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Suresh comes inside and looks at Sharda who is busy in her work. He looks at one of the sarees and appreciates its design. She is shocked yet happy to see him there. She tells him to take a seat while she will go make tea for him. its time for your tea. He pretends to look at the watch and nods. He looks around while she makes tea for him. You all are putting a lot of efforts in this. She affirms. You take care of your diet? He answers in a yes. I eat something or the other when I am hungry. They have very simple glasses in the factory here. He takes the tea and tastes it. He loves it. It is cent percent perfect. Nowadays I have to tell everyone how much sugar I take. She recalls how a doc had once told him that he has diabetes. You dint touch sugar for 3 months. He calls it the worst time of his

life. No sugar, no butter. She smiles stating that he had lost 5 kg weight in that time span. They have a hearty laugh at it. Shanaya comes there and calls out for Sharda. Suresh is shocked to see her there and so is she. Shanaya forgot her phone here. She apologizes for disturbing her. sharda introduces Shanaya and Suresh. Suresh takes his leave.

Sharda tells Shanaya that he (Suresh) used to toil so hard when he had started his business. You all praise me for my hard work and dedication. I have learned it all from him. she takes her phone and goes from there. Sharda is happy.

Sakshi tells Karan that they have finally got an order. Karan’s company has got an order too that too by making another company lose. They have defeated Pallavi Textiles. They both are super happy at the news. He teases her saying that his wife has no time for him. she pretends to be angry but is excited as soon as he talks about her gift. He promises to get it for her once he gets his salary. They both smile.

Shanaya comes home and throws her bag angrily. Pallavi asks her where was she. Shanaya talks about her internship. I had lied to you. I am not working with any fashion house. Pallavi doesn’t mind it as she has faith in her daughter. Shanaya finally tells her that she is working in Sharda’s factory. I only wanted to see / know her. the old rule says that you should keep an eye on your enemy. I was doing that only. I wanted to know what she is up to. Pallavi wonders how Sharda hired her even after knowing everything about her. shanaya declines. she doesn’t know who I am. Pallavi says she wont let her do this. I can understand that you are doing all this to help me. suresh comes there and says that this is what’s cooking between you two. He dint expect it from Pallavi. You made your daughter a pawn. Pallavi denies doing anything like that. He realises that it was all Shanaya’s plan. What do you want? Do you want to destroy Sharda by being an insider thief in her factory? Pallavi questions him on his way of talking to them like this. It is you who has destroyed our lives. You have snatched our everything from us. He tells her to make her daughter understand things first. Why did you do it? Shanaya tells him that he has no right to ask her anything. You have lost that right. How dare you ask me this when you are still spending time with that other woman who has ruined my mom’s life? Dad is sharing our happiness, our love with that woman by meeting her secretly. Pallavi looks at him in shock.

Suresh goes quiet. Shanaya tells him to tell his wife where he was. He lies that he had some work with Sharda that’s why he had gone there. Shanaya doesn’t believe him. if I hadn’t told you everything then he wouldn’t have said anything to you. Pallavi wants to know why he went there. Why do you want to insult me all the more? aren’t you happy that you have ruined mine and my kids’ life? She starts crying and Shanaya tries to compose her. pallavi tells him to be thankful to her that he is still free today after cheating her or you would have been behind bars. You made a joke of my love. Don’t forget that everything that you are today is because of me and my dad. He raises his hand to slap her but stops it mid air. Pallavi and Shanaya are shocked at his reaction. Pallavi tells him to go ahead but he leaves from there upset. She stops him when he turns to go. you cannot go like a coward. He turns and looks at her tearfully but then goes out.

Pallavi ransacks her room as she looks for some medicines (sleeping pills or something) while Shanaya tries to calm her down.Aarav hears the noise and comes to see. He asks his sister what has happened to mom but she assures him that everything is fine. He is told to go to his room. Shanaya comes to tell him to go and in the meanwhile Pallavi finds that medicine again. Shanaya and Aarav rush to stop her in time. Everything will be fine mom. Pallavi cries that Pallavi Ajmera lost in front of an illiterate woman. She doesn’t even know how to carry herself in front of society. I thought that your dad only loves me. I thought he married Sharda out of family pressure but I was wrong. She has snatched my husband and my life from me. I couldn’t do anything. Shanaya tries her best to comfort her. that woman has made you so weak. Pallavi doesn’t know what to do. Shanaya assures her that everything will be alright. She hugs her mom comforting her all the while. Aarav helps her in making their mom lie down. Shanaya sends him to his room and stays with her mom to look after her. She is really angry at Sharda. She will have to pay for it. I wont leave her. She goes from there.

Pallavi’s phone rings. Shanaya picks it up. She is told that they have lost their order to Shagun Textiles. Shanaya is angry as she recalls that Karan works there. So the whole family is after my mom. First Sharda snatched Meeta aunty’s order from mom and now this Karan has done the same thing. What kind of people are they? I have to do something.

Suresh sits outside and muses about his life. What has happened? Was I wrong? Sharda stood by me in my every step and continues to do so till today. I only gave her hatred in return. He recalls how Pallavi dint even bother to offer him tea whereas Sharda still remembers his timings. He recalls many other instances where he had been angry at Sharda for no reason and she had listened to everything quietly. Did I do anything wrong with Sharda by doing all this?

Sharda feels sweetened curd to Karan for getting that contract for their company. May you progress like this only! Sakshi too wants it. sharda feeds her as well. I love you both equally. Sakshi tells her not to lie. You only love me that too a lot. Saying so, she hugs her Ma. Karan too says that mom loves him more. sharda hugs both of them happily as they continue to fight on that topic.

Shanaya has made a diary wherein she has put pictures of Sharda, Karan and Sakshi. You guys have removed your surname to show it to the world but you continue to follow Modi. You have done very wrong with my mom. You will be punished for it. Shanaya talks to Karan’s photo. You dint do it right by snatching my mom’s client. You are too arrogant! I will begin with you. She crosses out his photo and closes the diary. She opens the laptop and does something. She smiles saying that it is for her mom.

Precap: Shanaya leaves the tap of the factory open. Everything will be ruined by the morning when you will come to open your factory. She smiles but then turns around and looks at someone in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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