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Scene 1
Raghav is trying calls kalpi. She is busy in derving the costumers. Vitthal is near her phone.
The guy manda gave the shopper goes out. Manda tries to pick something in from the pot. Its a slipper. SHe says he made manda fool ? Pakiya whistles. He says he is my friend he will never steal from here like you. You ca even steal from your house. Vitthal says how much will you lie manda go home.
Kalpi receives Ragahv’s call. He says why were you not receiving my call. She says my phone was silent and I was busy in work. He says I forgot a file there.Kalpi says yeah I found it and have kept it safe. He says okay I am coming to get it. Kalpi says no pleas don’t baba will be angry to see you. I will meet you near the bus stand. He says okay wait for me. Kalpi says I

can wait for you ole my life. He says I promise the wait will be over soon.

Scene 2
Mummy worries for pakhi. SHe says where is she ? SHe asks servan where is pakhi ? He says she is not home yet. She asks about ragahv ? He says Ragahv is in his room. Kamla comes there and meet mummy ji. mummy ji asks is there anything special ? Kamla says I just came to meet pakhi. She goes to pakhi’s room. Raghav come to the room. kamla says I have been calling her for so long. she is not receiving the call. Mummy ji says she is not home for long. Kamla sys maybe she is bugged with something. Ragahv recalls that he told her he won’t go to the restaurant she booked. He tells kamla maybe she is angry because of that. Kamla calls nettu and says are you alone ? she says yes. Kamla tells ragahv that she is not in the chowl.
pakhi is in the car with her friends. Ragahv tries to call her. She is not receiving the call. her friend says attend the call. She says no let him look crave for me.

Kamla says she is in some problem. I a going to look for her. Ragahv its weather is not so good. I will come with you. They go out and look for her everywhere. Kamla sees a lady on road and thought its pakhi. Its someone else.
There kalpi is with the file she is so happy to meet raghav.
Ragahv says we can track her location. He calls his friend and asks him to locate her. His friend tells him the location. Pakhi is enjoying with her friends in the car. SHe is not receiving the call. She says Ragahv you care for me and I will convert this care in love. SHe asks his friend to drop her there.

kalpi is on the bus stand waiting for Ragahv. SHe says Ragahv must have stuck somewhere because of the rain. He would have come on time otherwise.
Pakhi is on the road. She comes in front of Ragahv;s car and gets hit. They both get her in the car. pakhi is swooned. Kamla prays for her. Pakhi is well nothing has happened to her. sHe is just pretending. Pakhi sees kalpi;s missed calls and says I guess they had plan to meet. Ragahv was looking for me and you are looking for me. You will keep waiting for him.

Kalpi says where is Raghav. He must be in some trouble. She says what should I do. Part of me says go home.

kamla and Ragahv take pakhi in the room. Pakhi says call my doctor. Ragahv says let me look. Raghav call her and asks her to come. Kamla asks Ragahv to come and massage pakhi’s hand. Pakhi is so happy.
There kalpi is tired of waiting.

Scene 3
Vitthal is in the balcony. MAnda says its too late what are you doing here ? Waiting for kamla ? He says no was waiting to do your arti. Nettu says what else could he do. Kalpi is not back yet. Vitthal says you know what your problem is madam you have been thrown out from your house and now you are not richand not even poor. You pride is still there and we can’t do anything to it. Nettu says why is kamla not back yet ? Is there something.

The doctor is home and says her BP is low. Someone should stay with her. Ragahv says I will take car of her. Pakhi says that’s all I wanted. Doctor gives the prescription to Ragahv. Pakhi says dadi go and rest will be fine. Mummy ji goes to her roo. Pakhi gets up and says good work doctor. SHe gives her the money and say you will keep getting this money just keep telling ragahv that I need care. She says yes I will show him how much care you need. Kamal drops the glass of water. Pakhi is shocked to see her. Kamla is shocked to see this face of pakhi as well.

Precap-pakhi says to kamla more than even love raghav has become my need. I will make my place in his heart. you know when I decide something I get it no matter what.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Pakhi the selfish b*t*h

  3. pahki is just like her mother……mayb her own mother will turn against her and help kalpi…..might nvr know with this series coz anything is possible….raghav has left kalpi again waiting for b*t*h pahki……when will the truth come out about pahki and gauri as that will be highlight when raghav and kalpi finds out the truth…..kalpi has changed raghav so much that hes way to nice now that he is so blinded by these 2 b*t*hes……I want to see raghav and kalpi to gether….they need to have more scenes together………by this episode kalpi is goin to lose faith in raghav coz shes gona feel he let her dwn again…….pahki may win this battle but kalpi will win the war….raghav loves her to much but people do change and I tink kalpi is going to face a lot to win raghav coz b*t*h pahki going to make her life hell

  4. this is so dumb and kamla will believe paki and raghav seem to be believing he as well…..poor kalpi wetting in the rain………..how long will she suffer……kalpi suffering to long and paki winning all the time……..all these shows promoting evil wins……..so sad

  5. Selfish paki wanna take what’s not hers

  6. Where is this story leading to. Gauri was suppose to take revenge on kapoors but instead she has joined pooki her husbands murderer’s daughter. Looks like she is taking revenge on innocent kalpi. Kamla took care care of stupid gauri now is this the gratitude she shows. She was lost in memory n kamala helped her. After she gained her memory she became evil just like kapoors. She is not worth tobe a mother. A mother
    will always care for their children n not backstab them. Hope raghav finds out n do not forgive her. I really hate her sly look n pooki ugly face

  7. Kalpi …it is time you get ragahv and put that b*t*h pakhi out of his life

  8. He love you not that stupid b*t*h..u took her mother love now u want her man..go with your parents who destroy your life…

  9. b*t*h b*t*h out of. Kalpi life…

  10. I really don’t know where this is going. Kamla is supporting neetu, a murderer. Sahil is god knows doing what! Sammy is hardly on the show except his cameo appearances once a week. Kalpi is suffering and paaki is a spoiled rich kid! Gauri has a massive social life BC she is always out. Raghav is overly nice to paaki. Where the hell is the revenge!!!!!!!

  11. Weird story, where is revenge??? What do these show promote evil wins, a man is married twice without divorce…. I really want to ask the Director do they know what and how to handle stories. Keep it short and sweet and entertaining not dragging on aimlessly.

  12. Pakhi is one lying long face person,wish kamal no her true colour.I hate her

  13. Where is this leading too?
    It makes no sense anymore

  14. 1001%time agree with u ema
    No more story no more rghna
    Where is story ??
    Dumla dumbli manda dadi my god
    Can’t belive ema cvs

  15. EMA is bulls shit now! Pls stop wasting your time in watching and update,very stupid and silly story line,worst writers and editors and producers and foolish actors for accepting this child’s play.

  16. I’m frd up of Pakhi yaar

  17. No direction seems they are lost.

  18. What is really going on EMA why are you people so screw up I was watching the show in Teo Canadian time at 7.20 pm I am so darn upset with those 2 Rags Kamala, they have pookine playing them for a fool, I just like putting them in a BARREL rolling Rags and kamala over the Canadian side of the Falls. Rags you have Kal in the darn RAIN who cares about that long neck B pooknie, Kal please walk away from Rags leave him alone with that LONG NECK B . I am piss off

  19. Now Raghav will become nurse of Paki and he will cook food for her.
    I think raghav plays wife’s role and Paki husband’s. After raising all fans BP now her BP is low


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