Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th March 2014 Written Update

Sharda wishes happy women’s day to everyone as she enters the class, including Rukhsar. Rukhsar remarks that all days are the same they are only called differently. Labor Day sounds way much better than Women’s Day as atleast they have an off on that day. Sharda denies. We must spend this day with a woman who holds a special place in our life. This is the best day to show our love for them. Rukhsar talks about house responsibilities and how a life gets over while one becomes a daughter, a mom, a wife or a DIL. Sharda says they are all part of our identity but not the sole thing. Our identity is by us, our name. We are women and the one who made me realise the importance of my identity is also a woman, my DIL. Mrs. Bhalla makes face while Sharda continues. When we play so many roles

then there should definitely be a special day to celebrate it. Everyone claps. Shirish enters and wishes them all a good morning. He wishes them on women’s day too. I feel good that you all have come to attend your class today. I am happy that you all not only understand the importance of your family but yours too. Like I said yesterday you all have to come here and write your name on the board. Your name is your real identity. He begins with Savita ji and the rest also follow. He keeps correcting them at points where they make a mistake. Sharda keeps practicing in her head. Sharda makes no mistake while writing her name. Shirish and everyone claps for her and she thanks him.

Sakshi and Karan have come to shop for Suresh’s acquaintance. He is getting restless while she keeps on looking at different options. She goes to try two suits so that she can choose the better one. Meanwhile, the boss or manager asks his junior to lock the trial room as the light and AC is not working. He obliges and Sakshi is locked inside. Some people are enjoying cricket match. Karan too becomes involved in watching it while Sakshi is stuck inside. She tries calling for help but her voice is not audible because of the noise outside. She is feeling suffocated inside and is sweating too. She calls out for Karan but he is all lost in the match. Guess she loses consciousness.

Shirish applauds the class for their progress. It is time for secret voting today. You all must have given vote sometime in your life? Only Savita ji has done it. Anyways you all will vote here and I believe that you will vote outside too. I have a list of all the students here with me. You all will tick against the name of the person who you like and believe can fulfill the responsibilities will become the monitor of our class. Whoever gets the maximum votes will be the chosen one. He collects the chits when everyone is done. He checks them and announces the result. Sharda got the maximum number of votes. Sharda is taken aback. They all applaud for her. He requests her to say something to all of them as they will feel good. Title song plays when SHarda thanks them for choosing her as their monitor. I also want to thank my first guru because of whom I am here, my DIL. We all have so many dreams in our eyes but maybe the smoke from the gas stove blurs them and very slowly we stop seeing dreams. But my DIL made me do it all over again. She encouraged me to fulfill them. Thank you Sakshi! Even Shirish looks moved. They all again clap for her.

Karan is enjoying the match though now he starts wondering as to where Sakshi is. One hour has passed she should have come. He checks with the employee regarding Sakshi but he doesn’t know. He asks the manager who tells him that he locked the trial room. Karan asks him to check if there is anyone inside. Karan finds her unconscious in one of the trial room and scolds them for being irresponsible. He sprinkles water on her face and she wakes up. He was really worried for her. She asks him why he took so much time to find her when he knew she was going to trial room. He acts as if he doesn’t want to follow her everywhere all the time which irks her. She walks out from there with him following her. What is my fault when the manager you locked inside by mistake? She says you are never at fault. If I would have died there then also it wouldn’t have been your fault. You went out with your wife for shopping and forgot her. But what’s your mistake in this! She starts walking and he tries to stop her but in turn she asks him to stop. It was better when we were acting like a girlfriend and boyfriend don’t know why I wanted to act all wifey all of a sudden when you don’t realise your responsibility as a husband nor feel them. He takes her words literally. I am a careless, free person who resembles some boyfriend. She starts walking on the road while he stands there upset.

Sharda feels uneasy. Why do I feel that something is going wrong! Is something happening with / to Sakshi? Sakshi is seen to be crossing the road when a car hits her. Looks like she dint hear the horn. She is hurt on the head. Karan runs towards her worried for her. Some passer-by’s help him in putting Sakshi on the backseat and he drives away. Sharda is really concerned for Sakshi. She tries Sakshi’s number but it is out of coverage area. She is all the more worried now. She prays for Sakshi’s safety.

Karan brings Sakshi to a hospital. He puts her on a stretcher and keeps talking to her assuring her that everything will be fine. He is stopped by the nurse as he cannot come inside. He waits outside while the doctor checks her. Nurse tells him that the patient is hurt on the head for which we will have to do some tests like MRI or CT scan to check that there is no internal injury. We would need signatures of her family members on these papers who can take responsibility. You brought her here so are you in her relation? Who are you to her? Can you take her responsibility? Karan recalls his rude behavior with Sakshi in the past. The nurse repeats her question. He agrees to take Sakshi’s responsibility as she is his wife. She signs on those papers. The nurse goes back inside to make preps for the tests.

Sharda remembers that Sakshi would be with Karan right now. She decides to check with him. Karan takes full responsibility of Sakshi’s life. I can handle everything related to her. He gets a call from his mom. She straight away asks for Sakshi. Don’t hide anything from me. I know something bad has happened to her. He tells her about Sakshi’s accident. I have brought her to the hospital. She asks if Sakshi is all right. I am coming there right now nothing will happen to Sakshi. Karan looks at the Ganapati idol in the hospital and prays for Sakshi’s well being. Sharda reaches there. She is pained to see Sakshi’s condition. Sharda asks Karan how it all happened and he tells her everything. It is all because of me. If I wouldn’t have fought with her then this would not have happened. He looks so sad while he prays for Sakshi. Sharda too prays for her.

Precap: Suresh is upset with Sharda for she has not been picking any of his calls. Just then Sharda reaches home. He asks her if she forgot about her this life (her home and family) after getting involved with her new friends and life. Fui has been doing all the work. Your class got over four hours ago then where have you been all this while. Sharda keeps trying to tell him but he keeps on talking

Update Credit to: pooja

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