Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is sitting beside Kalpana and thinks that i know i am hurting you a loy but its not like i don’t love you. Yuo are our dream and no mattert what happens i will never let you feel alone. She wakes up, Kamla asks are you angry with me? Kalpana says no its your work and you take me alone because you want me to be with you. Kamla says your my responsible daughter. Lets get ready and go to work. When Pakiya comes he says leave her here because i wanna talk to her. This is all happening because of Manda tai i won’t leave her. Kamla says don’t you ever say like that. Vitthal comes in and asks Kalpana if she wanna go with ai or not? She looks at Kamla and says i wanna be with Ai. Vitthal says yes Ai needs you too, live good there.

Scene 2
Nettu wakes

up and asks where is he going that early? Sahil says you should wake up there is a guest coming? Nettu asks whom? Sahil says Raghav. Nettu says yes your doctor son. Sahil says she never gave his nod about coming here. Sahil asks her to make prem ready he will be living with him. Prem comes in the room and says I want a TV in my room. Nettu says okay you and i will have the Tv in our rooms together and one more thing we will get a new bed in your room too. A new friend is coming to you, Raghav Bhaiya. Prem says i don’t wanna live with anyone. I won’t share my room. Nettu says you will be having a new partner for you games too. Sahil says i am going to see Paki then i will leave for work.

Scene 3
Sahil goes to Paki’s room, he kisses her forehead and says i won’t let anything happen to you. Paki says has kamla maa come? Nettu comes in too and asks how is your bruise now? I came thrice last night to see you. Paki says i won’t wake up until Kamla maa don’t come. Diviyah comes in and says to nettu look how to handle chiildren, she is playing with the dolls in front of her. Diviyah says until you don’t open your eyes how will you see.. Kamla comes in and says how will you see kamla maa? Paki wakes up and hugs her. Paki says won’t you leave me ever? Kamla says no. She says nettu woke me up today as well she made me fool. Kamla says don’t say this she is your mom. Paki says only you are my mom.
Mummy ji comes in and says thank God you are here if we won’t we won’t be having paki even. Kamla says i came here and i got to know that i have two daughters. Mummy ji says i fear what will happen if the same goes on? Kamla says this will all be okay.

Scene 4
Nettu is looking at her saaris. she says this saari i should give it ti kamla. mummy ji says you always have something to give to kamla right? Don’t you ever fear that your daughter doesn’t do anything without her? Won’t she ever call you maa? Nettu says this is modern life its okay if she calls me with the name i have no insecurities regarding this. She is my daughter and will always be.

Scene 5
Kalpi is reading her table prem shouts at her for being loud. Paki is angry at him and asks why you talked like that to her? She is my friend and Kamla maa’s daughter? Prem says if she is actually your friend then go and play with her. Paki goes to Kalpi and says lets play lets be friends? They both sake their hands togethre. Paki says lets play with the cars first. They are both running with their cars prem stops Paki and throws her car away. It is broken. SHe is houting and crying and Prem hits her. Paki hits him back. They both start fighting. Nettu and mummy ji comes in stop them both. Kamla follows them. Nettu takes prem out and says lets get out of here my son i know you are right. mummy ji asks her to calm down and she will get her a new car on her birthday. She whims i need ten car and only my birthday will be celebrated and not Prem’s. Mummy ji says okay. Paki says but i will celebrate Kamla maa’s birthday. She asks Kamla when is her birthday?

PRECAP-Kalpana gets to know from Vitthal that tomorrow is Kamla’s birthday. She calls Paki and tells her. Paki says okay i will give her a surprise, Kalpana says i will give her a surprise too. Paki says okay we will see whose one is better.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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