Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke updates are mixed today due to Maha Sangam episode on Zee TV.

Scene 1
Shayl says kids are our eyes but why we see dreams for ourselves from those eyes. Why don’t we let them see their dreams. I made a mistake by getting my daughter married forcefully, You will never be able to forgive yourself like me. Kamla says you are right but when both are your children and they are chasing the same dream then which one to make happy and which one sad. I gave birth to one and raised the other. Shayl says when its about kids only God can answer. Go ask you your and share your pain he will show you the right path. Kamla looks in the mandir. Kamla goes in,Kamla says tell me what to do God I can’t let my daughters shatter show me the right

path.Kamal places both pictures there she how can i choose one. Please show me some sign. A flowers falls on Kalpi’s picture. Kamla smiles and picks it up. She looks back ay Shayl and says he showed me the way. Kamla says are you in some trouble ? You should also say to God to show you the path. He will make everything all right. Shayl prays God please make me meet pihu to me. She should not suffer because of me.

Scene 2
Gunjan and Pakiya show the sketch of Vicky to the cops. She says I saw him here. Constable says we will find him soon. Gunjan says Vicky you won’t at large for longer Vicky. Pakiya asks what are you thinking ? Gunjan says I found that ritu’s audition card in the chowl that means Vicky is here. i need to get him selected there. They both leave . Mayank sees Gunjan on road with pakiya. He calls her. He says gunjan I am in mumbai for a conference. Gunjan says I am in chadni chowk with friends for shopping. I will call you later. He is shocked why she lied.

Scene 3
Pihu plans on sending a text to gunjan from vicky’s phone. She goes closer but the phone rings. Vicky picks up. He is happy to know that his role is finalized. He says I will reach the location soon. He looks at Pihu and wonders is this some plan by Gunjan let me call RK sir and know. He calls and confirms he says yeah Vicky has got selected.
Pihu opens the door. Vicky grasps her and slaps her. She falls on the floor. He says oh I am so sorry. Les get married we will get everything. There will be wedding night we will enjoy it. Before that we need to do something. He binds her hand and puts a tape on her mouth.

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Kalpi has called everyone in the house. She says I wanna apologize you all firstly. You all have suffered because of me. Raghav says what are you saying ? Kalpi says yes I am right. You came in my life and made me who I am. I saw my self special in your eyes. I love you so much Raghav but I can’t hurt Ai for my happiness. I can’t see her upset. I can never love someone else but this is truth that I won’t do any such thing that will hurt my mom. raghav says what are you saying ? Vitthal says you don’t take that important decision so fast. Kalpi says nothing matters more than the one who gave you life. I have decided that this wedding will only happen with Ai’s consent. Kamla comes in comes in and says you will have my consent. For that you both have to touch my feet, to get my prayers. Gunjan sees Shayl and hugs her. She asks is everything okay ? Gunjan says yes. Kamla says Kalpi I have decided that you will get married to Raghav baba. Everyone is shocked. Kalpi smiles. Kamla says you always thought that I was more inclined towards Pakhi. I agree that I did that but that doesn’t mean that I love her more. I did it because I wanted to see you strong. Kalpi, you said yesterday that Ai didn’t come to save me when i was drowning. I came there but Pakhi’s hand came first and baba came and saved you before I could hold you. I never concealed anything from you baba. I just wanted you to pass all the tests so you can be a strong woman. Everyone smiles in tears. Kamla says you are strong now, I know. You were first in swimming competition. I love you so much daughter just couldn’t say it. Kalpi hugs Kamla is tears. Kamla says today i realized when you can’t do anything we should leave matters on God he shows her the right way. He has shown me the way, which is Kalpana and Raghav’s wedding. Kalpi and Raghav touch feet of all the elders there. Shayl says it feels so good. Sammy says everything isn’t okay yet. There is one more thing left. He gives Raghav the wedding ring. Vitthal takes out theirs. Raghav places the ring in Kalpi’s finger and Kalpi makes Raghav wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Scene 5
Dayal’s brothers say to him that we were planning to go to Mumbai. So we can help shayl and Gunjan in finding Pihu. Dayal says whosoever has gone out of this home has gone with his own will and can comeback. You both won’t go anywhere. Rachna is over hearing them. If you both wanna go you can who am I to stop. He says bhopal and me do what you say. We will act as you direct. Dayal comes out and sees Rachna on the door. Shayl calls Rachna. Rachna asks where are you? Did you find pihu ? Shayl says no we will find her soon. She asks is everyone okay ? Rachna says don’t worry about us. Just find pihu didi.

