Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Part-4

Hello everyone! Thanks for your lovely comments. Some demanded Shivika moments I will try to do changes.
Anika spends time with her family members, Arnav introduces his wife Khushi to her who was childhood friend of Arnav.

Shivika’s room,
(Shivaay was roaming here and there as Anika didn’t come back.)
S: What she said yesterday I come late every time but see she herself don’t know the time its 1 a.m. and there is no where about of madam. What she calls me Bagad Billa, Tadibaaz and Kanji eyed but she herself is a wild cat, she is panika, she calls me anything and thinks I will not do anything. Let her come now I will tell her who Shivaay Singh Oberoi is.
(Anika comes there scared and terrified.)

S: Where were you do you know what the time is?
A: Shivaay, Shivaay please save me! He will not leave me he will kill me. Please Shivaay save.
S: Okay calm down. Now tell me what happened?
A: Shivaay that man he is after me and he will not leave me. He is very dangerous you don’t know what he can do. He said me he will not leave me. Please save me.
S: Who dare to talk like that to wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi? (He does his signature step.) Tell me who dare to talk to you like this?
A: Shivaay there he was he told me he will not leave me.
S: Where I can’t see anyone? Anika don’t worry if he comes tell me; mere hote hue tumhara koi kuch nahi bigad paayega. You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife. Remember. Whose wife you are?
A: (She imitates Shivaay.) Wife of the greatest Shivaay Singh Oberoi. (And Anika starts laughing.)
S: Are you joking with me?
A: No I am serious.
S: Anika I will not leave you!
A: Ohhh see who is getting angry?
S: Anika just stop it!
A: Okay I will stop but tell me one thing what were you saying about me before I came? I am wild cat.
S: Yes you are.
A: You called me Panika. May I know why?
S: Every time you keep throwing glass full of water on me. That’s why.
A: Then I should also rename your name because you too throw me in water.
S: My name is just right you need not to do anything with my name Panika.
(Anika leaves from there angrily. OmRu see it from a distance.)
O: Shivaay what is going on between both of you?
S: She thinks she herself is great and can change any ones name but wants none to change her name. (Says Shivaay angrily.)

O: We saw what is actually happening.
R: Yes O is right bhaiya we saw what is happening.
S: What is happening?
R: Bhaiya we saw you are becoming bagad billa and tadibaaz day by day. Bhabhi was saying right.
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra!!
O: Shivaay whatever is happening is not good Anika and you both must be like a team. What will you teach Rudra, Prinku and Sahil?
R: O please, already I had learnt many things from school and college now I don’t want to learn anything from Shivaay bhaiya. I know he is getting old day by day but not that old that he will now teach me what to do.
O: Rudra will you please shut up? I don’t mean the bookish things which you learn I mean behavior towards others.
R: Oh ok.
O: Shivaay you need to sort out everything. Go and talk to Anika.
S: Why should I go? She should come and end up the fight. She started all this drama and now she should end all this drama. I am not going to anyone understand this thing.
R: Huh dekha O bhaiya to tadi maarte hue nikal gaye ab hum yahan kiska intezaar kar rahe hain?
O: Shivaay must understand it is not a small thing. Both of them won’t say sorry just coz of their ego. Let them do what they want. Let’s go.
Shivaay thinks for long and decides to go to Anika,
A: Pata nahi ye bagad billa apne aap ko samajhte kya hain? Mein kyun apna naam Panika rakhu jab who khud aisa nahi chahte?
S: Anika I want to say you something.
A: But I don’t want to listen anything. ?
S: Anika whatever happened sometime before for that I know I am at fault and I feel bad I shouldn’t have done this for that I am…
A: Yes you are?
S: I just want to say that I am…
A: Now will you speak clearly or speak by creating suspense?
S: I want to say that I did wrong I shouldn’t have done it and that is why I am saying…
A: just leave it you can’t say a single sorry.
S: Anika I am sorry!
A: Oh bête ki Bagad Bille ne sorry kaha ?. Mein sapna to nahi dekh rahi?
(Shivaay gives her flower.)

S: You are not dreaming but it is true I am saying sorry. Anika I am sorry. Please end this fight or everyone will feel bad.
A: You are saying sorry because you are worried for others no?
S: Yes.
A: Yes?! Your sorry goes to hell I don’t want to listen any sorry. ?
S: Just listen to me… wait.

Precap: Rudra and Saumya meet each other. Prinku’s new college mate. Fight between Omkara and Gauri. Gaurika’s alliance breaks.

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