Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says to Kalpana I wanna throw a small party fro mys business partners. I want you to arrange it. You said you’ll do whatever I ask you to. Believe me you’ll arrange it well. Kalpi says I will try my best sir. Raghav smiles.

Scene 2
The doctor has made an injection ready. Gauri says I don’t want any treatment. Kamla says its gonna be okay. Kalpi comes in and says so much happened no one informed me. Pakiya says we didn’t want you to disturb you. Kalpi says to kamla till when these people started to be so generous. Kamla says she came to meet manda and saw her in this condition so called the doctor. Kamla says thanks Nettu. Nettu says you have done so much for us Kamla. I have to leave because I will drop the doctor. Kamla says tai you will have

this medicine for daily. Kamla forgets timing of a tablet. She asks Kalpi to go and ask the doctor. Nettu is talking to the doctor. Doctor says she won’t remember anything. She will be a b it numb so you have to be careful. Nettu says what can we do. Kalpi comes there. Nettu says do you wanna ask something. Kalpi says yeah timings. The doctor tells her the timings. Kalpi goes in.
Kalpi goes in and tells Kamla the timings. She asks for the prescription slip. Kamla says she didn’t give it she says said she will give it again. Kalpi says she should have given it. I don’t feel it all so good. Kamla says you are like your dad you don’t trust anyone. Vitthal says she is right. Kamla gives Gauri medicine, She says no I don’t want it. Kamla says you” be all right. She takes it.

Scene 3
Sammy says I will make the arrangements and you should decide the theme. Know that jealousy factor always works so don’t just stick around kalpi. Raghav says what did you love if you loved will all those plans. I will do whatever my heart says.

Scene 4
Kalpi is working on the laptop. Kamla asks is this new ? She says Raghav gave it to me for office work. Kamla makes the breakfast ready. Kalpi says tai me which theme is better aqua or masquerade. Gauri says think of something creative. Kalpi says wha should be in the meal. gauri says you should manage some starters bot veg and non-veg. Some diet snacks people don’t eat after drinks. Kamla says don’t get involved in stupid things kalpi. Kalpi says I am just managing it. She leaves. Kamla says to Vitthal you don’t know what happens in these upper class parties. Vitthal says she is so intelligent and she knows whats good for her.

Scene 5
Raghav says Sammy can’t we change the venue. I don’t want strangers to ruin my setup. Sammy says live is ringing the bell and you care about furniture. He says how will Kalpi see your home. Kalpi comes and the rings the door bell. She wonders how can she go in his house all alone. She is about to leave Raghav opens the door and says where are you going this is my place. Kalpi asks are you going somewhere. He says no come on in. Welcome home. She places her feet on a carpet and apologizes. Raghav says consider it your home. Kalpi says I have decided the theme. Raghav says have a seat. Kalpi is feeling awkward. Raghav says AC is on. She says yeah. Raghav calls Sammy in. He says you’re on right time. Raghav is going for meeting, me and you will arrange the party. Raghav says no I am staying. Sammy says no you should go, Raghav says okay I am sure you both will manage.

Scene 6
Kamla gives a tea to Pakiya and says give it to the men outside. He says they are not out responsibility. Kamla says Gauri is our responsibility. Nettu calls Kamla and asks how is gauri. Kamla says I guess the medicine is so strong she is sleepy all the time and is agitating. Nettu says don’t miss the medicine.

Kalpi is arranging all the furniture. Sammy says let me go and get the drinks. Kalpi says okay then I will do rest of the things till then. He leaves Kalpi is alone now. She looks at Raghav’s picture and smiles. She says you don’t look that arrogant in the photo.

PRECAP- Gauri falls from stairs. People inform Kamla and says goes running out.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. yoga efron

    oh wow everything seems like going fine between kalpi and raghav……….
    but whats up with gauri story…….
    i dont like that story……..

  2. girijashiva

    This episode is more abt Kamala and Vittal than Raghav and kalpana.how long you writers are going to drag it like this way.if it go like this no one will watch this show

  3. lily

    please don’t create new problem between raghav and kalpi they are already have more problems please get closer raghav and kalpi

    • girijashiva

      Ya.but again sammy interferance -jealousy angle-hope -finger crossed- in that PAKHI wont come and put her nose – as usual- because Kalpana taking too much time to express her love-Pakhi dreaming and thinking whatever he did was his love for her.oh!god! Please Pakhi dont open your big mouth in the party – saying that you love Raghav infront of kalpana.better be away like today.:(

  4. lily

    I wish raghav and kalpana together and kalpi help raghav to meet his mom writter please do it. It will bright the story intrest more than more please do it fast

  5. anshu

    i just wish that kalpi doesnt get drunk in the party and then confess her…. Wats this jealosy plan now… I just hope he doesnt use paakhi for this…. By the way, wat abt news of kalpi’s love confession to raghav…… & y does sammy left kalpi all alone at home… Also loved that when raghav said jo krunga dil se krunga…. Totally loved this