Scene 6
Kamla and Vitthal ask a boy if they have seen a new boy Vicky here ? he says no. They hear some noise from manda’s room. Shayl and kamla are going there. manda stops them and asks what are you doing ? Kamla says we are looking for her daughter she has come form babras. Manda says the one in my room are sardar and says no one has come from babras here. Go and check on the back side. Pihu makes some noise again. Shayl stops. Kamla says lets go.

Scene 7
Gunjan asks where is Vicky why hasn’t he come. Ritu says don’t worry he will come for sure. Vicky comes there but disguised as the sardar. Gunjan is waiting for him there. Vicky says this is my destination no one can stop me now. He starts going in. Gunajn is talking to ritu. He goes to a lady and says your hero is here where is my get up room? She says who are you ? The director says I won’t even cast you extra here. Vicky says let me call ritu she casted me. Ritu sees that there is no network in her phone. The director asks Vicky to leave. He says let me show you who am I. Vicky says behave yourself. A fight starts there. Mayank comes there and asks a man where is floor no 3 ? A man says look another actor is here. A fight starts between some men and mayank as well. Gunjan sees the sardar and says why are they fighting like that ? Ritu asks whats going on ? He says they are fighting for a role. Cops come there. They stop everyone. mayank says to constable that I am not responsible for anything. They still take him to the jeep. Vicky hears Mayank. Ritu says to gunjan that, vicky is out of reach.

Scene 8
Raghav’s driver comes to Kalpi’s home. He has sent some clothes for Kalpi. Kalpi calls Raghav and says what was the need of buying all this. Raghav says when we punjabi wed we buy the whole shop. Kalpi says we marathi don’t spend that much. What is the need of plenty of clothes. Raghavs says because I want you to look special on every occasion. He says where a sari on the wedding and ghagra on the reception. I have sent some dresses for our honeymoon as well. Kalpi says when did you start saying all that? He says I am learning so much in your love . Now do me a favor. Wear these dresses and show me. She says will you come home ? He says no show me on a video call. kalpi turns on video call. He says now wear the party dress I have sent. Kalpi wears it and comes in front of the camera. Raghav whistles and says nice. He asks her to come closer and sends her a flying kiss. Kalpi wraps a sheet. He says wear something light colored now. Kalpi says I will wear whatever you like. Constable says to mayank that your bale has been made. Your lawyer has com. Mayank says thank God Verma ji you were here. Constable says to vicky its your time to go as well. He tries to give bribe to Vicky. The constable says sign there and don;t bribe. Vicky is about to leave. He strikes with a police man and leaves. The inspector ask who was he ? He says he wash on shoot for some role. Inspector says vicky had to be on the set too. He pencils some beard on vicky’s sketch and ask says that was vicky go and catch him. When they go out he has fled.

Scene 9
Mayank calls Rachna and asks whats going on ? Rachna tells him everything.
Vitthal comes home and asks is kamla here ? Kamla says no she is not here. Vitthal says its her daughter’s wedding let me invite her. He shows her the card. Kamla is so happy to see it. She says its such a beautiful card. Kamla says our kalpi might leave us soon. Kalpi says I am nit going abroad. Just take a bus and reach me. Kamla says its the first card lets place it in the mandir. Vitthal says yeah we all will go. kalpi takes the card. Kamla asks Shayl to come with them. Gunjan says yeah we need some prayers as well. Vitthal says I have asked Pakiya to bring the taxi.
Kamla along with everyone leave mandir. The constable comes there and says to kamla that vicky was in jail whole night but left before i came there. There is nothing to worry about. He is in Mumbai. He says lets go for FIR. Gunjan says what about the name of our family. Shayl says nothing is more than our daughter. Constable asks them to come with him. Kamla says i will come too. Shayl says no kaml you should go to mandir and pray. We will manage there. Kalpi says I forgot the card in the house. Kamla says let me bring it. Kamla is going upstairs when pihu comes running out of the room and hits kamla. Kamla is dazed why that girl is in hurry ?

