Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-6)


I hope u guys have not forgotten this ff of mine. As i was out of station, i was unable to update… So, Here are the link of previous chapters–
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Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-6)
Scene starts in Kolkata, Maheshwari office–
Adarsh, Sid, Sanskaar & Laksh were doing there work. Just then a peon enters & says that DP is calling Sanskaar to his cabin. Sanskaar goes. He enters DP’s cabin. RP was also there.
Sanskaar- Bade Papa, u called me. Any problem.
DP- No Sanskaar, Just wanted to know if u are free for sometime.
Sanskaar- Yes Bade papa… Almost my work is done.
DP- Sanskaar, actually i & Ram had to go to Gadodia NGO but there is an important board meeting. So we both have to go there. If u can go to NGO & give some things to kids leaving there …..
Sanskaar- Okay Bade papa, i will leave i few minutes.
Scene in Gadodia NGO–
Swara was in her chamber.
Swara- Maya (her PA), Maheshwaris were abt to come na today at 5:00 pm, its 5:30, plz cross check whether they are coming today or not.
Maya – Okay Mam…..
Just then a staff comes and says, Mam, Mr. Maheshwari have arrived.
Swara- Okay, i am coming. She goes.
She sees a Man waiting for her. Its Sanskaar. They both are shocked to see each other.
Swara- Sanskaar, u…
Sanskaar- Swara…
They both hug each other. They had a strange feeling but ignores it. Swara breaks the hug.

Swara- What a great surprise.. We are meeting after so long.
Sanskaar- Yep, almost 3 yrs.
Swara- Ya, plz come to my chamber, we will sit & chat.
They go.
Swara- So sanky, how are u…
Sanky- As always fine, and u.
Swara- I am fine too.
They talk for sometime.
Sanky- God, its 7 pm. We refreshed all our college memories. (Yes they are college friends)
Swara- Laughs, yep…
Sanky- Swara, this is a cheque, this is donation for ur NGO.
Swara- Thanks…
Sanky- So i take ur leave.
Swara- Okay..
Sanskaar was abt to go when he turns back.
Sanky- Swara, shld i drop u….
Swara- Okay, lets go, i will make u meet mom, dad, Kavya di, dadi & dadu. They will be happy to meet u.
They leave. Sanskaar reaches Baadi. Swara steps out of the car. Sanskaar to gets out. Just then Sujata calls him.

Sujata- Were are u Sanskaar. Ur dad, bade papa & bros are already home.
Sanky- Coming mom…. He cuts the call. I amreally sorry Swara, i will meet, uncle & aunty sometime else.
Swara- Its okay.
Sanky leaves & Swara to goes inside baadi.
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
Ragini & Janki comes out of Mall.
Ragini- God Mom, its 8:30 pm. I am tired.
Janki- Ragu, u work day & night. U dont get tired. And now when u are spending a day with ur mom, u are tired. She shows fake anger.
Ragini- Oh mom, u know na i dont meant that. I love u so much. She hugs her. Actually we have so much fun from morning, that rats are running in my stomach. Lets go to a restruant.
Janki smiles & says- Okay.

They come to a restraunt & order food.
Scene in Kolkata, In MM–
Sanskaar comes home. He goes to his room & changes. All the Maheshwari Family were sitting on the dinner table & having dinner. Sujata, Annapurnna exchange glances.
DP- Annapurna, kucch kahna chahati ho…
Annapurnna- Ji woh Sujata kucch kahna chahati hai.
All look at Sujata.
Sujata- Bhai sa, i was thinking that, its time to bring 2nd daughter in law in this house. Pari will also get a company. And Rohan too will get a chachi.
Rohan (5 yrs old, Adarsh & Pari son)- Yes Dadu, i too want a chachi.
RP- Say clearly what u want to say, Sujata.
Sujata- Woh ji, a rishta has come for Siddhart. This is a pic of girl.
All looks at Sid. Listening this he stops eating. He keeps the plate & stands to go.
Sujata- Sid, atleast see the girls pic once.
Sid tries to control his anger.
Sid- I dont want to see anyone’s pic.
Sujata- But beta…
Sid gets very much angry. He hits his both the hands on table. All are shocked to see his anger.
Sid- Enough mom, how many times i have said to u, stop bringing rishtas for me, i dont wanna marry anyone, cant u understand. He angrily goes to his room.
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
Janki & Ragini after having food. Leave for there home (JR Villa). On the way, they see a Ice-cream vendor.
Janki- Ragu, stop the car.
Ragini- What happened mom.
Janki- ice-cream… come we will eat…
Ragini- Mom, u will get cough…
Janki- Ohhh, nothing will happen, i am going if u wanna come, then come.
She goes out of the car….

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