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CH– 10
Scene starts with Ragini crying & driving the car. In JR Villa, Janki to breaks down.
Janki- What i did, i raised my hands on my daughter, my princess. How can i do this.How?
Ragini was driving the car. Her eyes were red. She enters the company. She directly goes to her cabin.
Scene in Kolkata–
In Maheshwari Company–
Adarsh, Sidhharth, Sanskaar & Laksh were in cabin. Just then a peon enters & gives a file to Adarsh.
Sanskaar- Bhaiya, which file is this.
Adarsh- I was going to tell u three abt it. We have signed a contract with Kolkatta branch of “JR”. And there MD, will be coming to Kolkata soon. Sid & Sanskaar , u both will be dealing with JR.
Sid- Okay bhai….
Sanskaar- Adarsh bhai, contract details.
Adarsh- Yaa, everything is in this file.
He gives file to Sid & Sanky.

Scene shifts to Swara–
She arrives at NGO.
She thinks- God, i am saved today, otherwise dii, wld have caught me.
She remembers Sanskaar & a smile comes on her face.
Scene shifts to Maheshwari company–
Sid & Sanky were going through the contract papers. In the file there was the details of Director & MD of JR too. As they were abt to turn the page & see MD’s name, Sid’s gets a call & he goes to talk. Sanskaar reads abt Ragini. He thinks why do i feel, i have seen her somewhere. But he brushes off his thoughts. He turns the pages. Sid comes. Sanskaar closes the file.
Sid- Sanskaar, u saw all details.
Sanskaar- Yes, bhai… U too check …
Sid- U checked na… its okay….
Just then they see Laksh going somewhere.
Adarsh-Lucky, where are u going.
Laksh- Bhai, my frnds are calling me , so i am going to meet them. Plz handle papa na…. give him any excuse & he leaves….
Adarsh, Sanky & Sid- Yeh nahi sudhrenga…. they smile…
Scene shifts to Mumbai, “JR”, In Ragini’s company–
As Ragini enters she calls her PA. He comes, Ragini asks him her schedule. He gives it. Ragini signals him to go. He leaves. She suddenly sees Maheshwaris Groups file, which was kept on her table. She opens it & starts reading the contract papers. As she shifts to the owners details, 1st name was of Durga Prasad Maheshwari, then Ram, then Adarsh & when she was abt to turn the page, someone knocks the door. Ragini keep the file & asks him to come.

PA- Mam, Mr. Gupta has came for the meeting.
Ragini- Make him sit in conference hall, i am coming. She leaves.
Scene shifts to baadi, Kolkatta–
Kavya- Mom, i am going to market. Do u want anything.
Sharmishta- No, u go..
Kavya- kk.. bye… she puts her earphone & goes.
Kavya was walking on the road while listening music. Just then a car was coming. It horns, but Kavya does not listen as she was busy hearing music. The driver of car suddenly applies break. Hearing the sound, Kavya comes in her senses. She turns and sees that the car stopped just a inch before her. The person driving the car comes out. Both are shocked seeing each other……..

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Credit to: ck1234

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