Precap-Rithvik and Asha come to the wedding and are dancing on the ‘pujabi wedding song’. Pihu is running to save her life. She comes there and shouts please save me. Kamla and shayl are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. anshu

    Hi all ragna frnds, mon , aswathy, girija, trini, dd, ek and alll others
    Last but not least lovely chocopie
    Thank u so muchh chocopie 4 missing me
    I missed u too & our chatting
    I think we can chat on mb page too…
    Junnon has returned in madhubala
    Finally finally finally
    Kamla ready 4 martiage & now both kalpi & rahhav can face the hurdles coming….♡♡♡♡♡

  2. anjuara ahmed

    thnx d writr director…now we just want raghav nd kalpi as a married couple …plz

  3. girijashiva

    oh!Ganapathi bappa , let RAGHNA get married before Pajji ,kapoors come back. release gouri from kapoor clutches.

  4. hi anshu hw r u hw iz ur preparation…..& ya m watchng mb……luv yestrday’s epi……..vahi rk….. vahi chowl….. vahi attitude dono ka…… vahi gaadi….. OMG…… vahi ishq…… vahi janoon……. Remembrz every moment of Rishbala…….

  5. hi Ap mon girija dd ek angie trini….all of u ragna frndz…….. Ya 100% luv today’s epi.soooooooooooooo much & more ragna scenes…….

      • hg

        Hai girija,i read the link u posted about ashish.i am really a big fan of him.infact i started watching this show ema only because of him. i always think he is a fabulous actr.i am very happy 4 him,every one lvs his talent.thank u so much 4 the link

  6. ek

    Hi chocopie mon anshu dd girjaji an all raghna frns i am so sad i culdnot watch 2day epi no electricity but it is so relaxing that finaly raghna get engaged bs shadi aur ho jaye but i missed live action

  7. ashranna

    good to know all is well……been tied up in meetings and presentations all morning….thank god the day is almost over….i am guessing there was not much in the ragna scences today

  8. ek

    Missed 2day epi no electricity but now i am happy that raghna engaged hey cohopie mon dd anshu and all raghns frns hi to all

  9. Kamla maa finally got some kindness toward her daughter…still thinking…is it really done by kamla maa…chalo achha hai…now show has lot’s of gud things…our loving couple about to gt one….!!!yipeee so excited to watch every custom…still finger’s crossed till their marriage…hope pakhi do not do any tamasha….nd ds couple stay together fr life long….luv u to so much…kharus raghav and soft kalpi…awesome pair

  10. lol….ek that wz also wth me when kalpi confess her feeling to raghav due to powercut & inverter was already overloaded due to sm reasons……miss kalpi’s confession later try on youtube….it also hang on that point which i missd……. Bt nw m qut actv nvr miss any epi of EMA sb ko pehle se hi bol k rakh deti hon…..

  11. Kamla maa finally got some kindness toward her daughter…still thinking…is it really done by kamla maa…chalo achha hai…now show has lot’s of gud things…our loving couple about to gt one….!!!yipeee so excited to watch every custom…still finger’s crossed till their marriage…hope pakhi or her mother do not do any tamasha or play tricks…. ds couple must stay together fr life long….luv u to so much…kharus raghav and soft kalpi…awesome pair

  12. Nico

    Did not watch yet but sound good…can’t wait to catch up later. Was just wondering…how kapoors can go Paris, when granny is paralyzed n bed ridden n gauri is staying there. Did paki forget abt her grandma n Kamala(damla) not think once about gauri alone there. Writers really missing details 🙂

  13. don’t xpect more guyz…….only enjoy RagNa scenes…….bcoz asli toofaan toh baki hai means paji……..i thnk she cm there on ryt tym i thnk on weddng day or nt donno bt mst create melodrama…….wht she will do who cares only wish RagNa get married……..baki sb gaye tael leye……..

  14. Mon

    Missing u anshu
    Tumhari exam kab khatam hone wali hai
    Choco ap Girija ji how is all my dear raghna frnds hope so kab ka thoda tension dur hua hoga
    But worry about tomorow

  15. m fine mon hw r u…..ya anshu u r ryt they cn face nw all hurdlez togther…..well m also following u on twitter muje notice nahi kya…..hmmm….

