bring Gujia with Sakshi. They serves everyone. Suresh eats it and tells that it have the same taste as always. Bua and Bhagwati are stunned to see this. Flashback. While Bhagwati was replacing sugar with salt, Karan saw this and bring Sakshi to see this. After she goes, Sakshi finds out that it is salt. Flashback over. Karan and Sakshi are happy. He gives his hand to her which she holds-PERFECT COUPLE.

Sharda tells Suresh that Chirag has came but he is drunk. Suresh calms her saying that he will talk to him. He says to give Chirag some space. He asks her to not to worry and goes to sleep.
Bua is taking her anger on Bhagwati. Her real motive is to make Holi go bad teaching Sakshi and Sharda a lesson.

Bua goes to Chirag’s room. She tries to brain wash him. She says him to have Bhang on Holi. Chirag was also happy. It was Bua’s plan.

Sharda gives Sakshi blessings. Sakshi puts color on Sharda wishing her. Sakshi and Karan both applies color to each other’s face wishing a Happy Holi

Update Credit to: rida001

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