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Its Morning–
Scene in MM- All were sitting and having breakfast. Sid was also there.
Sid- Bade Papa i want to say something… Actually i am sorry, I did not wanted to hurt u all but…
DP- Its okay beta….. BTW Sanskaar did u went to NGO yesterday.
Sanskaar remembers his meet with Swara. He smiles like a fool.
All notice this.
DP- Sanskaar….. i am asking u something. Were are u lost?
Sanskaar come back into his senses & says- Yes bade papa i went there & had given them the money.
They all finish there breakfast & leaves for office.
Scene in Baadi–
Gadodia’s too were having there breakfast. Kavya sees Swara was not eating. She was just smilling. Others to see that.
Shumi– Shona beta what are u thinking?
Swara did not respond. She was abt to shake her when Kavya signals her not too.
Kavya- Woh kittna cute hai na?
Swara- Haa dii, very cute.
Kavya- Aur handsome
Swara- Bahut…
Just then Kavya chuckles & Swara’s trance end. Swara realises what blunder she was going to do. While other & Kavya were looking at her.
Swara- Why u all are looking at me like this.
Kavya- Who is the boy Shona?
Swara- Boy what boy… who boy?? Anyways i am getting late for NGO, i am leaving. She leaves and others break out in laughter.

Scene in Mumbai—
Ragini wakes up and see the time. Its 9’o clock.
Ragini- God, how did i slept for so long.
She gets up & freshens up. She goes down.
Ragini- Mom why did not u wake me up. I have imp meetings with some forein delicates.
Janki smiles & says- After so many years i saw my daughter sleeping so peacefully, then how cld i wake u up. And yes ur PA had called and said that meeting is at 2’o clock i.e. at lunch time.
Ragini- Okay mom, i am leaving.
Janki stops her & asks her to have breakfast. She forcefully makes Ragini to have breakfast.
Ragini eats it making a baby face. Janki smiles.
Janki- Beta , can i ask u a question.
Ragini- Ofcourse Maa, u dont need a permission to ask me a question.
Janki- Beta , why u work so much… haa.. Our company is one of India’s best. I understand its due to ur hard work that we have our branch in every state. But beta atleast take out some time for ur self too. See …..
Ragini- Mom, u know i want to make JR the world’s best.
I want to show some ppl that a women dont need a man to climb success. They shld not think women’s as weak. They shld not think that there daughter & wife cant do anything if they leave them & marry someone else. She said looking at Janki.

Janki- So u are talking abt ur father.
Ragini- Father…. what father.. He is no one too me.
Janki- Truth does not become a lie if someone does not believe. Its truth that he is ur father &….
Ragini – Truth….. u know what truth is Mom… truth is that he left u & married someone else, truth is that from when i have came in my senses i have only seen u, truth is when i needed him when u needed him, he wwas not there… truth is that i dont wanna listen his name… whatever name he has… Truth is i hate him… truth is that even today u put sindoor in ur maang of his name, truth is i dont give a damn if he is dead or alive. As she utters last words… Janki slaps her. Ragini is shocked. This is the first time Janki had slapped her. She gets teary eyed.
Ragini (teary-eyed)- Mom…..
Janki looks at her….. She realises what she did few seconds back. She raised her hands for the first time on her daughter. She too gets teary eyed.
Janki- Ragu….. i did not mean to….
Ragini- This is truth mom & u cant change it. She runs out crying & drives away in the car.
Here inside JR Villa, Janki to breaks down……

Screen splits on crying faces of Ragini & Janki……

So how is the chapter………

Credit to: ck1234

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