  16. Hi AP where r u…..i thnk u r too busy today i knw u r working woman also hv family so diffcult fr u to take sm break…..

    • AP

      Hey Choco… i slept off yaar.. guess i was too tired… was just making one younger one sleep.. but i slept off along with him… yesterday’s epi was fine but i am worried so bad about the twist these guys says… hopefully w won’t get any thullu today !! hope this is not the lull before the storm… i really don’t want PD to separate our Ragna!!!

  17. kabab ki hadi toh thodey hi tym k liye dor hai……she is on the way….coming soon……bt will nvr separate our RagNa……

  18. anshu

    Nhi chocopie yeh toh bauut gandi story shuru ho gyi
    Ghatiya hi hai madhubala
    Matlab ye rk uss krk ka beta hai
    What rubbish i thought now they will get madhu into movies but evrytym writers just ive a babaji ka thullu
    Isse far better ema hai
    Atleast kuchh toh realisyic hai
    Matlab waise ab madhubala ,ere kiye next sasural simar ka hai
    I hv nt seen that prigramme but i knw its disgusying & madhunala is disgusting now

  19. wht do u mean anshu i doesn’t sw it properly yesterday …neither sw today’ epi….. Only sw sat epi. That wz gd……..kal ka b pura nahi dekhpaye sirf raju ki entry dekhi chowl…..i really lyk that scene & their conversation…..uss k bad kya hova i don’t knw…….vahan pr kya chal raha hai kya hoga also don’t knw bt jitne b scenes dekhe ache lagye….rememberz me old rishbala……

    • anshu

      I hv nt watched it just was reading written updates
      This raju uff raja is krk son
      That duplicate of rk
      Now belongs to a family of goons
      Totally rubnish they r showing
      I m a big fan of drashti i just want her to quit the show
      Matlab yaar itna achha film story waala track nhi shuru kr skte baaki saare tracks dikhayenge….
      Inse better story toh mai likh dun yaar

    • anshu

      I hv nt watched it just was reading written updates
      This raju uff raja is krk son
      That duplicate of rk
      Now belongs to a family of goons
      Totally rubnish they r showing
      I m a big fan of drashti i just want her to quit the show
      Matlab yaar itna achha film story waala track nhi shuru kr skte baaki saare tracks dikhayenge….
      Inse better story toh mai likh dun yaar…
      Itni ghatiya story
      Thank god i m nt watching this programme

  20. Mon

    Anshu angel choco litt sis ap and Girija ji twitter acc mene 1st time mery life me open Kia that acc is just for u girls my best raghna frnds
    Try to keep in touch forever frnds don’t forget u all have 1 welwisher in USA that me your frnds mon

  21. anshu

    Ofcourse mon
    How can we forget u
    Aapmtoh aise speech de rhe ho jaise last day ho forum pe

  22. Nat

    Finally Kamla is decent!! I think now everything will be fine but the plot of Gauri will come up now.
    Also the writers are cutting up some things in the editing. No where did kalpi say yesterday that Kamla didn’t save her from the pool but today Kamla said the yesterday you said I didn’t save you but I did give you my hand. I want to make you strong.

    I think the writers need to be a bit more careful in the editing. I, too, fast forward and just watch the rahan scenes. I don’t care about the others. But I do like vithal sticking up for kalpi!
    I love Raghav and his gestures and dialogue!!

  23. girijashiva

    i think mahasangam not going to end this wk- it will drag few more wks or months.
    kamala reasoning why she left her daughter kalpana – to become strong -not acceptable.mother is important part of child’s life -guiding her which is right n wrong .leaving her alone to face the world in her difficult times – i can not even imagine a mother can be like kamala- writers of this episode forget – viewers are watching carefully -creating character a mother like kamala is a blunder.Pakhi have her own family – may be neetu have criminal mind but when come to her children she is stood by them. why kamala poke her nose in kapoors family?

