Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Part-5

Shivaay tries to convince Anika but she doesn’t listen to him.
S: Anika it is not like that I am worried just for everyone but I don’t want anyone to get affected by our fights.
A: What is the need of sorry when it is just for family’s sake? We can do acting in front of them to tell them everything is alright; they will also be convinced.
S: Anika there is need of sorry.
A: Oh do you think so but I don’t feel like that.
Shivaay goes to Anika and holds her close. Anika hesitates.

S: Anika do you know you are important to me and I can’t let you be away from me.
Anika in hesitation leaves from there. She comes to Arshi’s room.
Ar: Di is everything alright? You don’t seem to be fine.
A: Yes everything is fine.
Ar: Then why do I feel there is some problem? Did Shivaay say you something? Tell me I won’t leave him.
A: No, nothing like that. I was missing you so came here.
Ar: May I ask something?
A: Sure ask.
Ar: Are you happy with this marriage or did you married coz you were helpless?
A: I am happy and it happened with my and Shivaay’s consent. If there was any such problem I would have told earlier. Everything is just fine.
Ar: Okay. Does Shivaay know about your past?
A: No I haven’t told him yet.

Ar: Di you should tell him if he gets to know from someone else then maybe he will feel bad. I suggest you should tell him about that incident.
Anika reminisce about her past and gets scared.
A: Can we change the topic?
Ar: Di its 12 a.m. already night you must be tired please go and take rest. Tomorrow is very special day for everyone.
A: Ok good night.

A (thinking in her mind smiling.): So it means Arnav remember it is my birthday tomorrow let’s see who else remember.
Next day in morning,
Sau (Saumya): Help!!! Rudra who was passing by her room enters.
R: What happened? And why are you shrieking like you saw lizard or rat.
Sau: There under the bed a black rat is there.

R: Ohhh!!! Aaj tak dusro se suna tha elephants are scared of rats aaj dekh bhi liya.
Sau: Are you here to joke just take out that rat. (Rat comes out of bed.)
R: It is fun to see you getting scared of rat.
Rat jumps over Saumya and she hugs Rudra accidently. She sees towards Rudra both share an eyelock and she realizes what she was doing and leaves him immediately.
R: (awkwardly) I will send maid here she will take out the rat.
Sau: Okay.

Rudra leaves from there. In Shivika’s room Anika brings espresso for Shivaay.
A: Good morning billuji.
S: Morning. Is something special today? You brought espresso especially for me? You need not to work Anika servants are here to do work.
A: Shivaay do you remember something?

S: No I don’t remember anything. Why?
A: Something special today? Do you remember?
S: Oh yes! How can I forget it I am so sorry Anika I am so sorry. How can it slipped out of my mind?
A: No problem. Now that you remember it then I am happy so say.
S: Anika please do one thing go down to the hall ask Khanna he must have brought something. Bring it to me quickly.
A: (Thinking: Maybe Shivaay have some gift for me.) Abhi laayi.
She reaches hall and Khanna gives her some files.
A: Khannaji Shivaay wanted only this?
Kh: Madam I was told about this only.
A: Okay you may go now.
She reaches room.

S: Anika thank you so much.
A: Just thank you?
Shivaay hugs her.
S: Okay now is it fine.
A: You don’t remember anything?
S: I remember today is my very important meeting with clients coming from Australia and this deal is going to be most wonderful deal because it is very special for me.
A: You don’t remember anything else? Someone’s B’day?

S: Oh I forgot it. Thank you once again for telling me.
A: My pleasure. So whose birth day is today?
S: My friend had invited us for his wife’s b’day. Be ready at sharp 7 I will come here and we will go to Hotel Orchid.
A:  really you don’t remember? Shivaay just go from here I don’t want to talk to you. Please leave me alone.
Shivaay leaves smirking.
A: Shivaay don’t remember so what my brother does.
She goes happily.
Ar: Morning di.

A: Morning my little baby.
Ar: You seem to be happy.
A: I am the luckiest girl to get brother like you.
Ar: So much pampering but why? Today is something special.
A: Yes very much special. You said yesterday before sleeping today is very special day so…
Ar: Oh yes very special it is most important day of my life. Today I am going for a meeting to crack deal of 1000 crores. (Anika gets sad.) Guess what di if just I crack this deal then in the whole world our share prices will increase. Our company will be known as the world’s topmost company. Businessmen across world are going to come there is a big competition to crack this deal. Just wish me that I crack it.
A: Hmm all the best.

Niranjan, Anjali and Khushi comes,
N: Arnav are you ready beta?
A: (She runs to Niranjan and hugs him.) Papa I know you must not have forgot about it you used to take me to mall to get gifts of my choice on this day.
N: Anika I know you are very much happy but we will talk regarding this after I come back to home. Come Arnav let us leave.
A: (Thinks.) So none remembers maybe maa remembers.
A: Maa tell me one thing.
An: Yes what?
A: Which day is today?
An: How can I forget of course I remember it, it is Saturday.
A: No maa, just leave it. Okay Khushi you only tell what is today’s date?
K: Anika di its 8 march today.
A: Yes and what is on 8 March?
K: Saturday. Di you seem to be fine then why are you worried?
A: I want to be left alone.

Anika asks her sisters, dadi and Priyanka but they also don’t remember. She goes to OmRu as they were dearest to her after her brother and sisters.
A: Om, Rudra you must be remembering what is today? Please don’t say me no.
O: Yes Anika it is your bi…
R: Bhabhi yes I remember today is my cheat day. (He gestures Om no.)
A: Anything else.
O: Yes I have to go to art gallery.
R: And it is my time to go to gym.
A: Om you never lie then remember and tell me.

O: Anika sorry. (And he leaves.)
Anika gets upset whereas outside the mansion ShivOmRu, Arnav and Niranjan meet.
Ar: I can’t see her upset I am going.
O: I too lied today I feel like punishing myself I must go to her and say sorry.
ShivRu: Are you two mad? Our plan will get flop.
N: Shivaay is right. Anyway no need to worry arrangements is done well in the hotel. Tej and Shakti are handling everything in office. And I guess all the ladies will handle inside well. Now let us leave to our work will meet in evening.
ShivOmRuAr: Sure.
In the house,
P: Oh my mata jethaniji sab theek to rahega na?
J: Don’t worry Pinky everything will be just perfect.
A: What are you talking about?
They both get shocked seeing her there.

P: Nothing beta today is special satsangs in evening I and jethaniji are goings to there so we were talking about it.
A: Auntyji if you both need anything you can tell me.
P: Hmm first of all stop calling me and jethaniji Auntyji we are your mothers.
A: Okay I will call you maa and her badi maa.
P: Now perfectly fines. Let us go jethaniji.

Precap: Anika meets Daksh; she gets scared. Svetlana’s entry.

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