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Neha and all the ladies have cleaned everything. They are told to come in the evening to see if there’s something to do. They all leave. Shanaya too leaves after looking at them one more time. Sharda wonders what to do now. Sakshi is sure someone has done it intentionally. The tap cannot open on its own. Someone has done it. sharda is worried about the loss. How will we repay it? Sakshi offers to talk to her mom but Sharda isn’t too keen on it. Sakshi wants to take it as a loan only. She reasons that in case her mom is in trouble then you will automatically help her so we are doing the same thing. For now we must focus on finishing that order. We only have 3 days for that. We don’t have time to think about formalities. Plumber comes so Sakshi goes with him. sharda sits there worriedly.


brings Diya to Modi House. She calls out for her mom but gets sad as she realises that her mom isn’t here. She recalls the times spent with her mom sadly. Dadi comes there. She has brought a gift for Diya. Diya loves the doll. It looks as pretty as me. dadi senses that Latika isn’t happy. they both know what the other is feeling. I am not happy to work in this office anymore. I am not doing it willingly. Everyone has been asking me to leave this job but I cannot leave it as I have to think about Diya, my career, my future, everything. Dadi understands it. Don’t worry I will take care of Diya. You go to office. Everything will be fine.

Diya looks on in amazement as Pallavi scolds Lata. Diya calls her a bad woman and talks in favour of her Nani and mom. She even declines to be friends with Pallavi. Dadi reminds her that this isn’t how you should talk to elders. Pallavi takes her side calling her a kid. Dadi knows that only her son is at fault.

Shanaya gives the good news to Pallavi. All the sarees have been ruined. Pallavi tells her against it. Shanaya lies that she dint do anything. Pallavi trusts her. if you would have done something then I would have felt bad. It will be my profit anyways. Shanaya suggests her to call Meeta aunty asap. She cannot leave from there as it might create doubts in the minds of Sharda and Sakshi. She ends the call. She turns and finds Sharda standing behind her. seems like Sharda hasn’t heard anything. She simply asks Shanaya to come inside and help everyone.

Sharda comes to meet Meeta. Meeta has already heard about the incident at the factory. Sharda is confused as to how she knows everything. Meeta reasons that she has started a new venture so all the eyes on her only especially mine as I keep an eye on all those with whom I do business. She declines to divulge any more details. Sharda nods. Meeta asks her what she wants from her. Sharda only wants trust from her. give us one more chance by giving us a week’s time. Meeta is ready to give her one last chance by going against her principles. Sharda is so thankful to her. Meeta gets a call and she has to go for an urgent meeting. She tells Sharda to leave only after having tea.

Pallavi walks in as soon as Meeta leaves. Pallavi remarks that her day would be good now as she has seen such a big businesswoman’s face in the morning only. Sharda tells her about Meeta going out. Pallavi remembers her convo with Shanaya and looks at Sharda sympathetically. She too knows about the factory incident which shocks Sharda. Pallavi takes Latika’s name. She was really sad for you. I know you wont be deliver this big consignment on time. You are nowhere in the market so you don’t lose anything. But we are the ones who are scared. Think about how you will handle all this. I know that your son’s job isn’t going good too. How will you pay the bills? We don’t value money till the time we are dependent on someone else’s money. Now you only have to manage everything. But how will you do it? Problems aren’t leaving you. Let us take over if you cannot manage to complete this work. Sharda replies that life isn’t handed over to someone else when things break apart. One has to make efforts on their own. I too will do it myself. It is more than enough that you gave so much thought to me and my problems. She leaves after thanking her for her help.

Sakshi motivates all the ladies to complete this work. They understand that they have to give their 200% to complete it. Sharda gets a call from Latika who has just come to know about the incident at the factory. Sharda is shocked as she recalls that Pallavi took her name. She ends the call promising to call her back in a while. Sharda asks everyone who closed the factory. Neha takes Shanaya’s name. Shanaya agrees to it. I checked everywhere. There was no tap leaking. Sakshi is sure she dint check properly. Shanaya’s phone vibratess and Pallavi’s photo flashes on her phone. Sharda notices it and is taken aback. She looks at Shanaya and gets thinking. She tells Sakshi not to scold her. I too had checked everything yester night. It might have happened by mistake. She tells her to get back to her work. Shanaya checks her phone. There are so many missed calls from her mom. She wonders if Sharda noticed it but then thinks against it as she is sure Sharda wouldn’t have supported her otherwise. She gets a call from her dad and goes outside to attend it. sharda wonders where she has gone.