    • Also think suspense will drag few days more bt thnk Mahasungum will end today………..cn’t accept kamla’s reasons why she alwyz leave her daughter alone it lukz like a simple xcuse……..cn’t digest it………

    • jst nw read its full updates……. raju h killed AK this is unbelievable they r again showing it negatively…….means lead character ko phir se negatively dekha rahe hai…………sat ka epi boht acha tha ya really lyk that aur jb raju ki entry chowl mei entry hovi that wz also gd only sw tht scene whn he cm there raju madhu con. Wz also gd as i tld u already…….bt muje pata nahi tha kuon sa kaand krke aya hai……NT is unbelievable……

  24. Mon

    Hello raghna frnds don’t be so happy
    Just I check pawandeep twitter usme raghav or paji wedding dress me hai
    That means paaji is merry with ragh
    Oh ! No
    I new this since kamla ne bapa ke samne kalpi and paji ki poto me se paji ki pic li tabh me Samaj gai Thai ki daal puri kaali hai

  25. Mon

    No more comment and no more watching ema from tomorrow
    I m done with this show ,that’s it
    How they bring paaji back she left for paris ,what about kalpna if ragh mery paji
    And what about our raghna

  26. Mon

    Plz raghna frnds need your help
    Paji wali pic is choking me plz help me if somebody is there
    Feel to cry

  27. Nat

    Mon, don’t worry yet!! All these spoilers don’t come true! Like vithal never got into an accident or was hospitalized for not sleeping the whole night. Wait and watch, the writer’s know that they have people only wanting to see Raghav and kalpi and they will quit if paaki marries Raghav either on purpose or by mistake. Sammy will never marry kalpi unless Raghav married paaki. Never!!

  28. sneh

    Thanks writers Finally you gyus woke up. Today atleast kamla realizes her daughter Kalpana &
    Raghav belong together, Now pl Bring Gauri back from Neetu’s place .Raghav should meet his long lost mother, Kalpana also likes her.Soon subsitute daughter will be back , i am sure she will creat a drama with her crocodile tears Raghav & Kalpana be strong no body can come in between your genuine love,The best to Raghana fans….

  29. Mon

    I m unable to post that pic here
    If u want to c then pawandeep or ashish ke twitter me dekho
    Long face alligator paaji
    I hate her so much on and off screen

  30. whatttttt….,,,…..if it really happens…….100% quit this show……………ye mon nvr leave u guyz……..v wil always in toch on twitter…….alwayz follow u……….m really worried nw ……..it is heartbroken……….i must cried if it happen…………

  31. anshu

    Gud mrng my all ragna frnds
    We shud see wat willmhappen
    May be its a dream
    Abhi toh haldi ki rasam thi aur itni jaldi shaadi

  32. Nat

    I will be pissed if the writers ruin this Jodi and make a fool out of relationships! Who cares if she tries to commit suicide or neetu forces it, can they not make a story where love wins in the end? Why should they do that only when it is Raghav’s second marriage BC you know that even if it is in a few years, this show will drag on and 20 years will go by on the show and then kalpi and Raghav will get back together. Another pavitra rishta storyline…. Well writer’s look at their ratings now BC pavitra rishta is going downhill! So will ema if Raghav marries paaki!

    Why am I so invested in this show??? Why can’t I stop thinking about it??

  33. ek

    Gud morning anshu chocopie mon dd an all raghna frns and mon i will quit ema if raghna donot get married for sure but i donot think this will happen ha par aaj shadi nahi hogi bcs abhi us paaaji ka aana baki hai

  34. Mon

    Raghna frnds in indian good morning
    ,jab muke pata chala ki alligator is back same time I started mission anshu and choco ap was feeling lonely
    Can’t handle anymore not feeling good

    • Today is no wrdz to console u bt wana tel u b strng…………donno wht hapenz v hv to b strng bcoz there iz no other option……ya no wrdz wl console us today bt ye these r parts of lyf v hv to face iy strongly……so plz b ready fr both gd & also bd surprises……& plz takecare….

  35. hi ek anshu monAp girija angie dd trini………kaheki gd morning guyz……it iz shock morning….,……m really scared nw……wt wil happen… Cld nt xpect more gd surprises bcoz if ths spoilr wld realy happen then it wl broke us……..no no guyz kisi ko dara nhi rahi hoon……..bt b ready fr every surprise…….

  36. Nico

    Don’t think will happen like that….I think that pic was just for promo ad…be happy all…let’s just enjoy Ragna moments for now. Don’t get too stressed. Enjoy

  37. Mon….Today is no wrdz to console u bt wana tel u b strng…………donno wht hapenz v hv to b strng bcoz there iz no other option……ya no wrdz wl console us today bt ye these r parts of lyf v hv to face iy strongly……so plz b ready fr both gd & also bd surprises……& plz takecare….