  6. Its only 160++ episodes nothing will happen so soon. As usualy its going to dreg for years. Hope something nice happen by friday n we can have a great weekend

    • AP

      Mee too hope so!!!make tatha and kalp a couple and then show their looving liife together..facing challenges together… Their kids..ha ha ha

    • anshu

      y r u reaching till kids pehle pyaar ka izhaar toh hone do then talk abt engagement then wedding then honeymoon & last kids….& sorry 4 commenting in hindi but kya krun jo emotions hindi ke saath aate hai woh eng ke saath kahan….. 😉

      • AP

        Haa haa no issues… Muche Hindi achi tharah samaj mein aatha hai… Though Hindi is not my mother tongue. I can read and write too

  7. yeah..anshu u r right i also like hindi language bcoz hum show b toh hindi mein hi dekhte hain na that is it touches our heart……..

  8. girijashiva

    send Raghav and Kalpana to jungle again for a week,it will solve their problem as well ours too!!!!!!1

  9. anshu

    sorry AP it should that aapko hindi smajh mein AATI hai not aata hai sorry…. I will comment in english only hey any of u know any other language besides hindi & eng….. I knw a little bit of sanskrit

  10. This story is dragging . However if Raghav under infleunce of Sammy uses Pakhi as jeolousy factor, then knowing her personality Kalpi will shy away from Raghav..please do do that..

  11. Mon

    Raghna friends good morning
    Like today’s epi
    But think so party will happen Monday so we have to wait if kalpi confess her love raghav
    Hope happen tomorrow but it’s not possible Bcoz today is already Wednesday
    Sorry guys to dispoint u but that I m going thru
    Ap like u give name to pakhi (paaji
    Can’t stop laughing

  12. AP

    Actually it was typo..i am travelling and am typing on my cell.. The app itself changes words if it is not English…, though I don ‘t mind giving any name to miss. Delusional

    • anshu

      kalpi shud miss shy
      Sammy mr. Love guru & raghav is mr. Aashiq hey i dont think he is using jealosy tract becoz acc to telly chakkar he’ll give her a surprise & typing mistakes occur a lot when type from cellphone… I also think that party will be next week…. And paakhi is not just miss. Dillusional but a miss. Biggeat dillusional how one take so many wrong signals…. she is really hopeless….. :/

  13. Mon

    Something will happen in party maybe paaji will creat prob
    Or something romantic can’t wait 4 kalpana’s confessn
    Here is morning but good night 2 u

  14. Hello everyone ….I misd last two episodes……. omg why kalpi is takin 2 much tim convey her feelings dats nt fare yaar…. actualy paakis misunderstanding is bcoz of rags only why hez behaving so nice to her..he knws na paaki luvs her.. she confesses her luv 4 him…. he must stay away 4m her…. u knw dese Indian daily soaps wer luvr only wanna make her partner happy…quite possible as rags accepted paakis watch to mak kalpi happy….may b kalpi ask him to accept paaki in futute to mak her aai happy

  15. Thy r alwz ready for sacrificing der luv u can see d examples lik in pavitra rishta arjun n poorvi n in uttaran veer n iccha…so stupidity it is ….I hate dese kind of sacrifices….why to giv ur luv to odrs dis dosn mak.hpy to nyvn ..

    • anshu

      me 2 dont like sacrificing love becoz in all that sacrificing the hero gets pissed off.. Wats the hero’s fault that he is complete love… If sacrifice happen here then i will not watch the show… But in this if paakhi actually considers her as kamla’s daughter then she shud not interfere b/w raghav & kalpi when she’ll get an idea abt their love

  16. Ya I wod also lik if they wod b in forest again ……obviously smthg interesting wod hpn atleast ……n we wod get smthng new rather dan dis draggin concept. ….

  17. Ya i also thnk so paaki must nt interfere b/w dem . Bt as d show is goin on its lukin kalpi wil sacrifice her luv bcoz as alwz paaki is stubborn gal n kamla maa has promisd her she won’t let her heart broken by nyvn n kalpi to mak her aai hapy wod ask rags to marry paaki…. n I wil hate rags if he wod b doin so only to mak kalpi only hpy ….ya heroes must realiz dat by doin so dey cant mak nyvn hpy n dey spoiled evry1s life…..

  18. Ya anshu…………… evn I wil stop watching EMA. ..evn bcz if dis stupid sacrifice I stoppd watchin uttaran n evn pavitra rishta…….. I truly hate dis….. dose who luv each odr must b 2gdr….

