Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with sharda saying sakshi about how she told about herself and how everyone praised her. Sakshi is very happy and they laugh and have a nice moment, dadi comes and questions what happened. Sharda happily says about the class incident while dadi disappoints her asking to manage the kitchen now. Though sharda is bit mood off, sakshi asks her to cheer up and she tells about the parjama party they want to celebrate. Sharda is clueless about it and sakshi explains her about it, people wear night clothes and have fun. Sharda is apprehensive but agrees.
Karan is with his friends. His mobile is with one of his friends and he asks him to give it back. He starts blushing looking at a missed call from sakshi. His friends question him and they are shocked seeing his reactions

about a missed call. They tease him and he says that it was his moms idea that they become strangers and now he is seeing sakshi in an entire different way. His friends ask him to call her back but he wonders what to talk.

On the other side, sakshi is also excited to see karan’s missed call and she shouts in happiness. Latika asks her and she brushes it away. she wonders what to do and sharda comes and tell her to call him, but sakshi also wonders what to speak.

At the dinner table, sakshi tells everyone how sharda got everyone’s praise by speaking about herself. Everyone are shocked and happy. Suresh tells that he was quite confident as he wrote the essay but he was worried how she would present it. though sharda is hesitant sakshi gestures her to tell and she tells suresh that she didn’t say what he wrote for her. He is confused and sharda explains that she said about herself, she being a housewife how she manages the house and family etc and also how proud she is to be a housewife. Everyone are speechless and karan claps for her and says its superb. Sharda is happy and suresh also tells it isn’t that bad. Sharda is very happy. They all leave. Only karan and sakshi are at the dinner table and karan signals her “phone” and leave as his dad was calling. Sharda tells sakshi about the party and also she is very happy that everyone were happy and suresh wasn’t angry that she didn’t read what he wrote. Sakshi is also happy.

Sakshi comes to her room and karan waits outside. She wonders if karan asked her to call or he would call. Karan wonders the same as in how she understood. They try calling at the same time and the phone is busy,finally it rings and they start talking. Karan thanks sakshi for making his mom so happy and being her best friend while sakshi thanks him that its coz of him she met sharda and also for giving her a best friend. Sakshi comes outside and karan stares at her, They talk and “mein agar kahoon” from “om shanti om” movie plays. She also tells him about the parjama party. He asks her to come to the courtyard. He says that she didn’t come for date and she says no one would come if you call a person through message for a date. They have a cute talk, and he says he is waiting for her.

Sakshi is about to go, first she is hesitant and is about to return but goes. Its all dark in the courtyard. She is afraid and he scares her, she is about to shout and he stops her. They share a cute talk on how sakshi being a tom boy shouldn’t be afraid of anyone etc. he asks her to close her eyes and she keeps blabbering. So he says my mistake first close your mouth and then eyes. She pretends to be angry and he says sorry and closes her eyes and takes her out. He tells her to open her eyes slowly and she finds it all decorated. She is happy and asks him why, he says coz she made his mom happy. He says he doesn’t have an idea about this party but he knows how to party. Sakshi is very happy and episode ends on her face.

Precap: sakshi in night clothes,she goes to call sharda and sharda signals she is coming. They go to the courtyard and keep dancing with the music on!

Update Credit to: MADHU BARUN

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