Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) – Part-1

Hello Friends! I am glad you all liked my. Many shocking things will occur in the upcoming fictions. Okay so here goes the Part-1.

Next day, Om and Gauri meet each other at cafeteria,
Om: I thought you will not come today.
G: And why will I not come? You told me then I had to come here.
Om: We need to talk about Tia. Shivaay and Tia are going to marry and Shivaay don’t know about her truth how to tell him she is conspiring against our family. We don’t have proofs against her.

G: Don’t worry she will definitely leave some proofs so that you can expose her.
Om: Hope so anyways will you come to wedding of Shivaay? Dadi will be glad if you come.
G: After few days I will come.
At OM, Pinky was sitting quietly in her room angry and upset from Tia. Tia comes there,
T: Good morning Pinky mom!
P: Mornings. Why are you here in my room?
T: Do you remember I told you I will call designer to select dress for sangeet function she is in the hall waiting for us. Please will you come with me and help me in selecting designs.
P: I have some other works. You go down I will come later.
T: Sure Pinky mom (and Tia leaves from there).
In the hall when Tia was talking to designer Robin (Dushyant) comes,
R: Hey Tia!
T: (Tia goes to him and Pinky silently watches from upstairs) Dush….sorry Robin you here suddenly. You should have informed me before coming I would have sent anyone to pick up you.

(Dushyant hugs her and takes her to guest room; Pinky follows them to the room.) (Pinky gets angry watching all this drama of Tia and tries to listen to their conversation.)
R: Tia you know I was missing you whole day and as soon as I got your mom’s message I just came here.
T: Mom? But she is not here maybe she had some work.
R: Actually she told me about the mission and told that I have to get that event manager Anika out of our mission’s way. She told Anika went to your house searching for me Dushyant but she find nothing but your mother said that she can create problem in this marriage. So, I am here with her next plan.

T: Don’t worry we will not let her find anything about you. What’s the next plan?
R: (muted)…. and this is how we will get her out of the way.
T: Great! Now we don’t have to worry about Anika.
(Pinky who was standing outside the room listen to their conversation and gets shocked. But she wasn’t able to hear about their plan. She leaves from there.)
In noon when Haldi ceremony starts Dushyant comes there,

R: Hello everyone, today I want to share my feelings with all of you I am in love with a girl who is among all of you. (Everyone first think he is talking about Prinku but he walks towards Tia with a ring and Tia gets shocked seeing him coming towards her; Pinky thinks now Tia will be exposed but he goes to Anika standing near Tia. Tia takes sigh of relief. )
R: Anika is the girl whom I love. (He turns towards Anika.) Anika I love you from the very first day I saw you but didn’t got courage to speak to you. I am sharing my feelings with you will you marry me Anika? (Anika and everyone get shocked Shivaay stares at Robin with jealousy. Tia and Mrs. Kapoor smile wickedly.)

(Pinky goes to Anika and tells her something. Anika recalls all her moments with Shivaay and see towards him. Shivaay stares at Anika and pass gestures to her to say no. Anika thinks for a while and remember about Tia’s plan to destroy Oberois.)
R: Anika, please answer me will you marry me?
S (Shivaay): Excuse me Robin I think Anika is not feeling comfortable to answer. Give her some time she will tell you afterwards. (Anika nods her head)
A: No I will answer now. My answer is yes Robin I will marry you I accept this proposal. (Shivaay got shocked hearing this and gets angry. Pinky smiles as now soon they will get some proof against them.)

S: Anika you don’t know it’s a big decision you should take time. You are taking decision in hurry you don’t know Robin very well and you are taking decision in hurry. You should wait Anika don’t take decision like this.
A: I know Robin very well and you are saying as Robin and I have met only for once. I know Robin I know that my decision is right and you need not to worry about me.
S: But… (Pinky interrupts.)

P… Oh My Mata! Shivaay tu to aise pareshan ho raha hai jaise Anika nahi Tia Kisi aur se shaadi kar rahi hai. Tensions not Anika is very intelligents. She will take right decision.
MK: Now that both Robin and Anika are ready for marriage we will do engagement here itself and as today is Shivaay and Tia’s Haldi I think we should do Robin and Anika’s Haldi too. How’s the idea Pinkyji? (Pinky smiles as everything was going as per her plan)
P: Very corrects. Hume to baaki ke Anika aur Robin ki shaadi ke functions Shitia’s ki shaadi functions ke saath hi karna chahiye. Let’s starts the functions. Mummyji meine kuch galat to nahi kaha na.
D: Ab sab apne man ki chala raha hain to jaisa chal raha hai waisa hi theek.
After sometime Haldi ceremony starts, everyone was applying Haldi to Shivaay-Tia and Robin-Anika. Whole time during Haldi Shivaay kept staring at Anika and Robin and got jealous seeing them together. Anika stays in OM for some days till marriage happen. In midnight Shivaay goes to her room,

S: What was the need to say him yes?
A: I just said yes didn’t marry him. Lekin aap itni tadi kyun maar rahe hain?
S: Coz you are taking wrong decision.
A: And how do you its wrong?
S: Coz Robin is not the boy of your type.
A: It means you want me to marry some streetwalker…
S…No I didn’t mean that

A: Toh matlab kya hai aapka mein zindagibhar shaadi nahi karu? Ghar par baithi rahu haina.
S: Nahi aisa nahi hai.
A: Toh kaisa hai aapko kya problem hai mein kisse shaadi karu. Aapko pata hai kya mujhe aapse baat hi nahi karni hai.
S: I am also not interested to talk to you. You can’t understand anything. It’s useless to talk to you.
A: Mujhe bhi aapse baat karne ka shauk nahi hai. (Both get angry and Shivaay leaves from there.)

All the other ceremonies get completed one by one. Day before the wedding OmRu and Pinky plans something to stop Shivaay marrying Tia. Next day Pinky goes to Tia and Anika in morning and gives them their dress for the wedding ceremony. After sometime Tia and Anika are taken downstairs none identified who was Tia and who was Anika as their faces were being veiled. Gauri comes there and greets everyone. Rituals of wedding ceremony start.

Precap: Muh dikhai ceremony starts. Mrs. Kapoor lifts veil for muh dikhai. Shock for Tia and everyone.

Hello everyone! Sorry, I didn’t get proper idea to write fiction it’s boring but I will try to post better one next time. Till then take care.

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