Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-8

Here goes the next part.
Gauri leaves from there teary eyed; Anika and Saumya stop her.
A: What happened why you are crying did Om say anything?
G: No he said nothing just something went in my eyes.
A: I know you better than anyone you are upset tell me what happened I will not leave him.
G: No you won’t say him anything he is right I trouble him very much I must leave him now our relationship is over.

Sau: How and why?
Gauri tells them everything.
A: I think Om is upset and needs some time don’t worry he will come to you saying sorry.
G (thinking.): Sorry for lying to you di but I can’t help.
Gauri leaves from there. In Om’s room in evening,
C (Chulbul.): Namaste Omkara ji.
O: Hello so are you the new servant here?
C/G: You didn’t identify me it is me Gauri.

O: You?! What are you doing in this getup?
C: You told me to come here hiding so I came in this getup. I will help you in this getup none can identify me.
O: What name you thought?
C: What is the hurry there is still time to get married and have children then we will name them.
O: Mad girl not their name your name I am asking.
C: My name?
O: Yes your name.
C: Take almonds daily see it is me Gauri your Gauri.
O: You are totally mad. I know you are Gauri but in this getup what should I call you?
C: Chulbul.

O: Ok Chulbul so do you know your work?
C: Yes I remember very well.
FB: Gauri weeps Om comes to her and tells her about his plan to stop this Svetlana from marrying Tej. Gauri leaves. FB ends.
Both of them smile.
O: You do good acting of Chulbul but what if someone notices it is not Chulbul?
C: So come there and save me.
O: Fine now go to Svetlana and tell me her every movement. I am going to talk to papa.
C: Okay.

In guest room,

Sv: What to do if Tej doesn’t propose me today he is a big and smart player he can do anything if he change the plan then… no I can’t let him do anything.

She thinks to go out when suddenly Chulbul come there.
C: Excuse me!
Sv: Who are you? And what are you doing here standing outside my room.
C: You called me.
Sv: You guessed wrong I didn’t call anyone now go away from here.

C: No I am here as you hired me do you remembered I talked to you before coming here.

Sv: Send some boy who can spy and just remember one thing he should not cause any mistake here if he does then I will fire him from the job plus I will take money from you as punishment.
Man: Sure madam your work will be done.
That man was shown to be Omkara and beside him was Gauri standing. Both of them smile.
FB ends.
Sv: Oh so you are that boy. But I don’t think you can do the work.
C: Arrey aap kaisi baat kar rahi hain meine to PM Se lekar Amitabh Bacchan tak sabke driver ki jasoosi ki hai. (What are you saying from PM to Amitabh Bacchan I have spied everyone’s car driver.)
Sv: Fine you don’t have to spy any PM or celebrity but Tej Singh Oberoi and you have to tell me everything about him. Understood?
C: Yes understood.

Sv: Now go.
In evening, everyone gather in hall unwillingly.
Sv: Good evening old women and men.
P (Whispers to Shakti.): Oh my mata Shaktiji! She called us olds. Kya mein budi dikhti hun? (Do I seem to be old?)
Sh (Teasing.): No Pinkyji these are your youthful days.
P: Stop joking.

Sh: Not I but you are joking now we have our son who is of 32 years and his wife too you need to accept we are getting old.
P: I know, but this half jethani she has no rights to call anyone of us old she herself is of mummyji’s age old like her. Haina Mummyji.
D: Budi hogi tu mein to abhi bhi jawan hun Sacche Ishqbaaz Kabhi bude nahi hote. Samjhi? (You must be old I am still young true lovers never get old. Understood?)
P (Smiles.): Mummyji who can defeat you. But see jethanji she is very stand there and this Dayan Svetlana is getting happy.
O: Attention please! Today I Omkara Singh Oberoi am going to get engaged to person whom I must marry rather than Gauri.

He signs towards Svetlana. Everyone except ShivAniRuMyaRi get shocked. Om goes towards Svetlana she smiles both of them exchange rings. Gauri present there as Chulbul get upset. Everyone leave from there upset.
After the ceremony Svetlana goes to Chulbul,

Sv: Hey you what is your name.
C: I am Chulbul.
Sv: So Chulbul now you don’t have to spy Tej but Omkara you have to tell me everything about him.
C: (Thinking.) I will not leave you once your truth comes out you want me to spy him?
C: Sure as you say.

At night in Shivika’s room, a veiled man come and wakes up Anika he makes her unconscious and takes her away. Shivaay wakes up suddenly,
S: No! This can’t happen to Anika.
He sees Anika isn’t on the bed and hurriedly goes down to search for her.
S: Anika! Where are you? Anika!!

He sees everyone gathered in hall and sees Anika resting on sofa and doctor checking her.
S: What happened to her?
P: Meri bacchi. She went to kitchen to get water and suddenly got unconscious there it was good that Prinku was passing by she saw her and called us.
D: Doctor what happened to her? Is she okay?

Dr: Nothing to worry about she is perfectly fine just that the thing is you need to take care of her she is very much tired and needs rest.
S: Fine doctor we will take care of her.
Shivaay takes her to their room and scolds her for not taking care of herself. Shivaay ask her to promise not to trouble herself. Both share an emotional moment.
Next morning, in the mansion; Shivaay comes down Anika running behind him Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi see them,
A: Shivaay at least eat something from morning you didn’t ate anything.
S: Anika don’t say anything there is an important meeting.
A: Just listen once…
Pinky winks to Dadi and Jhanvi.

D (Speaks loudly to make Anika and Shivaay hear them.): Pinky now your age is also of coming at my place and having experiences like I am having.
P: What do you means Mummyji? I didn’t understood anythings.
Shivika stop hearing them.
J: Pinky it is simple Mummyji wants to say that now we should have our grandchildren playing around us.

P: You both are absolutely corrects I too feels the same thing. I must have small, cute grandchildren who will call me dadi. Alas! My son and daughter-in-law don’t think about me.
Shivaay and Anika look toward each other embarrassed. Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi giggles.

Precap: Om and Chulbul finds out something about Svetlana; Festive time in the mansion; Daksh enters as a worker.

Hello everyone sorry for late update. And thanks for commenting on the previous episode. Comment down and tell how this episode was.

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