Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th March 2014 Written Update

Suresh is all set to leave for office. Sharda is about to set breakfast for him but he declines. I have to go for Women’s Day function so I need to leave early. Latika comes there with his speech for Women’s Day. Sharda thinks of getting his breakfast till the time they are talking. Meanwhile, he doesn’t want to check the report by Latika as she very well know how important is women empowerment. Progressive women like you are the perfect example for other women. No one can understand women better than you. She thanks him yet she insists so he reads it out. She has complimented all those women who are trying hard to make an identity fro herself in today’s time. The camera keeps on focusing on Sharda as she sets the table. Suresh continues reading his speech wherein Latika has explained

how education is important for women too. He is impressed by what she has written. You understand that power of women so well as you yourself are such a prominent person yourself. Sharda asks him to have breakfast but he again denies. He asks her to send his lunch to office only for he wont be able to come home today. She nods. I will ask make the food before I leave and then Sakshi will send it for you. He turns to go but then stops as he recalls she would have a class today. We have a live example here at our own home for women empowerment. She begins to tell him about the importance of today’s class but he doesn’t even hear her. He talks of women’s day and Latika thanks him. They both leave for the office while Sharda too thanks him in her heart.

Sakshi is reading a magazine in her room when Sharda comes looking for her. She is hiding something in her hands. She has brought suji ka halwa for Sakshi which is her favourite. I am going to give my exam today plus it is women’s day too. I wanted to do something for that woman who is special for me. No one else is as important to me as you. You are my first guru too and my best friend as well. Sakshi too thinks the same. You have made my day extra special by doing this. Sharda brings forward another tray on which she has written Sakshi’s name. The title track plays while Sakshi looks on touched. Sakshi has always been there with her ma on every step. You have helped me whenever I was scared or tired to take another step towards my education. You have helped me realize my identity. This is the first time when I have tried writing something and I want to dedicate it to my first guru. Sakshi has tears in her eyes and hugs her. You are really very special ma and you have made my day very special. You are the best ma. Love you.

Bhagwati comes running to them. Come fast ma is unwell. Sharda and Sakshi run to Dadi’s room concerned while Bhagwati smiles. Dadi lies that she has been vomiting the whole night. I have a stomachache now. Fui is there too. Bhagwati corrects her that it is because of the lunch that they had brought from outside yesterday. Sakshi is about to go call a doc when Dadi stops her. I will be all right if Sharda stays with me. Sharda agrees. I will just go cook something for you but Dadi again declines. I am feeling scared please stay with me. Sakshi assures her that she will be fine. I will cal doc and you will be fine with the medicines. Plus I am here to take care of you. Ma has a very important class today. But Dadi doesn’t want doc. Sharda is here with me. Dadi only wants Sharda. She wont go anywhere. Fui asks her not to act like a kid. You only have stomachache. I, Sakshi and Bhagwati are here to take care of you. Sharda has to go to study. Let her go. Sakshi asks Sharda to go as she is getting late. I will take good care of Dadi. Sharda wants to stay with her MIL. She asks Sakshi to go and make something specific for Dadi. Sakshi goes reluctantly.

Sakshi decides to call the doc. She goes to dial through the landline but the phone isn’t there. She hears Bhagwati’s voice and goes to hear it. Bhagwati is talking to her mom. She literally splits out everything which Sakshi overhears and is shocked. She cannot believe that Dadi did all this on Baa’s insistance. She comes back to the kitchen. This means that Baa was pretending to agree to let ma study. She and Dadi did all this so that Ma leaves her studies. Bhagwati is so double faced. Ma will feel so bad if she comes to know this. She will be heartbroken. No, I wont let this happen to Ma. I will have to do something.

Sakshi brings what Sharda has asked for Dadi. Looks like Dadi doesn’t like it much. She moves the tray a little aside. Sakshi turns to Sharda. Now that you are not going to your class I was thinking to make aaloo puri and mango chutney for everyone. Dadi is all alert hearing it. Saskhi wants to make something for Baa and feed her with her own hands while I will make khichdi for Dadi. Dadi makes faces. Dadi has to eat light in the afternoon so she will either skip or repeat the menu. Sakshi excuses herself as she has to do so many prpes to cook the yummy food.

Fui asks Sharda to make something for her. Dadi stops her again but Fui asks her to let her go. She is only going to kitchen to get me something. Dadi acts and tells Sharda to be back soon. She leaves nodding her head. Fui compliments Dadi on her acting skills. Dadi doesn’t want to eat what’s been brought for her but Fui tells her to think of it as her fast today. Think about your family and not puri. Bear for a while if you want your DIL to realize what she is doing. Dadi nods sadly. Fui and Bhagwati go out while Dadi again lies down.

Sakshi keeps a plate full of aaloo puri and mango chutney on table. She takes Sharda with her and asks her to just wait and watch. She loudly tells Sharda that she had made the food and it is very yummy. Dadi overhears this and her mouth waters. Sharda is confused. Sakshi tells her to wait for two minutes and see for herself. Dadi comes downstairs after making sure that no one else is there to see her. Sharda is worried that this will affect ma ji’s health. She still doesn’t understand it so Sakshi explains it to her. She goes out while Dadi is still eating. She asks for water and more chutney. Sharda comes and tells her not to eat this as it isn’t good for her health. Dadi says that kanji helped. I am completely fine now. Fui and Bhagwati come there. Dadi dint want to bother Sakshi into cooking so much so she thought to eat this only. I am perfectly all right now. Sakshi turns to Sharda. Dadi is fine now so you can go to your class. Everyone is taken aback. If Ma wont go to the class then Baa would get upset on you which I know you don’t want. Don’t you remember how she said that it is very important for ma to study. I know you wont deny her anything. Sakshi explains to Sharda how people say that a man isn’t as much a danger to a woman but it is another woman who might prove out to be dangerous for her. A woman only is an enemy of another woman. She doesn’t let her move ahead in her life or be successful. This is what people say but you don’t have to be worried as you are really lucky to have Baa’s support in your life. She thinks so much about you. She wants you to study to fulfill your dreams. Baa hmms. Sakshi wishes her on women’s day. Sharda takes Dadi’s permission to leave for her class. Fui looks angrily at Dadi. Continue eating. Look at your age and her choice of food. I had thought of this excuse with so much difficulty and you ruined it all. It is my fault that I trusted her. I knew you wont be able to do anything. She leaves while Bhagwati signals Dadi to continue eating which infuriates her yet she resumes eating when Bhagwati leaves.

Sharda wishes happy women’s day to everyone one by one. Shirish comes there and wishes them. I feel good that you all have come to attend your class today. I am happy that you all not only understand the importance of your family but your studies too. It is time for secret voting today through which we will select the class monitor. Whoever gets the maximum votes will be the chosen one.

Precap: Sharda gets the maximum votes. After the class Sharda shares with Rukhsar how happy her DIL would be for her today. Sakshi is walking on a street when a car hits her. Karan comes running for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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