Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Part-3

Here goes the part-3.
Next day in the morning, Gauri reaches Oberoi mansion.
O: I didn’t even talked to you yesterday and you left suddenly without informing me once.
G: A call came from dance class and I had to leave immediately.
O: Anything serious then you would have told me.
G: No nothing of that sort. Actually I am opening my dance academy here and for the inauguration event of my dance class I called some event managers for the decoration. They came to meet me so I had to leave.
O: hmm so what do you selected as theme?

G: Nothing, I didn’t like any decoration. I am thinking to contact some other event manager.
O: There is no need of that. You know Anika she is a great event manager and she can help you.
G: Give me her contact number so I can contact her.
O: No need she stays in this house itself.
Om takes Gauri to Anika,
O: Anika she is Gauri and Gauri she is Anika.
R (Rudra): O aap rishton ki izzat karna seekho. Every time you need someone to tell you about relations.
O: Now what I did? Will you tell me?
R: Anika didi is not didi but Anika bhabhi now. You should respect her.
O: Theek hai mere baap. Gauri she is our “Anika bhabhi”. Now is it fine Rudra?
R: Better.
G: Hello I am Gauri Agnihotri. (Anika remembers her surname Agnihotri and how much proud she used to feel telling others her surname when she was a small child.)
A: Nice to meet you I am Anika. (Both shake hands and feel some connection with each other.)

G: Nice to meet you too.
O: Bhabhi she is going to organize some event and needs your help regarding the same. You both continue I am leaving for art gallery.
G: Bye. See you in evening.
A: Bye Om. Take care of yourself. (Om leaves after hugging them.)
Gauri and Anika continue discussing while Anika keep seeing mark on Gauri’s hand and reminisce about her sister Chutki who had the same mark on her hand.
A: That mark on your hand was it since childhood?
G: Yes it is my birthmark. But why are you asking?
A: Nothing I just remembered something.

G: You can share it with me just like a sister.
A: I have 2 small sisters, my brother and my adopted brother Sahil whom I love the most. My sister had the same mark on her hand and at the same place like you have.
G: I would like to meet them. Where all of them are now are they coming in evening here?
A: Sahil stays with me you may meet him in evening but rest about them I don’t know where they are but they are still close to my heart and will be forever.
G: What happened to them?
A: Someone separated me from my family as they didn’t want me to be with them. Come to my room.

(Anika takes her to her room. She opens some box and takes out a photo frame.)
A: This is my sister Chutki, my little brother Arnav, my youngest sister Saumya and my parents Niranjan and Anjali Agnihotri. Don’t know where they are but I am sure I will meet them someday. (Gauri gets surprised as she was the same girl Chutki whom Anika showed in picture. Gauri was sister of Arnav, Saumya and Anika. Now she realized whom she was talking with was her sister Anika the long lost daughter of Agnihotri Empire.)
G: Excuse me; I will come back after sometime. (She leaves from there and goes to talk to her brother and father.)

A: Why do I feel she is someone very close to me? Maybe I shared my personal things with her I must have felt like this. (And she gets up and leaves to get ready for the reception.)
In evening, big business families, media persons and Oberoi family gather for the reception. Shivaay and Anika come down.
S: Hello everyone! Very good evening, welcome in Oberoi mansion, thanks for being part of our happiness, I would to introduce my wife Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. (Media clicks pictures. One media person questions Shivaay.)
M1 (Media person): How both of you got married? Was it a business merger or she is your mistress?
(Shivaay and everyone get angry.)

Other reporters: Yes Mr. Oberoi answer who is she what is her name do you married her for business merger or because she is your mistress?
Man (A man comes suddenly and shouts at them): Enough of all this nonsense. How dare you talk to my daughter like that?
(Everyone turn to see who he was and gets surprised seeing the biggest businessman of all Niranjan Agnihotri. Anika too get surprised seeing him after so many years and recognize him in first glance. She runs towards him and hugs him and her mother Anjali Agnihotri.)

A: Papa, Maa! How you came here? How you got to know about me?
N: Your sister told me you are here and we came here to meet you. (Anika see Gauri and recognize she was her dear sister Gauri her Chutki.)
A: Chutki! My Chutki why didn’t you tell me before it was you and Saumya you too come here. (Anika hugs both of them and cries happily.)
(Oberois were still not able to understand all this.)
P: Oh my mata! They are Agnihotris. Anika is their daughter.

Sh (Shakti): Seems like this.
(Dadi and OmRu get happy as Anika met her family after so many years.)
(A man comes with a lady and calls Anika.): Is there no love for your brother? Will you give all of your love to your sister? (Anika see him and recognize him as her brother.)
A: Arnav! Aaja tu bhi. (All of them share an emotional hug when a small boy comes and hits them.)

SA (Sahil): Mujhe to sab bhul hi gaye na? Mein kisise bhi baat nahi karunga.
A: Aaja nautanki tu bhi. (Says Anika laughing.)
R: O aaj mujhe pehli baar Shivaay bhaiya aur aap par gussa aa raha hai.
O: What have we done?
R: You don’t do that is the biggest problem. Whenever I want an O’bro moment and want to hug you. You both just refuse saying time up. See them how they are hugging each other not even noticing it is since 15 minutes
they are hugging each other.
ShivOm: Ohhh see who is crying.

(Tej and Jhanvi go to Niranjan and Anjali.)
Tej: What a surprise you gave by coming here! We thought you must be busy with you latest project.
N: When Gauri told us our daughter Anika is here we didn’t wait we came here to meet her.
T: You did right by coming here come let us join there.
Anika introduces her brother and sister to Shivaay and others. Reception continues and everyone take a family pictures.

Precap: Someone enters OM. Anika’s past threatens her. Anika is kidnapped.
Hello everyone! I hope you all will like this episode.And don’t forget to comment down and tell how it was.

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