Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-5)


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Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-5)
Scene starts in Mumbai–
Ragini & Janki comes out of the threatre.
Ragini was laughing.
Ragini- Mom, it was such a nice movie. Srk’s action & Varun’s comic scene were so good. And..
She sees Janki staring at her with moist eyes.
Ragini- Mom, what happened.
Janki- Nothing, just saw u so happy after so many days.
Ragini- Mom, lets go to shopping in the mall.
They went & start shopping. Ragini went to watch & bracelet section. She was looking at the collection. Just then she sees a beautiful bracelet.

She looks at it & get teary eyed. She goes in a flash back.
Flash back starts–
Ragini was standing in a park. She was miffed on someone.
Ragini- Duffer, idiot, he called me here but himself has not come till now.
Just then someone comes & hugs her from back. (The face of the person is not revealed)
Person- Why is my cutie angry at me?
Ragini gets out of his hug and turns to him.
Ragini- U dont talk to me. u called me here & u came 1hr late.
Person- Sorry na cutie….. (He makes a puppy face)
Ragini smiles a little. But again act as angry.
Ragini- No way… u always come late. Today what excuse u have.
Person- Cutie woh…..
Ragini- What?? ur excuse box is empty.
Person- close ur eyes.
Ragini- Why??
Person- Close na yaar…
Ragini closes the eyes. The person takes out a beautiful bracelet from his pocket. He takes Ragini’s hand & make her wear it. She opens her eyes.
Ragini- Bracelet….. wow its beautiful…..
Person- I knew u will like it. I was buying this so i was late. Now forgive me. (he says holding his ears)
Ragini hugs him.
Flashback over…..
The staff shakes Ragini a little.
Staff- Mam, are u okay…
Ragini- Ab….. Haa…. plz pack that ladies watch.
Staff – Yes mam……
She pays & goes from there……

Precap- SwaSan first meet, Ragini- Janki day out continues…..

Credit to: ck1234

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