  38. Angie

    Hi All Ragna friends – Chocopie, Mon, Girija, Anshu, AP, Tatiana, EK, DD….

    The spoiler has really spoilt my sleep – saw it last night itself….

    Either it is a dream or Paaki has come in Ghungat and got married – true Hindi Serial style

    After all the twists and turns we saw last week, anything can happen.

  39. guyz iasa b toh hoskta hai paji h married with sm1 else bcoz in pic raghav h wear only pagdi & h nt wear sheervani ya he is nt the only 1 in pic who h wer this pagdi vithal & pakya h also wr it…,…it is pawandeep’s latest tweet” before u speak listen; before u criticize wait; before u pray forgive; before u work think; before u quit try” ya guyz it gvz me some relief…..

  40. anshu

    1 min girls
    Episode aa gya???
    Nhi na toh fir abhi woh kyu sochna jo abhintqk hua hi nhi
    Yes ofcourse if raghav & paakhi marry by mistake becoz noonwe can force raghav singhania to marry anyone…. we’ll quit the show but atleast wait

  41. Mon

    Chico litt sis he is not wearing sheravni may be that was they’re free time after or between shooting

  42. Nat

    These days, how can anyone marry by mistake? They have a skin color difference, a height difference and he has to see her face at some point. Or they can annal the marriage! What will neetu do? Lock kalpi away like pihu? I don’t think so. Likely there won’t be a marriage or I think it will stop somehow. Marriage is still going to take weeks!!

  43. anshu

    Yes i also think wont happen even within this month
    Ragna marriage abhi na ho chalega but raghav & pakhi marriage mhi honi chahiye

  44. anshu

    Girls gud news hai
    I hv read sumwhre that rachana has said that they will do some drama to make paakhi realise ghat yhe jodi is ragna not raghav & paaji

  45. hey anshu it iz rachna’s interview about her real & reel lyk….. Bg mein bohot xayada shoor horaha hai thek se zayada sunsyi nahi diya….she told besides EMA his fav. Is karan ver bohra….sumtymz she z watchng tarak mehta ulta chashma… She is enjoying with her entire team……..& sy hr fanz keep watchng EMA…….

    • girijashiva

      yes, she was talking about her life ,similarity between kalpana and Rachana, – she did 2 serials- saat phere and another one, this is her 3rd serial.she likes all her co-stars- esp Ashish and her favourate character – karanveer vohra plays- about kalp ki shaadi – it will go ahead by convincing pooki.that much i care hear because so much noise was there. she has her face book account.RACHANA ,S,PARULKAR. AND ASHISH also has his facebook account. other than this official fan page-RAGHAV AND KALPI in facebook.

  46. Mon

    Rachna ne kaha ke woh log task karenge paaji ke lie something about raghna to make her realiz
    Think so pen vala epi jesa kuch karenge ki raghav kalpan ke lie hai tumhare lie nahi

  47. dd

    Hello mon, ap, chocopie, ek, nat, girija and all raghna friends. i am so happy everything is shortout and our raghav and kalpana together i love to watch them together and their scene how cute raghave when he did flank kiss to kalpi i love it and when right ceremoney hue he wings i love it. yaar its true this is silence before strom i know ke kuch bada hone wala hai itane assani se writher kalpi raghav ko milne nahi dega now i doubt kahi kamla to kuch plan nahi kar rahe hai if u guys remember she told to syelthat ek wo hai jo mere liye sab kuch hai(paakhi) and or dusri wo hai jiske liye maien sabkuch houn(kapli) i think kahi kalpi ko blackmail karke uttran ke tarah shaadi na karwa de . paakhi sucide kare and kamla begging kare kalp se and kalpi apne dress usse de de with ghughat or shaadi hou jaaye after that raghav came to know its paakhi not kalpi and he started hate again but pls dont do this. i dont know why paakhi is in proper wedding dress with manalsutra and vitthal also happy i think kuch to huwa hoga kaahs sammy or paakhi e shaadi hou jaaye.

