Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th February 2014 Written Update

Sakshi wakes up and Karan isn’t there. She wonders where he is and gets up to look for him when she finds a note wishing her happy valentine’s day. She smiles as she reads those lines written by Karan and wishes him happy Valentine’s Day too.

Everyone is eating breakfast. Suresh finishes his and gets up to go. Sharda follows him and wants to help him in wearing the coat and he lets her do it. Sakshi is relieved / glad to see this. Suresh leaves for office while the MIL and DIL smile at each other. Sakshi is happy that the day has started well. Papa is back to normal with ma while Karan too wished me so sweetly in the morning with donuts. But where is he?

Sakshi comes to kitchen. She has looked for Karan everywhere but couldn’t find him. Just then she notices

a gift with a note kept on the kitchen slab and gets happy. he asks her to be ready as they have a date tonight. Sakshi stands there smiling / gushing to herself. Sharda coughs as she comes there and teases Sakshi about it. Sakshi fumbles as she tells her about the date. Should I go? Sharda says…for dinner at night that too alone? I will have to think about it. Sharda is enjoying teasing Sakshi who gets all serious and sad after hearing it. Sharda allows her to go. I was joking. Sakshi excitedly hugs her. You are the best I love you. Sharda says wish you the same. Sakshi runs for her room with her gift and note.

Sakshi is really impressed by Karan’s gestures. I never thought he would do something like this. Another gift is waiting for Sakshi as she comes to her room. She was wondering what to wear on the dinner date tonight when she notices the box kept on the bed. Sakshi loves the dress. Sharda comes there then and Sakshi happily shows her her gift. Sharda appreciates it and says it will look more beautiful when you will wear it. Sakshi smiles coyly. Sharda wants to see how she will look in it so Sakshi goes to try it.

Sakshi reaches the venue. It is so dark here and I cant see Karan anywhere. Hope I have come at the right place. She walks a few steps when the spotlight flashes on her. Another spotlight is focusing on Karan. Karan and Sakshi look at each other and smile. Karan walks towards her. She asks him why he has called her here. I cannot see anyone around. He smilingly offers her his hand which she takes and they start walking. The lights are switched on and she smiles seeing the whole place. She loves it. I have seen all this in movies only. It is so dreamlike. You have really booked this whole restaurant for us? He nods. He is happy that she loved it. They say that if the beginning is good then the whole journey automatically turns out to be beautiful. I am sure our date tonight will make the coming moments and days more beautiful than before…just like you!

Sharda and Dadi are doing puja when Suresh comes home. He too joins them while Sharda continues to sing aarti. They all take Prasad afterwards. Dadi feels at peace when she hears her aarti. Suresh asks for Karan and Sakshi. Sharda tells them that they have gone out for dinner as it is a special day today. Dadi is confused. Karan’s birthday was a few days back. Sharda tells them that today is Valentine’s Day. Suresh explains that this is a day to show love. Karan still acts childishly. He can find an excuse every day for not coming to office. Latika comes there. Dadi says that one can fast for 16 Mondays to show love. it is also a way to show it. Sharda says people don’t have so much time in today’s date that’s why maybe they have kept a special day for their special ones. Plus what’s the harm in showing your love? she asks Latika why doesn’t she take Pratik out for dinner. He will like it. Latika calls it kiddish. Leave all this for Karan and Sakshi. I am not a college going kid. Suresh likes her thought. Intelligent people love their work and don’t look for excuses to run away from their work or responsibilities. Latika asks for Kaveri. Diya was hungry and Kaveri dint give her anything. I have just fed her. kaveri comes there and apologizes to her. I had made her eat a while back don’t know how she got hungry so soon. Dadi calls them excuses. What’s in your hand? It is a letter addressed to Dadi. Kaveri reads it for her. dadi’s elder sister is coming over next week. Dadi gets up with a start / shock. She gets hyper. I have so less time and so much to do. Sharda calms her down. We are here to help you. Kaveri asks her why she goes all white when she hears her sister’s name. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Don’t you know her? what will happen now as there is so much to do. She leaves while muttering to herself.

Karan takes Sakshi to their special table as their dinner is ready. He gives her roses as well. Sakshi thanks him for such a lovely surprise. I am really impressed. He knows. This is my style. Girls can try to control themselves as much as they want to but they end up being impressed with me. She smiles in reply. He tells her to consider herself lucky as she has got a boyfriend like him. She reminds him that it is their first date and call yourself my boyfriend already. He says that’s what I am. She tells him to call himself her husband as that’s what he is to her. He declines as that sounds boring. Boyfriend sounds charming. Our life has started to smile now.

Diya comes running for her Nani. I am hungry. She insists to eat right away. sharda goes to get it. Diya has already started eating fruits by the time Sharda is back. Sharda serves her her favourite food. Diya finishes off everything from her plate. Sharda is surprised. Diya tells her how she was feeling very hungry in the afternoon as well even after eating my lunch box. I am still hungry can I eat more? latika asks her not to over eat. You will get another chance to miss school. Sharda finds this odd. Diya never felt so hungry before. She has started to wet her bed as well since a few days and looks sad too. Latika doesn’t take it seriously. I am sure these are all the signs of her growing up. This happens. Diya and Latika leave for their home after wishing Sharda good night. Sharda is still thinking.

Karan gifts a beautiful set to Sakshi. He helps her in wearing the necklace and she fells shy. He puts his hand on her shoulders and wishes her happy valentine’s day. They share an eye lock. A band starts playing for them. Sakshi is at a loss of words. Thank you so much for making me feel so special. He calls her special plus our first valentine’s day was bound to be special. Now I understand how happy you feel by making someone feel special. You did so much for me on my birthday and I was so rude to you. I am sorry for that day. She tells him not to be. That time was different and this is altogether different than that. He calls this the most beautiful time of their lives. She rues that she dint get or do anything for him. I am feeling so bad. He tells her that there is still a gift which you can give me. she asks him about it.

Precap: Sakshi and Karan dance on Aadha Ishq.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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