Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-7

Thank you all for your comments. I am translating Hindi phrases into English for convenience of readers.

ShivOmAni get angry at Rudra when Saumya and Gauri come there.
G: What are you three doing here? A guest is here in the mansion.
R: Girl or boy?
Sau: Girl.
R: (Thinking excitedly.) Oh my god a girl that to in our house! Bhagwan aaj aapne khud mere liye tohfa bheja hai love you god you are so great. (God you sent a girl in our house for me as a gift love you, you are great.)
R: She is slim or fat like you sumo? (Saumya glares at him angrily.)
G: If you will see her you will think some heroine from Hollywood is here.
Sau: Di she is heroine cum aunty. Do you saw her dressing sense?
G: Yes I saw such a nice combination Omkara ji I also want the same type of dress like she wears.
O: Omkara ji? This sudden change is for what?
G: Now we are going to get married so I should get habituated of calling you ‘ji’.
R (sarcastically.): Now understood Omkara ji.
S: Who is she? Did anyone told you about her?
G: Don’t know but papaji brought her.

O: Now who is this papaji?
(In my ff relations are good between Om and Tej.)
G: My future father-in-law. Ab inn sab baaton ko rehne dijiye aur harharaike humare saath chaliye. (Leave all these talks and come quickly with me.)
All of them go downstairs. They get shocked seeing Svetlana there.
O: Is she our guest Gauri?
G: Yes she is our guest. Wait I will come in a minute.
Sv (Svetlana): Sorry Om you misunderstood I am not a guest but now I will be a permanent member of your family.
P: Oh my mata! What is she saying Shivaay?
S: I too don’t know mom.
Sv: Exactly that’s the biggest problem in this house none knows anything just misunderstandings are there. Let me explain. I and your father Tej Singh Oberoi are going to marry soon.
Everyone get shocked Om and Jhanvi get shattered hearing this.
R: What you seem to be our dadi and you are going to marry our father? This can’t happen.
T: You have to believe it Rudra this is going to happen and very soon. I and Svetlana are engaging today in evening you all are invited.
O: But papa how can you do this to mom and me.
T: Om my decision is final.
Gauri comes there with thaali.
A: What is this Gauri?
G: Di as she is newcomer here I am welcoming her by doing her aarti.
O: No need she is not invited here. (He says to Svetlana.) Get out from here! This place is not for people like you. I will call security if you don’t go out.

Sv: Fine I will go but Tej think once again if I go out then what can happen.
O: Just get out there will be peace if you go out.
Tej slaps Omkara.
T: Om understand one thing now I am going to get married to her and it is final.
Tej leaves into his room. Om follows him. In the room,
T (sad.): In all these 28 years it is first time I slapped Om he means more to me than anything but how to tell him. I am doing all this for this family, if I don’t do this then that Svetlana may harm anyone.
Om listen everything from outside. Svetlana enters room without noticing Om.
Sv: Well done Tej! I must say you are a good father.
T: What do you mean?
Sv: You can do anything to save your children’ and family it is worth appreciation.
T: Stop this drama please I can give you money then why are you after me?
Sv: Common Tej you know money will end soon and again I can’t come to you so it is better I marry you after all I have been your mistress from so many years.

Om hears conversation outside and get angry at Svetlana and leaves from there.
Sv: You are very smart businessman Tej I must say this but now I came to know you are very loyal to your family.
Tej also leaves from there getting angry and Svetlana smile wickedly. In Om’s room,
G: Don’t take tension I believe in god everything will get fine.
O: Your god he can’t do a single thing! This Svetlana named problem is again in our lives to trouble us she is misguiding papa and he is doing as she is saying.
G: Please calm down don’t be so hyper.
O: Gauri please will stop for some time I want myself alone.
G: Why are you reacting in such way? I am your fiancée I must be with you always and help you in your problems it is my duty.
O: So there is a request to you stop your duty and go away from me I want to quiet up from this relationship.
G (Crying.): What are you saying we are going to get married and you are saying like this? Our relation can’t break like this it is very strong.
O: Our relation goes to hell! I don’t want to keep it anymore I am quitting.
Gauri keep weeping while Svetlana standing outside smiles seeing her plan working.

Precap: Chulbul enters. Omkara and Chulbul meets. Svetlana doubts. Anika kidnapped.

Hello!! This is next part of my ff sorry for late update. I will try to post next part soon.


    • ManyaPV5



      Thank you and at that time in ff Svetlana was not wearing her usual dress dupatta with small top and jeans she was wearing actual saari that is why gauri thought wearing saris like any normal woman is her dressing sense. none likes her dress it seems like she is not wearing dupatta but some bedsheet on top and jeans or jaggings. whatever she wears always seems funny.

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