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The person driving the car comes out angrily. He looks at Kavya & vice – versa. Both are shocked seeing each other. Its none other then Laksh.
Kavya — tum…. Jab car chalani nahi aati , toh road parr chalate kuy ho…
Laksh- Tum… aggar tumhe chalna nahi aata toh ghar se nikalti kuy ho….
Kavya- Dekho…. tum…
Laksh (angrily holds her)- Tum dekho, patta hai aggar main abhi break nahi lagata toh tumhara accident ho jatta, road parr koi ear phone lagga ke chaltta hai kya.
He looks towards Kavya. She had tears in her eyes. Laksh looses his holds on her arms.
Laksh- Dekho, i am sorry, i just…..
Kavya (in kid’s voice)- You scolded me…. u know even my Mom-Dad did not shouted on me like this.. She makes a puppy face.
Looking at her puppy face, he smiles a little.
Kavya- I am crying & u are smilling… Gadhe …..
Saying this she started walking. Laksh runs to her.
Laksh- Hey, i am sorry…
Kavya- Its okay…

Laksh- Can we become frnds, he asked forwarding his hands.
Kavya looks at him for a min & then shakes her hand.
Kavya- Kavya Gadodia……
Laksh- Laksh Maheshwari….
They both smile.
Scene shifts to Swara-
Swara was sitting in her NGO office. She was smilling remembring Sanskaar. Just then her phone rings. Its Sanskaar’s call. She picks it up.
Swara- Hello…
Sanskaar- Hii, Swara, Where u thinking abt me?
Swara – Yes…
Sanskaar- Huh…..
Swara- No….. Why wld i think abt u? I have lots of work.
Sanskaar- Ohh. that’s why u were smilling, ur self.
Swara (shocked)- How do u know?

Sanskaar laughs & says- Look at the door Miss Swara Gadodia.
Swara looks there & finds Sanskaar standing with a smile.
Swara- Sanskaar…. Come sit…..
Sanskaar comes & sits.
Swara- So, how are u here.
Sanskaar- I was just crossing frm here, so thought to meet u.BTW abt whom were u thinking. (He said with a naughty smile)
Swara- No….. Why wld i think abt u?
Sanky- When did i said that u were thinking abt me.
Swara- Woh…. anyways lets go for coffee…
Sanskaar nods & they leave.
Scene shifts to Mumbai, “JR” Company—
Ragini comes out of the confrence room. She was totally exhausted. She sees the time. It was 7 pm…. Normally she leaves office at 10 or 11. But today she was drained , mentally as well as physically. First her talk with Janki & then continious 5-6 meetings. She goes to her cabin & leaves for home.
Scene in JR Villa–
Janki was asking servants to make Ragini’s favourite food. Just then they hear car brakes.
Janki- Raggu, aaj ittni jaldi.. She goes to see.
Ragini enters & sees Janki. She gets teary eyed remembering her slap. She directly goes to her room. Janki tries to stop her but Ragini leaves frm there.

Scene shifts to Kolkata–
Laksh comes to baadi for dropping Kavya. Kavya thanks him. She goes inside Baadi & Laksh to leaves.
On the otherside Swara & Sanskaar to finish coffee & he drops her to baadi. …

Scene ends….. So how is this chapter…..

Credit to: ck1234

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh too short CK 🙁 You know I was eagerly waiting for your update 🙁 Please try to make it long 🙂 BTW nice one, try to make Ragini come to Kolkata fast I want to see Sid and her together 🙂 Is Sid is Raj from Aur pyaar hoga ya?

  2. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh sorry I made a mistake I switch the story lol thinking Sid is Raj from aur pyaar hoga ya :p

  3. Awsm yr update regularly…..n anyone can tell me who is the writer of ragini-ek kahaani i think it is the ri8 name…….n tell her to update it……

    1. Its me only…. Will update soon…☺

      1. I am waiting…..

  4. dude its tooo short make a long oneeeeee

  5. Awesome but it was short plz try to update reguraly

  6. its very nice… plz plz update regularly….

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