Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-4)

I hope u guys have not forgotten this ff of mine. Here are the link of previous chapters–
Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Chapter 1

Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-4)
Scene starts in Kolkata, Uttara ‘s college–
Laksh gets out of the car & see’s Kavya who was looking at the headlights of her car. Laksh was angry. He goes to her.
Laksh- Hello, cant u see. If u dont know how to drive, why do u drive.
Kavya (gets angry ) & says- Hello, Mr. if u dont know how to talk to girls, why dont u keep quite. And mistake was your’s … u were not backing ur car properly.
Laksh- Oh really… (Just then his phone rings)
Laksh- Yes bhai, i am coming to office.
He gives a frustrated look to Kavya & takes his car from there.
Kavya thinks- Akaru kahin ka…
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
Ragini gets ready & comes down.
Ragini- Mom, lets go.

Janki comes.
Ragini- So mom, first movie.
Janki nods. They go to a threathre…. It was Shahrukh khan movie “Dilwale”.
Scene shifts to Maheshwari Office, Kolkata–
Laksh arrives in the office.
He thinks- God, my hitler dad, will eat me up today. And that because of idiot girl.
He enters DP’s chamber.
Dp- Laksh, today is the first day & u are late.
Laksh- Dad…. woh actually….
DP- I dont want to listen to ur stupid excuses Laksh. You go to Adarsh chamber, he will make u understand the work.
Laksh nods & go from there. He goes to a chamber. Its a big hall. There are four tables at a distance. 1st is of Adarsh, 2nd of Sid , 3rd of Sanskaar & the 4th one was of Laksh. As he enters the three are amused to see his face.
Adarsh- What happened Laksh?

Sid- Bhaiya, defenately, bade papa wld have given him a doze. Right lucky. The three burst out in laughter.
Laksh- Ya, u guys also make fun of me, first that girl, then hitler dad & now u three.
Sanskaar- Girl???
Laksh tell them abt his encounter with Kavya.
Sid- Oh finally, there is someone who can shut Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh- Bhaiiiii……
Adarsh- Guys, let us tell Laksh abt work, otherwise dad will burst on us.
He tells Laksh abt there work……..
Precap- Sanskaar-Swara meet…. Janki – Ragini day out..

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