Suresh tells her that they have been worried about her. She tells him not to show any fake concern towards her. where were you when mom tried to take overdose of sleeping pills to kill herself? He is shocked to know about it. she knows that he doesn’t care if they live or die. You are anyways dead for me. sharda has heard everything and is shocked. She recalls all her meetings with Shanaya and how desperate she was to work here. Shanaya calls her mom now. Pallavi is worried for her. Shanaya apologizes. I dint get to know when you called as my phone was in my bag. Pallavi was very much worried for her. Shanaya promises her that she will never do anything which can hurt her. they both say I love you to each other. Sharda stands rooted to her place in shock as she remembers how Shanaya had torn a saree from the centre a day back and then this tap incident where Shanaya was the last one to leave from the factory.

Shanaya comes back to her seat. Sharda recalls Sakshi telling her against hiring Shanaya. She is sure Shanaya is behind all this. I don’t know what to tell her. She doesn’t even know that she is doing it all wrong. But what to say to her as she thinks that I am the reason for her mom’s condition! Pallavi might not be even aware of it that she is working here. God please help her by showing her the right path. She takes that chain and puts it on the wall next to the bags of the ladies. They ask her about it. She replies that we all often lose something which is very special to us. We can get everything in life but we continue to miss them. We shouldn’t be careless about our special things for the very same reason. this is a locket which can be made once again if it is lost. But if we lose our innocence then it will never return. We should keep it safely. Shanaya was not showing interest but seems to be melting a little. Sharda prays that God will show way to whoever has lost its way.

Sakshi and Sharda come home. Sakshi has called her mom. She will come tomorrow to give us money. They notice that Karan has already fallen asleep. He had called her many times but Sakshi dint get time to call him back. There is a note on the table which says that he dint find a job today as well, sorry! Karan has kept food for them. Sharda is pleased to see that her son takes good care of them. sakshi is worried what if Karan was upset with her but Sharda is sure it might not have been that. She goes to change. Sakshi sits down next to a sleeping Karan apologizing for not calling him back. I know you will get a job soon my hero.

Pallavi is on call with Meeta. She wants to know why she cannot get that contract. Meeta replies that she doesn’t have any knowledge about making patola sarees. Pallavi will hire trained workers to do it but Meeta cannot trust her like that. Pallavi is upset that she can trust Sharda who knows nothing about business but she cannot trust her. Meeta advises her to not to be so personal about it. Pallavi denies. I just want to expand my business. Who would not want to work with a big businesswoman like you? Meeta takes time to think about it and ends the call. Pallavi is amazed as she was still talking yet Meeta cut her phone. Shanaya hears everything. I will help you. I am anyways leaving Sharda’s factory. I cannot tolerate that Sakshi anymore but I will give you a very good news before leaving Sharda’s factory. She will not have anything left now which would mean that you only will get that order. She calls license office.

Sakshi brings Padma to her new home. Padma isn’t happy to look at it. Sakshi assures her that she is happy here. Ma has setup her factory in such a short span of time. She wanted to meet you but she had to go to the factory. Karan greets her. Padma asks about his work. Sakshi lies that everything is going good but Karan tells her the truth. Padma is upset with Sakshi that she dint tell her anything. Sakshi is still positive about things. Padma offers Karan to join him in her business to which he declines. I cannot leave mom. Padma understands his sentiments but she cannot see them like this. Sakshi dint tell me about your job. I only knew that Sharda ji had left her house and you guys came with her or I wouldn’t have let you struggle so much. She does a reality check. Sakshi interrupts her mom and Karan leaves from there with Sakshi following her. Padma cannot understand what to do. I must talk to Sharda ji. I cannot see Sakshi like this.

