Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-3)


Chapter 2
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Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-3)
Scene starts in Kolkata, Baadi–
After getting ready Kavya & Swara comes down. They see there Dadi & Maa, doing the puja arrangements. They go & help them. Just then Shekher enters with pandit ji. They do pooja. After the pooja they were having breakfast.
Swara- Mom, i am going to NGO…. you know some donors are coming, so being the director i have to be there. She leaves.
Kavya- Mom-Dad, i too should leave, i have been called in my ex-college, there ‘s a concert there.
Shekher- Okay Kavya, u take the car today.
Kavya- Thanks dad…….
Scene in MM–
DP, RP, Adarsh, Sid & Sanskaar left for office while Laksh went to drop Uttara to her college.

In the college–
Laksh reaches Uttara college. She get down from the car.
Uttara- Thanks bhai, bye….
Laksh- Bye, Uttara…..
As Uttara went, Laksh was backing his car. Just then his car collided with the another car. The another car is of Kavya. She thinks– Oh shit… she gets out of her car, while Laksh to comes out. He was angry. He sees Kavya who was looking at headlights of her car.
Scene shifts to Mumbai-
Ragini gets fresh & comes out. Her room is full of her & Janki pics. Just then she hears Janki calling her. She goes downstairs.
Janki- Ragini come have ur breakfast & rest for sometime. I have told ur PA to cancel all ur appoinments for today. Our company JR is India’s one of the top, nothing will happen if u wont go one day & I want to spend time with my daughter.
Ragini- Mom, i love you, u are my life…….
Janki smiles & says- No maska Ragu….
Ragini- So what’s the plan Mom.
Janki- U decide today’s plan.
Ragini smiles & says- yes so we will go for the Shahruk Khan movie, then shopping & then dinner in a restro.
Janki- Perfect!
Ragini- Fine mom, i will change u too get ready…..
Janki smiles & nods in yes…..

Precap– Janki & Ragini’s day out…..

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