  19. Fay

    I hope that Pakhi is not invited to the party. She rains on Kalpi’s parade every time, for example on Holi. I hope that the writers do not make Kalpi into another Kamla. I really hope that Kalpi learns to live her life for herself on her own terms instead of trying to fulfill Kamla’s dream and trying to compete with Pakhi for Kamla’s love. . I actually believe that Kamla loves Pakhi more than she loves Kalpi (her own daughter). She spent more time with Pakhi than she did with Kalpi. She raised Pakhi as her own child. On another note, Kamla is just annoying sometimes. Her naivete is overbearing. Why would she trust Neetu Kapoor? Hasn’t she learnt anything in 20 years? Neetu never does anything good without an ulterior motive.

  20. sneh

    The show is going so slow,Sammy please don’t invite Rich little poor girl Pakhi to party .she will take every thing for herself,she is acting as stupid teenager, I hope Raghav meet his mother soon & learn the truth of Kapoors,How can Kamala trusts Neetu, she worked for her many year she should have known that neetu does not do any thing for any body, My heart goes for gouri who is really victim. now even Kamala is caught in it by trusting Neetu & giving her wrong medicine I hope raghav’s love for Kalpna is forever.

    • anshu

      i was also thinking this song that it will best suited for ragna this song is even better than tum hi ho becoz i m fed up of tum hi ho…but this tym it shud be female version ishq se rehna tha door lekin aa gyi wahan jahan ishq hai sirf ishq hai bas ishq hai…. Also have listened to song of aakroash saudebaazi dil ki… U will feel that raghav shud show his feelings with this song

  21. anshu

    hey guys today is election day in delhi how many of u are voters????? I couldnot vote becoz i m not a voter just missed 8 months…. 🙁

  22. Lovely

    I think Kamla would force Kalpi as usual to leave Raghav for pakis sake like the same quarrell previously for Raghavs pen…..and this time I think Kalpi won’t sacrifice ……..

    • AP

      And kalpi should not sacrifice either ..why should she!!!! This sacrifice funda in serials is seriously beyond me!!!something that leaves everyone involved unnhappy ….driving the audience also nuts

  23. anshu

    no i also dont think that she will say kalpana to sacrifice
    but i dont think she will accept the relation too becoz of the status diff..
    but i think conditions will worsen becoz of raghav’s mother..

  24. anshu

    this is the reason y kerela is known as god’s own country
    According to Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by throwing his axe across the sea to create new land for his devotees to live peacefully. So, Kereala is God’s own creation, hence it is called God’s own country!

  25. anshu

    thanks AP for this
    i really like to know more these things….
    thank u vry muchhh
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. AP

    Another reason is Kerala’s scenic beauty.. You have hillstations, beaches and back waters and is a very popular tuorist destination… just becuase you said you like these kind of tit bits … Jaipur is known as the Pink City. The town Alleppey in Kerala is known as the Venice of the East.

    • anshu

      this i know
      i just want to visit each and every gud location in india
      my family has planned to visit south after my exams …..
      i just wish that it goes well…

    • anshu

      i m just 17
      my parents dont allow me 2 go with my frnds
      & even if i m allowed my frnds just want to go to watch movie or shopping in mall…they dont get a third spot
      its not that i hv not seen nothing in delhi
      but from last 2 yrs i hv just from home to institute & institute to home……..
      only 1 movie in theatre & 1 trip to jaipur in last two years….
      even i hv not gone on skul picnic becoz of my instiute classes

    • anshu

      thats y u like it
      i just like it studying not giving exams
      my all frnds just pass a lot of sarcastic comments 4 this decision of mine
      but actually i also regret this decision of opting psychology
      i shud hv taken maths or physical education
      its becomes vry difficult to ans in psychology

    • anshu

      thats y u like it
      i just like it studying not giving exams
      my all frnds just pass a lot of sarcastic comments 4 this decision of mine
      but actually i also regret this decision of opting psychology
      i shud hv taken maths or physical education
      its becomes vry difficult to write ans in psychology

  27. anshu

    exams soch ke heartbeat fast ho gyi
    actually my entrance exams are near………..
    totally nervous 4 them

  28. anshu

    guys i just read mulayam singh yadav’s comment that
    on rape that: “rape accused should not be hanged. Men make mistakes.”
    dont u think this is insane
    how can he say
    boys make mistakes they shud not be hanged………..

  29. AP

    anshu, don’t think i am advising you but as a woman.. the biggest thing in our life should be being able to support yourself financially and also be independent… Trust me you will get your say once you start having an identity of your own… for that we will have to study well and get a good job and start supporting yourself… this has been my experience.. my parents were extremely protective when i was 17 but once i cleared my studies and got a good job… i had my say.. they respected my decisions… and don’t worry about exams.. if you have learned well… it is going to be a cake walk… just be confident 🙂

  30. Mon

    So another week 4 ruthnna mannana
    Oh no
    That means kalpi will take 1 Month for confess her love
    Maybe she never tell him 3 magical word

  31. shoonya

    Hi all, m frm Mumbai & hv been following it responses since a couple of days. Nice to read all. It looks like a family discussions. Hood I usually m very private person & don’t get involved in such things but u gals hv really inspired me to share.
    cheers to all of u.

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