Ek Nayi Kahani (Chapter 1)


Scene start in Kolkata, Baadi;
A room is shown. Two girls are sleeping. Just then a lady enters. She is Sharmishta. She smiles seeing her daughters sleeping peacefully. She goes and lovingly wakes them up.
Shumi- Kavya, Swara.. wake up & get ready today is pooja na…
Swara- 5 minutes Maa, plz.
Kavya- Yes Maa, 5 minutes.
Just then they hear there grand mother shouting,

Parvati- Sharmishta, were are u, did they wake up or not. Wait I am coming.
Hearing this Kavya & Swara jump from the bed & they run to get ready.
Swara- Kavya dii, i am going to get ready first.
Kavya- No way Shona, idont want to listen lecture from our hitler dadi. And she enters the washroom.
Swara makes faces. Shumi smiles and says- Get ready fast & come down soon.
She leaves.

Scene in Maheshwari Mansion-
A lady was doing puja & two more ladies & one girl was with them. The lady does the puja & turns. She is Annapurna.Other Ladies are Sujata & Parineeta. The girl is Uttara.
Annapurna- Sujata did those 4 did not came till now from jogging.
Sujata- No jiji, u known na these …..
God.. Mom u always keep on complening, A voice comes. He is Sanskaar.
Parineeta- Sanskaar bhaiya, were is Adarsh.
I am here wify, says Adarsh coming in & hugs Parineeta. Parineeta blushes a little. She notice Annapurna & others smilling at her.
Parineeta (softly)- What are u doing Adarsh ji, Maa & Chachi ji are watching.
Adarsh (still hugging)- So, i am hugging my wifey.

Parineeta- Adarsh ji…
He breaks the hug & says- Wifey, why wld Maa & Chachi ji feel bad i can hug them too. He says looking at Annapurna & Sujata. They both give a knowing look & smile.
Parineeta feels shy & she goes to wake up Rohan. Adarsh smiles cutely.
Annapurna- BTW Adarsh , Sanskaar were are Sid & Lucky.
Here i come Sweethearts, says a voice. He is Laksh.
Laksh- Oh my sweetheart Chachi, you are looking like Katrina Kaif, that’s why Chachu is still flat on u. U look younger than all of us.
Sujata comes to him & pulls his ears.
Sujata- Shaitaan, tell me what you need.
Laksh- Wow chachi u know me so well, i wanna eat your hand made Aloo ke parrathe.
Adarsh & Sanskaar- We too….

Annapurna- Why did not Sid came till now.
Sanky- Badi Maa, U know na Sid bhai, he must be in Volley ball court. I will go & call him.
Sanky goes to Siddhart…
Precap- Siddhart & Ragini’s entry…..

So how is this chapter……………

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