Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Prologue

My fiction starts from the episode where Shivaay proposes Tia.
All the other people except Pinky and Mrs. Kapoor were shocked with Shivaay’s sudden proposal to Tia whereas Dadi, Omkara, Rudra, Prinku and Saumya insisted Shivaay to rethink and take decision. Tej angrily left from there as he didn’t expect this suddenly from Shivaay because this marriage of Shivaay and Tia was going to bring a big loss to him as merger of both the companies will increase shares of Shivaay. Pinky and Mrs. Kapoor happily congratulated each other and asked Shivaay to propose Tia in front of media and to bring a press conference the very next day. Shivaay agreed to them and left from there asking Anika to prepare for his engagement with Tia. Anika unwillingly left from there teary eyed to prepare for engagement. Pinky took Anika with her and asked her to start arrangements for the next day.

Next Day in the evening,
Everyone got ready and came down to the hall Shivaay and everyone were already present there but neither Tia came down for a long time nor Mrs. Kapoor; Pinky went up to bring them down. In the guest room when Pinky reaches she hears Tia and Mrs. Kapoor talking about something.

(I am using here abbreviations instead of writing full name)
MK: What the hell Tia! We are in the last stage of our mission and you are backing off suddenly. You can’t do this don’t you remember what is our mission to destroy Oberois at any cost.
Tia: But mom you know I am already married to Dushyant about whom we had been telling that he is my brother Robin. How can I think to marry some other guy? How can I betray my Dushyant, my love? No mom I can’t do this sorry I won’t be able to do this mom I am going to tell my truth (and Tia starts leaving when Mrs. Kapoor stops her and pulls her inside).

MK: Shut up Tia? Are you mad? Have you lost it? You want us to spoil our mission and expose our self when we are on the last stage of our mission. I don’t understand why you are after that person who can’t give u a better life? See Shivaay he is a big businessman he can give you luxurious life. See his mansion, every minute there are servants to do your work you need not to worry about our future after you marry him. All his money will be ours and we will snatch his property and you want to go with that Dushyant who can’t buy you a house of his own.

T: Mom actually you are right I got emotional. I will not back off. Ye shaadi hoke rahegi har haal mein har keemat par (And they wickedly smile).
[Pinky who was standing outside listen to their conversion and got shattered hearing this. She trusted Tia more than anyone else. She was about to go and throw them out when two people from back come and stop her. They were Omkara and Rudra]
P: Do you twos listened to them. They want to breaks and rule our house. Mein abhi neeche jaake sabko batati hun. Let us expose them.
Om: Choti maa it’s not the right time we don’t have any solid proof against them. We need to wait for some time and gather some proofs against them.
R: O is right choti maa. Aap andar jaao aur Tia ko neeche bulao.

P: But Shivaay usko kaun batayega.
Om: Hum lekin right time aane par.
P: But mera heere jaisa beta Shivaay…
R….Choti maa when Rudy is here then have no fear. Ab aap jayiye aur lady baba ko neeche leke aayiye.
P: Okays mein jaati hun.
In the room,
P: Oh Mrs. Kapoor, Tia beta you are not readys.
MK: Just see she is not listening to me. She wants to wear dress matching with her sandals.
P: Okays chalo wahan Prinku ke rooms mein sandals hain matchings waali le lena. Aur jaldi neeche aao sab wait kar rahe hai na. (Pinky leaves from there getting angry at both of mother and daughter.
In the hall everyone was ready and waiting for Tia, Tia comes down with Pinky and Mrs. Kapoor.
S (Shivaay): Hey Tia!

T: Shivaay baby (and hugs him Shivaay reciprocates Anika feel bad and Pinky gets angry).
Engagement ceremony begins. Media clicks their pictures.
S: Today I Shivaay Singh Oberoi officially announce that I and Tia Kapoor will get married after 2 weeks. (Pinky, Anika and rest there gets shocked and Pinky get angry while Mrs. Kapoor gets happy and congratulates Shivaay and Tia).
T: Shivaay baby I am glad but isn’t it too early I mean we need time for preparations.
S: Don’t worry Tia its Anika’s job you need not to worry just go take rest it was a long day for you.
T: Sure. Anika please come here.
A (Anika): Yes Tia tell me.
T: Anika I want this wedding to be a grand and memorable and I don’t want any middle class type decorations I want it a grand wedding do you understand.
P: Anika beta listens to me do simple decoration. I don’t wants any grand type decoration.
T: But Pinky mom…
P: … Tia beta let me do my work and you go and take rest don’t take stress. It’s your weddings (Tia leaves fuming).
P: Anika I wants your helps (and she tells everything about Tia to her) you have to help me in finding out proof against her so that I can expose her before marriage happens.

A: Auntyji I will do anything to find out proof against her don’t worry. (And Anika leaves from there)
In Om’s room Om and Gauri are talking to each other (on phone) about Tia,
Om: I don’t know why she is after Shivaay but I think her motives are not good. I think Shivaay should be informed as soon as we get proof against her and she should be exposed in front of everyone.
G (Gauri): Om if I can help you can tell me I am with you in your every decision. Ok we will talk tomorrow I have got some work.

Om: Its really bad Gauri Agnihotri doesn’t have time for her would be husband. I am angry with you.
G: Okay we will meet tomorrow evening in the cafeteria. Now bye.
Om: (smiles) Okay done tomorrow evening at our usual meeting place. Bye. Take care. See you tomorrow.
G: See you.

Hello friends! This is my Prologue its very much long but I hope you all will like it. Don’t forget to comment down and tell how was it.

Precap: Haldi ceremony. Dushyant enters OM as Robin. Dushyant and Tia plans. Dushyant propose Anika.

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