Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-6

Hello everyone! This is me again here next part of my fiction sorry for being late. Here goes the next part.

Everyone leave for the hotel in afternoon. In the evening Shivaay reaches mansion. In the room,
S: Anika you are not ready up till now? I told you to get ready. We are going for my friend’s anniversary.
A: Sorry I am not coming.
S: Anika there is no one at the home what will you do alone here? You will enjoy let us go.
A: Shivaay please leave me alone. I don’t want to go anywhere.
S: Anika don’t be so stubborn I can’t leave you alone here.
A: I am not in mood of going anywhere.
Shivaay signs Khanna and suddenly light goes. Anika gets scared and holds Shivaay. Khanna comes there.
S: What is this Khanna why light went suddenly?
Kh: Sir light won’t come for whole night.

S: What do you mean by it won’t come Anika is going to stay here I don’t know anything you have to do something.
Kh: Sorry sir there is some maintenance work going on, generator is also sent for repair work and that is why inside the mansion tonight there will be no light.
S: Okay you may go. Anika don’t worry I will be staying here.
Shivaay gets a call.
S: Sorry I won’t be able to come I know it is very important day for you two but I am sorry I can’t come.
A: Shivaay don’t say him no tell him we are coming.
(Shivaay smirks as his plan were working.)
S: No Anika how can I leave you alone here…
A: …Shivaay I am coming tell them we are coming.
S: Fine.
Shivaay informs his friend that they are reaching there. Anika gets ready and comes out. Shivaay get mesmerized by seeing her beauty.
S: Beautiful. You are looking very beautiful Anika. [Shivaay goes to Anika she blushes.]
S: Look who is blushing. My Anika is blushing.
A: Shivaay let us go.

Both of them go and sit in the car. Shivaay leans towards Anika to lock the seatbelt. Shivaay removes her hairs coming on her face. Anika blushes again. After sometime both of them reach the hotel. Shivaay’s friends greet them. Suddenly light is turned off. Anika gets little nervous. Shivaay takes her towards a table. Light turn on. She gets surprised.
S: Happy b’day Anika!!
A: It means you remembered? Then why you teased me?
S: We never forgot it. Actually it was a surprise for you.
A: We?

Other family members come there and congratulate her Anika gets happy. Everyone celebrate her b’day and Shivika start meeting their guests.
S: Anika meet them they are Mr. and Mrs. Chaddha and their son Dev.
Anika greets them. Shivaay give Anika another surprise by masquerade dance. OmRuPriSaum give everyone masks. Everyone start dancing during exchange of partners a man comes and dance with Anika. He removes his and Anika’s mask. Anika gets shocked seeing Daksh. She gets scared and calls Shivaay.
S: What happened to you Anika? You seem to be scared. Who is this man?
D (Daksh): Hello Mr. and Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I am Daksh Khurana. We are friends since school time?
Anika tries to speak something but he interrupt. Shivaay get confused seeing Anika scared.
D: By the way nice to meet you again Anika.
Daksh looks at her wickedly. Arnav comes there and get angry seeing Daksh. Daksh and his family had separated Anika from Agnihotris when she was small.
Ar: You how… (Anika signs him to stop.)
S: Nice to meet you Daksh. You both can continue chatting.
Shivaay leaves from there to meet other guests.
D: Arnav my dear brother how are you meeting you after a long time. This world is so small no?
Ar: How dare you come here? Don’t even try to harm my sister or it won’t be good for you.
D: You are threatening me? None can harm Daksh Khurana till he wishes. Arrey Anika you are not speaking a single word tell him I am like his elder brother and maybe we would have married if you didn’t left from Delhi for post graduation to Mumbai.

Anika reminisces the day when Daksh forcefully tried to marry her and kill her for the property of Agnihotris. She leaves from there scared and Daksh smiles wickedly.
S: Anika you finished your talks so soon? My speaking bullet train is not like that.
A: There was nothing to talk about.
Shivaay feel Anika’s behavior strange. He takes Anika aside.
S: Anika why are you behaving so strange you can tell me if there is some problem. If someone is troubling you tell me I will not leave him.
Anika cries and tell him about everything what Daksh did with him. Shivaay in full rage goes towards Daksh but Anika stops him.
S: Anika I won’t leave him now.
A: Shivaay please my past is past it won’t come again Daksh won’t be able to come back in my life.
S: Anika you are saying so I am leaving him but if he comes again I won’t leave him at all.
Party ends and everyone go to the mansion. In the mansion,
N and A: Okay so we must leave now.
A: But you stayed only for few days and I met you after such a long time.
Ar: There are lots of projects which we need to complete we will surely come to meet you. And don’t worry your lovely sisters are going to stay here.
N: Anika there is a small gift for you actually it was your mother’s suggestion. You run a canteen already so we are thinking of opening franchise of your canteen in different cities and I want you to start your own event organization company many businessman have contacted me to suggest some event organizer’s name and I had given your name now it’s up to you, you want to start company or not?

A: Your gifts are wonderful and I want to continue with this work.
An: Anika are you sure will you be able to handle both the things simultaneously?
A: Maa don’t worry here everyone are there to help me and if there will be any such thing I will contact you.
T: Mr. Agnihotri Shivaay and Anika are married and soon Omkara and Gauri will I and Shakti want to talk to you for merger of our companies can we meet you tomorrow?
N: Sure. Come to my office by sharp 2 p.m. I will meet you there.
Niranjan, Anjali and ArShi left from Oberoi mansion for their mansion. Everyone go to their respective rooms.
After a week. In Shivika’s room, Anika comes with coffee.
A: Good morning Shivaay wake up it is already 7 am. You have an important meeting today.
Anika finds none under the blanket. Shivaay comes from back and hold her.
S: Very good morning Anika. (Anika smiles seeing him.)
A: So it was your planning to fool me.
S: How can I fool you? I thought to surprise you.
A: Who surprise by this way?
OmRu comes and cough. Shivika get away.
R: Attention please to all the ladies and gentleman. This is requested to all the couples not to keep their door open while romancing. There are many kids roaming in the house they can get affected for example O.
ShivOmAni: Shut up Rudra!!
R: Oh Ok. (He makes innocent face.)

Precap: Omkara proposes Svetlana. Gaurika’s breakup. Gauri to leave Oberoi mansion. Anika’s confrontation to Svetlana.

Hello!! Hope you all like it don’t forget to comment down and tell how it was. Please give me suggestions to make this ff better.

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