Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th February 2014 Written Update

Sakshi loves the decor. How did you do all this in so less time? He tells her how he has worked so hard to impress her. It is morning already. She is surprised. I was talking to Karan whole night. Karan thinks our talks used to finish in 30 seconds. The whole night is over now yet we still have so much to talk. Is this the same Sakshi? Am I the same Karan? They both are thinking the same thing and feel a little shy. Sakshi has never been up for the whole night earlier. In fact, I have never seen a sun rise. He asks her to do it today then. Everything has a perfect time and perfect place. The time is perfect and I will take you to a perfect place. He holds out his hand for her asking her to come with him. She puts her hand in his and they both go out in the balcony to watch the

sun rise. Karan wishes that the sun could go to dad’s office instead of him as it is so punctual. Atleast dad would be impressed by someone’s punctuality then. She wonders who would take sun’s place in that case. He says you would take sun’s place. By God, every morning would have been very beautiful then. They share an eye lock. Sakshi looks away as she feels shy while Karan continues to look at her. Title song plays in the background.

The sun has risen. Sakshi and Karan are sleeping outside only on a bench . Sakshi is holding Karan’s arm and her head is on Karan’s shoulder. Sakshi wakes up and tries to move away but her earring is stuck. She is able to free it finally and looks at Karan who is still asleep. She thanks him. I am really impressed. She leaves from there. Karan is not able to sleep because of the light so Sakshi stands up and he relaxes as soon as her shade covers him. She wants the time to stop in this moment only. What is this feeling where its only me and you and it is so peaceful! She notices that he is about to wake up and pretends to be doing some work. Karan wants to say something to her but cannot understand how to. Hope you wont feel bad. She prods him to speak up. He tells her that she snores. They both smile. Karan runs off with Sakshi following her. I wont leave you! They both stop in their tracks as they meet Sharda on their way who is all smiles to see her kids happy. Karan wishes his mom good morning and goes inside. Sakshi is about to go too but Sharda stops her. Who was this guy? So much closeness with a stranger? Sakshi is all smiles and cannot answer. You dint go to your coaching centre today? Sharda reminds her that it is Sunday today. You will send me on a Sunday even if you can! She breathes in the air. Don’t you feel that there is something special in the air this morning? Sakshi asks her about it. Sharda says it feels as if someone has spread love in the air. Don’t you feel so? Sakshi feel very shy. Sharda is very happy as her kids are happy with each other. Sakshi reminds her that they will have a pajama party to enjoy and celebrate this happiness. Sharda looks super excited and so does Sakshi. They share a cute hug. Dadi who was walking in the garden downstairs is disappointed with Sharda. They look like friends. She should atleast scold her DIL as it is her right but they both (MIL-DIL) talk amongst each other as if they are friends.

Sakshi’s friends love the preps. They tease her when she tells them that Karan has done all this. She asks them about the party and music. It cannot be loud. We will listen to old songs so that ma also enjoys. They all like the idea. But they have only latest songs. Where will we get old songs from? Just then Karan comes there. Did anyone ask for this Jinn? Wherever there is a problem, I am there! Are you guys looking for old songs? Sakshi asks for it. He asks her to speak a little sweetly so that it looks like a request. Impress me so that I get to know if those people who want to hear old songs know anything about them or not! She denies. We will manage with the latest songs. She turns to go but Karan holds her hand. He sings Hum Tumhe Chahte Hain Aise while holding her hand. Sakshi too sings a song for him – Kaate Nahi Kat te but she ends up asking for the cd instead of saying I love you. Her friends and Karan who was eagerly waiting to hear it out are disappointed. Please give the cd and leave from here as you aren’t a girl. Karan gives her the cd and goes from there.

Sakshi and her friends are all set for the party. This is a secret party. No one should come to know about it of there will be a problem. Her friends ask for the guest of honour aka Sharda for whom all this has been arranged. Sakshi goes to call Sharda. Sakshi goes till the door of Sharda’s room and calls out to Sharda who looks at Suresh who is still busy in his files. Sakshi talks to herself. It is healthy to sleep early but papa is busy with his work. Papa please sleep as it is night time already. She again whispers to Sharda to come. Sharda notices Suresh yawning and looking at his watch. He keeps his stuff aside and lies down to sleep. Sakshi thanks God for helping them. sharda signals her to go while she will join her soon. sakshi leaves satisfied. Sharda picks up a few clothes and tiptoes out of the room.

Sakshi has covered Sharda’s eyes and is guiding her all the way. Sharda too loves the decor. She is still worried. What if Karan’s dad wakes up? He wont say anything to you people but I should go now. Sakshi asks her not to worry. Enjoy the party. Everyone is sleeping. Sakshi’s friends greet her and she asks them to speak in lower tones. Sharda declines to wear pajamas as she is more comfy in the sarees.

Everyone sits around Sharda. Sakshi asks her to tell them about her and papa. Sharda says we grew up together and then got married. They are happy to know that it was a childhood romance. They ask her about their first date. When did you fall in love with papa? Her friend remarks that in older times, people used to get married first and then fall for each other. Sharda nods. Sakshi wants to know what happened after the wedding. Sharda replies that Karan was born after their wedding. Everyone laughs at it. Sharda tells them to be a little careful. Sakshi gets a call from Karan. Everyone notices this while Sakshi feels shy. She ends the call. Sharda teases her. love happens after wedding. What say, Sakshi? Sakshi covers her face as she is feeling shy. Karan is calling again and again so Sharda asks her to pick it. Vinni takes the call. This is a girl’s night out. You will have to wait if you have to talk to Sakshi. All the girls agree in unison. They are very loud so Sharda asks them to be careful as everyone is sleeping. They again say yes a little loudly. Everyone gets up to enjoy the party by putting on the music. Sharda and Sakshi sit back and enjoy.

Karan makes himself understand that she is with her friends right now. No problem I will talk to her later. He looks at his reflection in the mirror. I want to talk to her right now. I don’t know but I am feeling that way. Nothing is cool if I don’t talk to her.

Sakshi and her friends are dancing. They raise the volume which disturbs Dadi. She wakes up due to the noise. Sakshi goes and drags Sharda to dance with them. sharda denies. This isn’t my cup of tea. Sakshi asks her to express her happiness. Sharda finally begins dancing. Dadi comes there and is surprised to see Sharda dancing with the girls. Dadi goes from there. All the girls dance around Sharda. Dadi comes back with Suresh. Both of them look on as the ladies enjoy their party.

Precap: All the girls stops dancing as they notice Suresh and Dadi standing there. Sharda too stops a little later. They are all taken aback to see them there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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