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Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-7)
Scene starts in Kolkata, MM, Sid’s room-
Sid comes to his room angrily. He takes out his punching bag and starts punching it as hard as he can. He stops after sometimes. He goes near window and stands there. He was teary eyed. He thinks- I am sorry. Plz come back to me, plz. I cant live without you. He closes his eyes in pain. Tears roll down his cheeks.
Scene shifts to Mumbai-
Janki goes to eat ice-cream. Ragini smiles and she to goes behind her. Janki orders one Mango ice-cream & one Chocolate ice-ceam for Ragini. They were eating it & talking. Just then a car stops there. A girl steps down. Its Deepika Padukone (only for this episode). She is Ragini’s friend.
Deepika- Hii Ragini, and hugs her.
Ragini- Hi deepu, how are u.
Deepika- I am fine, what abt u.
There talk was cut of by Janki.

Janki- Depika padukone… Ragu u never told me that she is ur friend. U know i am big fan of urs. I have watched every movie of ur’s. U were too good in Bajirao Mastani. And……
Ragini- Mom….
Deepika- Its okay ragu… She takes blessing from Janki. So Ragini how is life going & how is Sid.
Ragini stops hearing Sid’s name. (Yes its Sid only… Sidhhart Maheshwari, all the flashback gets cleared & his face is reveled.) Ragini gives her a blank look.
Janki- Sid, who sid. Shiddhart Malhotra…… Ragu u did not told that u know him also.
Ragini- I will pay the bill & come.
Janki- U talk i will pay the bill, she goes.
Deepika- Ragu, what happened, u did not told aunty abt Sid. U guys….
She stops seeing Ragini teary eyes.
Deepika- Ragu is everything fine.
Ragini tells her (in mute, u guys will know later)
Deepika- Ragini…. this much happened..
She sees Janki coming back. Janki comes.
Deepika hugs Ragini.
Deepika- Okay bye Ragini, take care.
Ragini- Bye….. Deepika….
Deepika leaves…. Ragini fake a smile.
Ragini- So mom, lets leave.
Janki looks at Ragini and nods yes.

Scene in MM–
In hall,
Sujata- Why he gets so much angry when we talk abt his marriage. From last 5 yrs after he came from Delhi completing his studies. He reacts like this whenever marriage topic is done.
Annapurna- Yes Sujata, i too have noticed it. When he returned from Delhi 5 yrs back he was different. He was not a Sid who used to flirt with girls. He was changed alot. There is lot of pain seen in his eyes from last 5yrs. We have to find out what happened 5 yrs back.
Sanskaar- But badi Maa, only Sid bhai can tell us that na.
DP- Yes Sanskaar is right. We have to talk to him. And Ram u talk to him first.
Rp- Bhai shaab, me..
DP- Yes Ram, u are his Dad…. u can uderstand him better then us. Talk to him.
RP nods.

Scene shifts to Baadi–
Swara & Kavya were in there room. Kavya sees Swara lost in her thoughts. Kavya goes to her & shakes her a little.
Kavya- Oh my sweet little sister were are u lost. Haa.
Swara- Nothing Dii, just anyways, leave me.. tell how was ur day.
Kavya- It was good, but i met a donkey. (she is talking abt Laksh)
Swara- Donkey….
Kavya tells her abt her encounter with Laksh.
Swara- Hahaaha… Dii mistake was urs & u scold that bechara.
Kavya- Oh hello madam, he was not bechara. Understand.
They keep on talking. Finally they sleep.

So how was this chapter………

Pairs are— RagSid, SwaSan, KavLak……………

Credit to: ck1234

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