Padma comes to Sharda’s factory. Shanaya watches them keenly. Padma is unhappy with Sharda for making Sakshi live a life like this. What have you made of her? you left your house and brought her along with you? You dint think how she would do it. Sharda answers that Sakshi came with her on her own but Padma isn’t interested. She is a kid but you are not. I am sorry about whatever happened with you but what do you want to prove by doing all this? Can you establish a business like this? I myself am a businesswoman and I have spent my whole life in setting up my business. Will you be able to manage all this at this age? It is important for a person to make his / her own identity but there is a time for it. you cannot do it later in life. You are Mrs. Sharda Modi and this only is your identity. You can try as much as you want to but you cannot change it. But you have brought trouble in my daughter’s life by being stubborn. Shanaya is clearly enjoying it. Padma tells her to understand what she wants to say. She hands out a cheque of Rs. 15 lakhs. Sakshi told me you need monetary help and I cannot say no to her. Shanaya isn’t happy to see it. Sharda agrees with Padma. This is my fight / struggle. I should fight alone. I may not be able to do what all I want to. I might not be able to make my own identity but I cannot take money from you. All the ladies are amazed to see this except Shanaya. Padma dint intend to hurt her which Sharda understands but she cannot take money from her. Padma wants her to come to her home with Sakshi and Karan. They wont listen to me. you try to explain it to them. Sharda declines politely. I cannot come but Sakshi is free to go as she is your daughter.

Sakshi interrupts her. how can you even think that I will leave you alone? She turns to her mom. I have seen money and comfort in my life but I haven’t seen this honesty in anyone else which I have seen in Ma. I might have made a mistake by asking for your help. Ma had told me against it but I had thought that you will understand me. Ma did a right thing by not accepting this cheque. She apologizes to her mom for coming all the way here for it was a waste of time for her. Padma knows that she has been stubborn always. I am going but do think about the offer which I have given to Karan. Sakshi bids her goodbye. Sad title track plays as Sakshi and Sharda comfort each other. Sakshi apologizes to her for she is feeling bad because of her. Sharda understands her mother’s emotions. Shanaya is surprised at their bonding but she is still waiting for another drama to begin.

Sakshi cannot see any way out to sort things. A courier comes and Shanaya goes to receive if. Shanaya reads the letter loudly. It is from bank. Their factory’s emi is due. Sakshi takes it from her. Mind your business like I have told you to. Sakshi comes back to Sharda and is still talks against Shanaya. But then she decides to focus on their priority. They leave for bank to ask for extension of time.

Shanaya instigates all the ladies against working here. I was impressed with Sharda’s Ma’am’s ideologies but now I don’t think that we will progress. She also talks about Padma’s cheque. Sharda ji doesn’t have any money now. She has gone to bank to ask for time. She hasn’t even paid her loan amount yet and I am sure we will close down soon. Neha and other ladies don’t want to leave Sharda ji’s side. Shanaya talks about her helplessness. I have to take care of mom, my ill Dadi and pay rent. Sharda Ma’am wont be able to give us salary even. I cannot work like this. If you people can manage then its ok but I will have to do something. Neha too wants money to run their house. Deepti asks her what she will do now. Shanaya wants to apply in Pallavi textiles as they are looking for workers. Neha and Deepti agree for it. Shanaya is shocked to see Sakshi standing at the door. She starts going out and promises Sakshi that she will be back soon. the ladies assure her that everything is fine. Sakshi is still sure that there is something wrong with this girl.

Shanaya gives the good news to her mom. All the factory workers here are very scared that Sharda wont be able to pay them salaries. They are very desperate for money. Pallavi agrees to it. She mutters to herself that being stubborn is bad. See how things have turned against you. Now how will you complete your order?

Precap: Pallavi tells Sharda that she has lost. You neither have factory not license nor workers. Only I can save you from this trouble. You will have to bow your head to save it. you had gone to make your new identity. Now you will get a new identity by working at my office as a designer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. shanaya is a horrible and an ugly looking girl i have ever seen

  2. story is giving such a wrong message !! Two women are fighting, struggling and the real bad person Suresh Modi is having his cake and eating it too. He is not facing any problem–story is disgusting, an insult to women. Sharda and Pallavi should beat the crap out of him.

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