Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th March 2014 Written Update

Bhagwati sees Sharda coming downstairs and makes her MIL see her. Fui asks Sharda about Sakshi’s health. You will have to miss your class today for her. Sharda tells Fui that it is important for her to attend today’s class. Fui speaks as if she understands the importance of it. She also assures her they all will look after Sakshi. But she would have felt happier if you would stay back. Anyways you go to study we will manage it as we have been doing this from years. Sharda turns to go but Dadi comes there to tell her against it. Your studies can wait but right now your home needs you the most. There is Holika puja at home for which all the preps need to be done. Who will do it as Sakshi is unwell too! This is why you wont go anywhere. Sharda thinks of her MIL’s words and thinks of

not going to the class. But my responsibility has increased now. If I don’t go for today’s class being a monitor then it wont look good. Dadi asks her to start the preps. Karan and Sakshi come there. He talks sweetly to her. He assures her that all the preps will be done. Sakshi too affirms all the preps will be done. Dadi tries to counter her but Sakshi talks sweetly to her. I am fine I will handle everything. Karan too joins her. Mom will tell us what to do and how and we will do it nicely. Just then Karan and Sakshi’s friends’ come over adding to the group. They all get down to work on it. Sakshi asks everyone if they still have any problem with ma attending her class. Dadi has nothing left to say. But yes I will see if there is any mistake. Sakshi takes Sharda with her. Fui talks to herself in her mind. Play as many games as you want to but I also know how to play it.

All the guys are arranging wood for the Holika dehen while the girls are doing the decoration bit. Karan looks at Sakshi sweetly while she is looking after all the arrangements. She turns and finds him standing right behind her. Saiyaan re plays. He thanks her again for what all she has done and is still doing for his mom. She reminds him that she is her mother too, ours actually. Everything is small in front of her love for us. He nods. Fui and Bhagwati are watching them from the balcony. Fui is upset at the couple standing outside like some lovers. Bhagwati nods. I haven’t looked at him (her husband) like this even in a room. And here they are! She goes quiet as she notices her MIL’s stare. This Sakshi is so shameless. Fui remarks that Sakshi and her MIL have forgotten all their shame / courtesy. They have put up an innocent face and want to make every member of this family dance on their tunes but I wont let them do this. She tells something to Bhagwati in mute.

Shirish comes in the class and everyone wishes him. Sharda is wearing the monitor badge. Yesterday you all learned how to write your name. That was your identity but today we will talk of a bigger identity of every one of us – our country. We all are known by the name of our country and it is segmented into states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. We will learn the names of the states but in a fun way by playing a game. He shows them the map of India. You all have to make it by joining the pieces of a puzzle. This way you will get to read the names of the states. He calls all of them to stand around his desk so that they can do it. Sharda thinks of finishing it fast to reach home early. I too want to help them in the preps. Sir is looking happy today. I will ask him about it. She asks him but he reminds her of her responsibility as the monitor of the class. You should look after it that they all finish their task correctly. You will finish your task and then make sure they all do it nicely too. Only then can you go home. He excuses himself for some time. By the time I will be back I want to see this task done. The responsibility lies on you Mrs. Modi. She nods while he leaves.

Kaveri is busy cooking in the kitchen when Bhagwati comes there. Kaveri was making filling for gujiya. Bhagwati sends her out on the pretext of being called by Baa. In the meanwhile she replaces sugar with salt.

Fui is pacing in her room waiting for Bhagwati. Bhagwati comes and tells her how she has been successful in her mission. Sharda bhabhi will make salty gujiya now. It will be fun. Fui asks her to be quiet. You get so happy so soon. This much wont do. Go and concentrate on your work. Bhwgwati leaves as she doesn’t want to be scolded by her MIL again.

Sharda and everyone joins the puzzle correctly and are happy. Sharda goes to call Shirish. He thinks that she has come again to ask him about leaving early but is surprised to know that they have fixed the map so soon. He appreciates them on their work. Rukhsar gives the credit to Sharda. There is still time for their class but since the task is finished so he lets them off early. Also remember to memorize the names of all these states at home and tell them to me day after tomorrow. We will meet after holi. They all wish each other happy holi and leave for their homes. Sharda wishes that everything is all right at home.

Karan and Sakshi are doing their respective works. Sakshi comes to help Karan and their hands touch. Saiyaan re plays. Her finger is hurt by one of the pieces of the wood and he tends to her. They share an eye lock. While they are lost in each other’s eyes Bhagwati comes and steals the rest of the wood. Sakshi turns and is confused to see them all gone. Karan comments that maybe there were more but we might have set all of them already as our mind was elsewhere. She suggests to get more pieces and he agrees. Bhagwati makes sure there is no one else around and then goes and switches on the water pipe. All the wood will be soaked by the water now. She is sure her MIL will be happy now.

Bhagwati changes the puja thaal too. The flowers and rest of the ingredients are replaced with the bad ones. Dadi checks with Sakshi if all the preps are done. Sakshi nods. Fui shouts loudly and they all go to see. They all go out to see and get to know that the wood is all soaked in water now. Kaveri comes running to show them the puja thaal. Sakshi is taken aback to see all this. How will the puja happen? What will we do now Karan? Fui thinks that she is way more smarter than Sakshi. I will see what you will do now! They hear Sharda calling them for the puja.

Fui tells Sakshi to show her MIL her preps for the puja. You told her that you will handle it all nicely. Sharda has full faith in Sakshi. Get me puja’s thaal. Sakshi advances towards her to show her the ruined thaali but Sharda interrupts calling herself forgetful. I brought the thaal myself and I am asking Sakshi for it. Everyone is confused while Sharda brings the right thaal. Sakshi had already kept it in my room. I brought it here. Fui is angry while Sakshi is happy and touched. Bhagwati tries to speak in between but Sharda thinks that the thaal in Sakshi’s hands belongs to Bhagwati. She asks Sakshi to give it to Bhagwati but then points out that she doesn’t know how to set a puja’s thaal. Karan smiles. She sweetly reprimands Bhagwati by complaining to Fui about her. Fui agrees with her upset. Karan tells his mom about the wood. We don’t have much time to get more. Sharda calls him forgetful too. She tells him to get them from the back garden. You anyways set them at the wrong place. It was good that they were drenched in water. It is your’s and Sakshi’s first holi I don’t want any problem in it. He is overjoyed. You are the best ma. She tells him to set the wood in the right place and he obliges. Sakshi thanks her and they both smile. Bhagwati looks at her MIL sadly. Epi ends with Sakshi winking at Sharda.

Precap: Everyone has gathered for the holika puja. Sakshi and Karan smile at each other while doing the puja. Sharda notices Chirag walking towards them and is worried as she looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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