Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Part-2

Hello friends! Sorry for being late I wasn’t able to post next part. And there is correction in my fiction I previously said Gauri is a lawyer but she runs a dance class. I hope you will enjoy this fiction. Here is the part-2.
Wedding ceremony starts and Pinky and Jhanvi bring down brides to their respective grooms. Mrs. Kapoor goes towards Pinky,
MK: Mrs. Oberoi I think we should remove the veil, today’s generation is modern and I think they will also prefer the same.

P: No, no, no Mrs. Kapoor panditji told veils should not be removed before marriage completes or something bad might happen.
MK: Okay as you say. (In her mind: I can’t let any obstacle come between this marriage. This marriage has to happen on any cost or my plan will flop. And she smiles.)
After the rituals are completed Dadi speaks to everyone,
Dadi: Chalo ab shaadi ho gayi hai to muh dikhai bhi kar lete hain phir grahpravesh kiya jaayega.
Priest: Yes, she is absolutely right. It is best time for it.
P: Mummyji I have one idea. We will do muh dikhai of both couple here itself.
D: Theek hai jaao pooja ki thaali le aao.
Muh dikhai starts; Pinky goes to Mrs. Kapoor and speaks to her,

P: Mrs. Kapoors pehle aapki daughter-in-laws ki muh dikhai kar lete hain.
MK: Sure. (She smiles wickedly.)
Mrs. Kapoor goes towards Robin does his and his bride’s aarti and then lift veil and gets shocked to see Tia in place of Anika. Tia thinks Pinky has lifted veil and sees Mrs. Kapoor and get shocked.
MK: Oh my god! Tia what are you doing here!? You are married to Shivaay then how come you are with your brother Robin? Mrs. Oberoi just see there who is under veil with Shivaay? (Pinky smilingly goes and lifts veil. Mrs. Kapoor gets dumbstruck seeing Anika with Shivaay.) How can this happen how they can get exchanged?

(Media records everything and telecasts on news channels. None is able to speak something all are dumbstruck Shivaay himself don’t believe that he married Anika.)
[Pinky and OmRu smile seeing each other FB is shown Trio brings clothes and jewelry of Tia and Anika which they are going to wear in the wedding and exchange it. Pinky is shown keeping Anika’s dress in Tia’s room and Tia’s in room of Anika. FB ends.]
P: Oh My Mata! How did this happen? Meri modern bahu Tia exchange ho gayi? (She smiles and goes towards Mrs. Kapoor.) How can you think of doing this with my family? You thought you will win this time. You can’t fool us. I got to know everything about you three.

MK: What are you saying Mrs. Oberoi? I don’t understand anything such a big thing happened and you are scolding me. It’s whole fault of this event manager Anika I know from very beginning she tried to stop this marriage and now this happened.
P: You better see yourself. And dare not say anything about my bahu.
S: Mom please will you tell me what happened? Why you are so much angry?
P: You want to know what happened so listens, this Tia is already married to this boy Robin and Robin is not her brother but her husband and his name is Dushyant. (Mrs. Kapoor get shocked as her plan was failing.)
MK: No Shivaay, it’s not true how I can do this you know that both of our companies were going to do a big merger how will I do this.
P: Then you mean I am lying? Okay OmRu show them.

(Omkara shows everyone the video in which Mrs. Kapoor and Tia are talking and conspiring. Shivaay gets shocked. Mrs. Kapoor, Tia and Robin get shocked. Shivaay confronts Robin and he accepts that he is Dushyant.)
P: Now do you saw who is lying and who is true?

D: Agar tum sabko iss baare mein pata tha to pehle kyun nahi bataya?
P: Mummyji agar pehle bata dete to ye hume galat sabit kar dete. Isiliye meine aur OmRu ne ye sab planning ki.
J (Jhanvi): Pinky is actually right Mummyji. We need to throw out these people.
(Tej calls security and asks them to remove the conspirers.)
D: Chalo accha hua jo inki asliyat pata chal gayi warna pata nahi kya ho jaata.
P: Haan Mummyji. Ab muh dikhai ho gayi hai to grahpravesh bhi karwa lete hain nayi bahu ka. (Everyone smiles and the remaining rituals continue.)
After the rituals complete Priyanka, Saumya and OmRu take Shivika to their room and leave them there alone.

In the room, after Shivika change their clothes.
S: Oh god! Whom did I have married? This girl who fight with me always!! I have to face such a dangerous girl every day; please give me strength to face her every day. (Shivaay speaks teasing Anika.)
A: I am dangerous?
S: Yes you are actually. I always get tired fighting with you.
A: Really! I am dangerous?
S: How many times shall I say? You are “dangerous”!!
A: If I am dangerous then you are bagad billa.
S: You called me bagad billa.
A: Sorry…
S: Good.

A: Sorry not just bagad billa but kanji eyed tadibaaz bagad billa. Now are you happy? (Anika throws glass full of water on his face and starts laughing.)
S: Anika be in your limits you don’t know what Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do?
A: Kya karenge aap? Balti bhar ke paani dalenge ya phir swimming pool mein phekenge? Kya karenge aap?
S: I can do anything. (Shivaay does his signature step, picks Anika takes her to swimming pool and throws her inside it and he too gets into the pool.)
They hear knock on the door, Shivaay and Anika runs to the door Pinky gets in.
P: Oh my mata! Tum dono ne kya halat bana rakhi hai? Koi bhi dekhega to sochega bin Mausam ke barish mein bheegkar aaye ho. Do you understand you both are not kids anymore? Changes your clothes or you will start sneezing. Shivaay tu Om ke bathrooms mein chala ja yahan Anika change karegi.
(Both of them go and come out after changing.)

P: Hmm so I was tellings tomorrows there is reception and you both have to come before 6 p.m. sharp in the evening.
S: Don’t worry mom I will be on time but sorry because Anika will get late.
A: You think I am Kumbhkaran? I can’t reach on time? But let me tell you I will reach before you and you will lose.
(They both start fighting.)
P: Oh stop fighting like kids. It’s your first day after marriages and you both are fighting like anything. Just be on time. Understoods?

Precap: Gauri meets Anika; they feel some connection. Anika recognize Gauri.

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