  48. dd

    guys aaj kuch aisa hoga to pure story hi badal dega and humara weekend bhi kharab hoga spoiler told that complication will come like we never think in our wild world. neetu defenetly will do something big and trap raghav also. i hope jaise raghav ko sab kuch pahle se pata hota hai and he took righ decision and action at right time will take it and sammy hou uske saath

  49. dd

    i dont want to see even thinkthat raghav marry to paakhi no way. kisis se na hou shaadi abhi but paakhi kisi bhi tarah se raghav ke life maine parmanet tag leker naa aaye . paakhi pls give us some goodness which u get from kamla

  50. dd

    kamla ne paala hai good up bringing dee pls think paakhi and go away from raghav and kalpi life

  51. anshu

    Hey i want to ask u
    Y u all think of kamla tombe a vamp that she wil tell kalpi tomsacrifice now
    Or its her some plan & at the end moment she ‘ll ask kalpi to intervhange with paakhi
    Yaar kamla is a nyc person i hav said earlier also many times it happens with zyaada hinachhe log ape logon ko gaken 4 granted le lete hain & pay more attention to others they forgt that their family needs same attention…
    Thats just wid kamla vharacter she is nt a vamp who can go to this extent that she’ll snatch her daughter’s happiness like this

  52. 2kai

    Can anyone tell me… I am totally confused here…who is paaji????? never seen such a character…

  53. anshu

    Actually we all call paakhi as paaji
    Ther’s a short story behind this …
    Want 2 knw?????

  54. Mon

    Hello raghna frnds
    Hope so today cvs hame nice surprise de
    And nice precap to hamara weekenend acha gaye ,
    Agar paaji ragahv ki merry hui to no more comment no more ema 4 me
    It’s been 1 and half week i havnt sleepwell ,every time
    Anytime just raghna

  55. 2kai

    still I don’t know.how I react…paaji??
    however I must say…the name suites her best!! @girijashiva

    • anshu

      No theres nothing like this
      Waise i dont watch sony
      Galti se ek pragramme follow kia tha
      Dekha ek khwaab
      Uske baad kasam khaa li no more pragramme on sony…
      Do u understand hindi if u ont get wat i sqid let me knw
      I’ll translate it..

    • anshu

      Actually once it was just a typing mistake by our AP of paakhi to paaji mon really liked this name so after tuat we all started calling paaji

  56. Ab tak aisa koi serial nahi bna jisme jo pyar kartey hai unki shadi ho.or ema me aisa hi hoga kyuki twist dikha dikha k viewres ko bewkoof bnana in serial walo ki habbit hai.all young people are crazy about ragna.sab is seriol ko dekhna chahtey hai.or isi karan aaj ema gets high score .agar ragna ki shadi nahi hui to ye seriol jaldi hi off air ho jayega.or aaj rak humne aisi koi maa nahi dekhi jo apni beti ki jagah kisi or ko de. Serial real stories pe hi bantey hai or aaj tak humne aisa b kabi nahi dekha k ek wife apne husband ko tu keh ke bulati hai.discussting.hate this show…

  57. They bring the story interestingly when we r glued to it the writer starts to show their colour the same same old story line. Why they cant think out of the box. All serial writers r like a bunch of frogs in the well…

  58. anshu

    [email protected]
    I dont agree with u on that a wife cannot call hr husbamd as tu..
    Wqise in pd other programme geet maan & get who really loved each other was married, infact in all her shows people who love each other get married ofcourse after facing many hurdles…
    But geet was exceptional of all the progtammes & if u see the ragna scenes u can compare both the couples..

  59. girijashiva

    Today Mahasangam ends, today episode wont effect our wk end .hope for the best!

  60. Wht the hel is ths..kanhi raghv paji se shaadi karke toh nahi aaya hai..no no no kanhi phrse revnge toh yaad nhi aaya hai wht is

  61. ashranna

    well this is good bye for yet another show….first qubool hai and now EMA..these writers have no creativity very disappointed

  62. Angie

    Dont know what to believe, Rachana’s interview or today’s episode – all in all “HAPPY” weekend all my friends…

  63. girijashiva

    waiting for Mon,Anshu,chocopie to join me in twitter, i could not connect with Anshu, chocopie,and mon. so you try to contact me as the same name. bye bye good bye friends EMA

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.