Ek Nayi Kahani (CH-2)


Chapter 1


Scene starts with Sanskaar going to call Siddharth. There in Volley ball ⚽ court some children were playing volleyball. A handsome guy was also with them. He is Siddharth. As he was going to hit the ball, Sanskaar comes there and says- Bhai, Maa and Badi Maa are calling u. As he heard Sanskaar, he lost his concentration and misses the shot. He looks at Sanskaar angrily.
Sid- You could have waited for few minutes, Sanky.
Sanskaar makes a puppy face, holds his ears and cutely says sorry to him.
Looking at him Sid burst out laughing ? and hugs him.
Sid- Lets go…. And they go towards Maheshwari Mansion.

Scene shifts to Mumbai,
A villa is shown. It’s JR Villa. A lady is seen doing puja. She completes her puja and gives Prasad to servants. She is Janki. She looks towards the door. She thinks – It’s morning and this girl ? has not came till now. Just then a SUV comes and stops infront of Villa. A girl gets down from it. She is wearing formals and have done a ponytail. She enters the Villa. Janki sees her.
Janki- Ragini, where were you. I was so tensed. I was thinking ? abt you whole night ?.
Ragini – Sorry Mom, I was in office. You know na work, meeting etc.
Janki- Ragini, why beta, if you work day and night, when will you get rest. See ur health too.
Ragini – Okay my mother India, I will not work this much. Now smile. You know na your smile ? makes my day. Janki smiles.
Ragini pinches her cheeks and says that like ? my Maa. She goes to get fresh.
Janki thinks – You can hide your pain from the world but not from me. God knows what written in my child’s faith.
Scene in Kolkata,
Maheshwari mansion —
It was break fast time. All are sitting on break fast table.
DP, RP, Adarsh,Sid and Sanskaar were ready for office.
DP- Annapurna, were is Laksh.
Annapurna – He must be coming ji. You all start eating. Just then Laksh comes on table.
Laksh – Sorry, I am late.
He sees DP who was glaring at him.
Laksh – God, Hitler Dad. He says under his breath.
DP- Laksh u will drop Uttara to college today and will come to office too.
Laksh – What office and me???
DP- Why are u some Rajkumar that u cant come to office.
Laksh making a face. He looks at others who were trying ? hard to control there laughter.

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Credit to: ck1234

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