Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th March 2014 Written Update

Fui scolds Dadi for ruining their plan. A person stays happy when he knows how to control his tongue in every way. See your DIL isn’t home till now. Elders weren’t wrong to say that a wife’s place is inside the four walls of her house. When she steps outside she cannot concentrate at home. A car stops outside. Dadi deduces that Suresh came early today.

Fui goes inside the kitchen and pretends to work. She feigns a backache but is still doing something. He asks her about it. She replies that I take everything on a particular time. Sharda has gone to attend her class and Bhagwati is busy in some other work. Kaveri too took off today only. I wanted to have tea so thought not to disturb anyone else. He checks his watch. Sharda should have been back by now. She says maybe the

class would have got extended. Times have changed. I wish that she lives her life her way now that she has got a chance. I will make tea. She again feigns to have pain in her back. He walks away angrily from there which Fui notices.

Sharda prays for Sakshi. Suresh tries her number but the phone is kept on the chair. Karan and Sharda check with the doc. Sakshi is fine. She was unconscious because she was hurt on the head but she is completely fine now. She only needs rest and medicine. Karan and Sharda are relieved. Sakshi can go home with them now only. Karan hugs his mom satisfied that his wife his wife.

Suresh cannot understand why Sharda is acting so irresponsibly. She is not even picking up my calls. Just then Sharda enters. He straight away starts questioning her on her behavior. He asks her if she forgot about her this life (her home and family) after getting involved with her new friends and life. Fui has been doing all the work. Your class got over four hours ago then where have you been all this while. Sharda keeps trying to tell him but he keeps on talking. Just then Karan comes too holding Sakshi. Mom was with me. Mom isn’t irresponsible. She has fulfilled all her responsibilities till date and today also she was with me and Sakshi in hospital. They are all taken aback to see Sakshi’s condition. Dadi helps her and asks her about it. Karan tells her about the accident. But don’t worry Sakshi is fine now. Suresh is upset that he wasn’t told by anyone. I would have come there. He asks about the accident and Sakshi shakes her head at Karan. Suresh notices this and is sure it must have happened because of Karan but Sakshi takes the blame. He asks her to be careful. Now go and rest. Sharda takes her to her room. Suresh turns to Karan. Sakshi needs to rest not you. Why haven’t you checked Singhania’s file till now? Sharda will take care of Sakshi while you can clear the pending files. Karan nods. He tells Bhagwati to handle the kitchen for some days as Sakshi needs Sharda. Fui you too take care of the kitchen to make sure everything goes swiftly. She assures him she will. Bhagwati is sad thinking she will have to do everything by herself now.

Bhagwati is massaging her MIL’s legs who is busy thinking how Sharda’s studies might be put to an end today as Suresh was very angry. Bhagwati blames it on fate. Even a king becomes beggar when fate plays its game. She quickly alters her statement when she notices her MIL staring at her. I feel that Sakshi is behind all this as she can go to any extent to help / save Sharda bhabhi. Don’t know if this injury is for real or a lie. Fui is irritated thinking about it. Surely they book would be thinking of another idea right now.

Sharda feeds Sakshi with her own hands while Karan is reading some magazine. Sakshi asks her to go to sleep as she has to go for her class tomorrow but Sharda declines. I wont go till you are perfectly all right. Who will take care of you if I go? Karan immediately offers to take the responsibility. Sharda is pleased while Sakshi looks hesitant. She diverts the topic. You dint tell me what happened in the class today? Sharda tells her how she was chosen as monitor of the class. Sakshi gets happy. You are telling me now? Sharda shares how she felt that Sakshi was in some trouble. I tried to call you but your phone was off that’s why I called Karan and came to know you were in hospital. Don’t know what would I have done if something would have happened to you! Sakshi says nothing can happen to me till I have all of you with me. Forget this, you have become the class monitor now so you will have to be act like that only, a little strict. Now you cannot miss your class for even a day as you have the responsibility of your whole class on you. Please go and sleep now. Karan backs her up. I will take care of Sakshi. Sharda is sure that only he can take care of Sakshi other than her. She leaves from there. Karan and Sakshi look at each other and then he walks a little towards the sofa. They both look at each other awkwardly. Sakshi tries to get up and Karan immediately rushes to help her. Her hand was slipping and he takes hold of it which surprises her. They share an eye lock and Pehli Baar Mohabbat plays in the background. He helps her in getting up / walking till the bathroom door. He asks her not to lock the door while he will wait outside. She nods. He hears a sound and is concerned for her. She comes out and he again helps her in lying down on the bed. Now you should sleep. He sits down on the sofa again as he is not feeling sleepy. She turns to switch off the light and notices a card kept on the bedside table. Karan pretends to read his magazine yet he is looking from the corner of his eyes while she reads the message written on the card. You have supported my mom in every step. Thank you and happy women’s day. They both smile as they look at each other. Finally she lies down to sleep. Karan picks up his sofa and carefully keeps it next to Sakshi’s bed. Sharda comes there and is touched to see Karan looking at a sleeping Sakshi. Accidents usually ruin lives but some actually brighten up things in some people’s lives. I feel that tomorrow will be a new beginning for my kids.

Next morning Sakshi wakes up and is surprised to see Karan sleeping on the sofa kept next to the bed. He slept here only? She gets up and he wakes up with a start. Are you all right? She assures him she is. I can go to the washroom don’t worry. He denies. I will decide if you are all right or not. She asks him about it. He is sad that her accident happened because of him. I am not a perfect husband but I know this much that when one partner is unwell then the other partner is responsible for everything and makes all the decisions so I will take all the decisions related to your health. She nods. He offers his hand to her which she willingly takes. Saiyaan re plays. He again helps her in walking towards the washroom all the while concerned for her. She assures him she is fine. Go freshen up I too will be back soon. He agrees.

Karan gets a call from Rohan who asks about Holi party. Karan cannot come as Sakshi is ill. Rohan jokes that maybe I dialed a wrong number. Karan tells him about the accident and it was because of me. I don’t know how I could be so stupid. I cannot even apologize to her anymore as the cycle keeps on repeating. Rohan decides that they will come over instead. Karan thanks him and ends the call. He turns and finds Sakshi stands there. Saiyaan re plays.

Sharda brings breakfast for both of them. Sakshi tells her that she is fine but Sharda cannot see it on her face. Sakshi reminds her that she has to reach on time today. Sharda still doesn’t want to go but Sakshi reminds her of her responsibilities of being the monitor of the class. Sharda finally agrees. She asks Karan to take care of Sakshi. She leaves and they both sit down to eat.

Sakshi tells Karan about how Fui, Dadi and Bhagwati are against the idea of ma going to study. She also tells him how Dadi feigned a stomachache so that ma skips her class. Flashback is shown. Karan nods after hearing all this.

Precap: Sharda tells Fui that it is important for her to attend today’s class. Fui assures her they all will look after Sakshi. Sharda turns to go but Dadi comes there to tell her against it. Your studies can wait but right now your home needs you the most. Karan and Sakshi come there and he calls out for his Dadi.

Update Credit to: pooja

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