Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th February 2014 Written Update

All the girls dance around Sharda. Dadi comes back with Suresh. Both of them look on as the ladies enjoy their party. All the girls stops dancing as they notice Suresh and Dadi standing there. Sharda too stops a little later. They are all taken aback to see them there. One of the girls stop the music. Suresh tells the girls that the driver is waiting outside. He will drop you at your place. The girls nod their heads and leave for their home. Sakshi tries to talk to Vinni but Suresh wants to talk to her.

Suresh and Dadi are in the living area. Sharda and Sakshi come there. Sakshi begins to talk to him but he takes over. This house has some values and limitations. I have spent many years of my life to build them. Now I don’t want them to go to waste by someone’s (hinting

at Sharda) foolishness. I never said no to you for anything. I even allowed Sharda to attend the coaching classes on your request. But no one is allowed to break the rules and regulations of this house. Not even me! Whatever you both did today is unpardonable. The respect of this house is because of Mrs. Sharda Modi and if she herself doesn’t understand this thing then atleast you should understand it. Does all this suit a woman of this age? If by a mistake an outsider would have gotten to know about what all happened at our home tonight then everything would have been ruined. sharda dint think once before acting like that but I dint expect it from you. I had a lot of faith in you. This is your first mistake. I am not forgiving you for this though. Remember that nothing should happen in this house which can hamper our respect and reputation. Sharda tells him that Sakshi has no fault in it. She was doing all this for me. But Suresh cuts her off. You should have learnt in these many years that you have to answer only when you are spoken to. He turns to Sakshi again. I hope you understood everything. Always take care of the fact that you must not make any mistake for or because of someone (Sharda). Sakshi nods. Suresh leaves for his room. Dadi taunts Sharda. I will send the balm with Kaveri as your legs must be paining due to all the dancing. She gets up muttering to herself. All the noise ruined my sleep. God knows how I will sleep now.

Sharda apologizes to Sakshi. I know you did all this for my happiness but you had to listen to all this. Sakshi stops her. You haven’t done anything I am perfectly fine. Don’t blame yourself. I should have understood. Papa was so hurt because of me and you too got scolded because of me. it was all my fault. I should be the one apologizing. Sharda asks her if she is ok. Sakshi is feeling bad but hides it with a smile for Sharda’s sake. You should go to sleep now. I am going too. She leaves for her room while Sharda stands there feeling really helpless and sad.

Sakshi comes to her room but Karan isn’t there. She calls him and asks him where he is at this hour. He is walking in the garden outside. When you don’t feel like doing anything then you come close to nature or beaches and what’s best other than the garden of our house to do that so I am downstairs. She asks him to come and sleep now as she too is going to do the same thing. Karan guesses everything correctly which surprises her. You haven’t invented something new. This eureka moment has happened with me many times. He repeats Suresh’s words with exact precision. She is amazed as those were papa’s exact words. He smiles. You are new but I have a solid experience of hearing all this from dad. Don’t take stress ok. She is feeling bad as Sharda had to listen to all this because of her. He knows her point and ma will be also worried about the same thing for you. But don’t worry everything is fine. She lies down while talking and yawns which he overhears. She denies. He asks her to lie down and then talk to her. She smiles. Rest of the convo is in mute. She falls asleep while he continues talking. He ends the call and smiles. Karan comes to his room and looks at Sakshi sweetly. He covers her with duvet and puts the phone on the side table. he sits down before her, removes a lock from her face and keeps looking at her (very cute scene).

Chirag shares what Dadi told him about yester night. She cannot believe it that mom could do something like this. Chirag stops talking when he sees his dad walking in to join them for the breakfast. Sharda serves breakfast to Suresh. She is about to add butter but he stops her which surprises everyone. Just then Dadi comes holding her head, shouting in pain. She has a headache. All that noise destroyed my sleep. Sharda, who does things like that? People get to sleep with so much difficulty in this age. Now do something to soothe this pain. Suresh asks his mom to have ginger tea and take a medicine. Rest a little and you will be fine. She agrees. Sakshi is coming downstairs but stops to see what’s happening. Suresh starts wearing his coat on his own. Sharda is concerned for him as he dint even had breakfast. He leaves without saying a word to her. dadi asks for her tea. Sharda nods. I will also massage your head. Sakshi is sad and also worried as she looks at the clock.

Sakshi comes in the kitchen and asks Sharda to go get ready as it is time for her class. Sharda declines to go to attend the class today. Ma ji is ill because of me. I have to take care of her. sakshi offers to help but Sharda denies. There is a difference between you doing it and my doing it. She will feel bad if I go today. She is my MIL just like I am yours. She loves me equally only her way to show it is a little different. Sakshi corrects her. you are not my MIL but my ma. And secondly, no one can love me as much as you do. Sharda smilingly agrees. I will go and massage ma ji’s head you get the tea. Ma ji will certainly feel better after this. Sakshi is sad thinking that ma is not able to go to attned her class today because of her. It was all good but my pyjama party messed it all.

Sakshi is making tea when Karan comes there. She is surprised to see him in the kitchen. He asks her what the date is today and then tomorrow. she says that generally 14th comes after 13th. He mocks her. You are a genius while I am fool. This reminds me what kind of flowers you like. She replies, roses. He tries to know about her likes, food, sweets, etc by asking her indirect questions. Her tea is ready so she leaves to give it to Dadi. I will be back after a short break. He remarks that this break will stay till tomorrow only as we will celebrate our first valentine’s day tomorrow where everything will be really special…as per Sakshi’s liking. It has to be special as it is Karan’s Sakshi’s Valentine Day.

Karan comes home from office. He is talking to his friend on phone as he walks upstairs about reserving a table for tomorrow. sharda smiles as she hears his convo. She teases him about a good place and all these preps for whom. He smiles a little coyly. I want to surprise Sakshi. I am worried what if she doesn’t like all this. Sharda takes him with her and points at Sakshi who is busy tidying up their room. Has Sakshi ever done this for you earlier when you used to leave your room messy? She must have but now she is doing it with love. What does this mean? Karan shrugs his shoulder as he is feeling shy. Sharda explains that this means that things are improving between you two. You both are trying to make it work and when someone tries with all their heart then they definitely win. I am definite that Sakshi will like your surprise (he helps her in pronouncing the word correctly and is happy when she does that). Put all your heart and efforts in it and everything will be fine. She goes to give milk to Suresh while Karan looks at Sakshi.

Karan apologizes for the mess he created in the room. She smiles. It is ok now I have got used to it. He is planning a surprise to see her smile only.

Suresh notices Sharda as she comes with a glass of milk but again starts looking in his file. She keeps the tray on the bed side table. next she gets oil to massage his feet. She apologizes for her mistake. I should have understood that there is a difference between Sakshi and me. I became selfish and forgot about everyone else in my happiness. I know you are upset with me but trust me I wont let you down again. Please forgive me. he agrees and lies down to sleep after she wipes his feet clean.

Precap: Sakshi and Karan celebrate their first valentine day together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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