Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-8)


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Scene starts in Mumbai–
Ragini was driving the car. Janki was staring at her.
Ragini- What happened Mom, why are u looking at me like this?
Janki- U know Ragini, how much childrens try to hide there pain from there parents. But parents always get to know when there kids are in pain.
Ragini looks at janki and tries to control her emotions.
Ragini- Mom, what are u talking abt, i have not hidden anything from u & why will i? Anyways leave all this, today was such a nice day out na mom. After so many days….
Janki understands that Ragini is changing the topic. She says–Ragu u know na i have never put pressure on u from childhood. U know beta, if there is something which u want to share with me, u can & at anytime. She lovingly keeps her hands on her head.
Ragini tries to hold her emotions.

Ragini- Thanks Maa… for understanding me…..
Scene in MM–
Sid was standing on the window. Ram enters his room. He keeps his hands on Sid’s shoulder. Sid turns to him.
Sid- Dad, you….. here…….
Ram- Why cant i come to my Son’s room.
Sid- Its not like that dad… Actually…. I am sorry for the way i behaved downstairs. But i dont wanna marry dad… I…
Ram- Sid, i know there is something u are hidding. Tell Me… What’s the problem? What happened 5 yrs back? The day from when u returned from delhi, after completion of ur course, u have changed. Changed for better…. but still we all can see a hidden pain in ur eyes. If u will not speak, how will we help… tell me…

Sid- Nothing dad…. no problem… its just that i dont wanna marry…
Ram- Fine if u dont wanna tell…. but u know na we all are always with u.
Sid nods & hugs him. Ram goes from there.
Sid thinks- What to say dad, that my one wrong decision finished everything. I lost her. He cries.
Ram goes downstairs, everyone looks at him. He nods in negative.
DP- I think we shld not pressurize Sid…. Whenever he feels like he will tell us..
Annapurna- Ya u are right jii…. And Adarsh, Sanskaar , Laksh & Uttara, u guys will not talk abt what happened today with sid. Is it clear.
All nods. They all go to there rooms.
In Mumbai–

Ragini & Janki reached there house.
Ragini- Good night Mom…..
Janki- Good night beta….
So how is this chapter……

Credit to: ck1234

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  1. Wat yar u were uploaded after somany days that too short ones
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    Plzz upload d next part soon

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