Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke updates are mixed today due to Maha Sangam episode on Zee TV.

Scene 1
Kalpi’s home is on fire. She screams please get me out of here Ragahv. Raghav goes in and hugs her. Gunjan is dazed to see them that way. He wraps a sheet around her and takes her out. Kamla hugs Kalpi. Kamla thanks Raghav for saving Kalpi’s life and so does Vitthal. Raghav says don’t embarrass me. Sammy’s mom says now everything is okay lets start the ceremony. Gunjan wonders whats going on. She says I should talk to Kamla aunty. Is Kalpi getting married forcefully? She like Raghav.

Scene 2
Dayal is out for buying stuff. he is in the market. He sees Mirlu there and recalls gunjan saying that he and Pihu are going on a holiday. Dayal

asks what are you doing here ? He says I was here in banaras for some meeting. I was about to come to ask about pihu when will she come back ? Is her show over ? Dayal is shocked to say anything. He is confused but says yeah she called and said her show went good. he says I don’t know when is she coming back. I will ask in the house and let you know.

Scene 3
Gunjan takes Kamla with her. She says I wanna talk about something. I think Kalpi is not happy with this wedding. Kamla says no look at her she is so happy. Gunjan says I think she like Raghav. kamla says don;t even think that. Raghav is about to wed Pakhi. He lives her. Kamla calls kalpi there and asks are you happy with this wedding ? Kalpi says he is the guy of my choice why won’t be I happy. Kamla says looks gunjan Raghav loves us all thats why he saved Kalpi. Now lets start the ceremony. Kamla says to kalpi he will make you wear the ring first. Kalpi says this is the most precious ring for me as it has in it, love of you and baba. Kamla gives her the ring and turns to Vitthal. Sammy goes on the side and Raghav comes in front of Kalpi. Raghav makes Kalpi wear the ring. kamla turns to them. Gunjan, Kmala and everyone is so shocked. Kamla stops Kalpi and says what you did. How can Raghav make you wear the ring ? kalpi says why are you saying this ? the one I love will make me wear the ring. Kamla slaps her so hard. Everyone is shocked, Kalpi at the most. Kamla says how can you love Raghav Pakhi loves Raghav. The ring falls off Kalpi’s finger. Kamla says what have I done ai ? Kamla says Vitthal I told you to stop her. You said she is young. Kamla says you arranged this engagement in the name of sammy and says you love Raghav. Kalpi says Raghav is the one I always talked about. Raghav talked to you in the party. Kamla says you never took anyone’s name. Vitthal says why sammy’s parents came to talk ? Sammy says we came here to talk about Raghav. He has no elders and Vitthal wanted to meet elders so we came with Raghav’s proposal. Kamla is in tears. Raghav says this is truth I talked about kalpi that day and you said.. Kamla says this is not possible. Gunjan says i think you were confused to see Raghav and sammy together. She says Kalpi clear this please. Kalpi says everything is so clear since the first day. i always talked about Raghav and baba said to sammy that he wants to meet elders so his parents came here. I don’t know how she thought that me and sammy.. kamla leaves in astonishment, Vitthal and Pakiya follow her.

Scene 4
Dayal comes home, seema opens the door. Dayal comes in and starts calling shayl in anger. She comes. Dayal asks where is pihu ? Shayl is scared. he says I met mirlu in the market. Neither he is in shimla nor pihu. i ask you last time where is pihu ? Shayl says pihu is in Mumbai. Dayal and everyone is shocked. Seem says why is she there ? Dayal says why you thought its not important to share it with us ? You kept on lying us. Rachna comes in. Dayal says you swear on me. Tell me whats going on or you will see my dead face. Shayl stops him and says I will tell you everything. This all is happening because of me. I did everything to make pihu realize that her husband is everything. I took help from Vicky, he is my friend’s son. she starts telling him from the start and tells about that letter which pihu left. Dayal says stop it. You played with her life and called it help. You left her alone with an unknown guy. Wow what is going on in this house. Pihu is in Mumbaia nd her husband doesn’t even know. Shayl says Vicky must have taked her by force. Dayal says she is not a kid she must have gone with her will. You kept on doing mistakes and didn;t share it with anyone. Shayl says Gunjan know about all this. Seh has gone to Mumbai to look for pihu.

Scene 5
Raghav sits in Kamla’s feet. kamla recalls Pakhi telling her again and again that she loves Raghav. Raghav says its all my mistake I should have some by myself. We can’t change what has happened but we can handle it now. I ask you for kalpi right now because I love her so much. I will keep her so happy. You always considered me your son now make me your son please. kamla takes his hand off and says this is not possible Raghav. I will never accept your proposal for Kalpi. Kamla is about to go but Vitthal stops her and says why can’t this happen ? I know Kalpi didn’t tell us the name but we should have asked. What does Raghav don’t have ? He risked his life for kalpi. Kamla says this can’t happen because.. Vitthal says because Pakhi loves him and you care about her more. kalpi and Raghav love each other thats the truth. You always gave Kalpi’s time to Pakhi I kept quite. you gave your motherhood to Pakhi but I won’t let kalpi down this time. Kamla says Kalpi has seen dream about Raghav. Vitthal says what about aklpi’s dreams. Kamla says why he said yes for Pakhi. Raghav said I thought you were talking about kalpi. Kamla says I said my daughter wanna marry you. Raghav says yes your daughter is Pakhi. We can remove misunderstandings. Kalpi says leave it Raghav she won’t agree. Raghav says I will answer Pakhi that I don’t love her. Truth is that I love your daughter Kalpi. Whether you allow me to marry kalpi or not. I will never marry Pakhi. He leaves with sammy and his parents. Vitthal says did you hear what he said ? Kamla is crying hard.

Scene 6
Dayal says how good and responsible of a mom you are. Rachna says mummy everything will be okay. talk to gunjan. Dayal says Rachna call gunjan and tell her to come home. Shayl says what about pihu ? he says pihu is dead for us after this. i have one daughter only from now. Dayal says to Rachna listen don’t ever go to KT’s home. i gave you all too much independence. Now this is too much. don’t let me repeat this. Rachna nods. Dayal says no one will ever say Pihu’s name in this house and shayl whatever you did, after that i don’t even wanna see your face. he leaves.Shayl says this is all my mistake. Rachna says you did what was better everything will be okay. or now most impotant thing is the safety of gunjan and pihu. Seema says before involving my daughter in law in this you should have informed me. Sahyl says i consider Gunjan my daughter like Pihu. Still if you can’t believe me then there must be some shortcomings in the relations from my side. Seema leaves.

Scene 7
kalpi comes out in tears. she remembers all that Kamla said and slapped her. When Kamla says this proposal is not acceptable for me. Gunjan comes there. Pakiya says go and eat something kalpi baba is waiting for you. pakiya says don’t worry gunjan my ai says everything will be okay. What about your sister ? Gunjan says not now but my heart says i will find her soon.
She sees a card and says i think she is near.
Sammys says to Raghav don;t worry Kalpi will make kamla maa agree. Raghav says I hope so, I can’t live without Kalpi. Kamla recalls Pakhi telling her that she loves Raghav and so does Kalpi. She recalls Raghav saying that she won’t marry pakhi anyway.

Scene 8
Shayl can’t sleep. she recalls the harsh words Dayal used. She is in tears. She gets up and touches his feet and says forgive me please. i am going again to break your trust but now I will bring back my daughter and gunjan. I ruined this all and i will make it right. This is a vow of a mom. She swipes her tears away.

Scene 9
Next morning, Kalpi is on a stone where she slept last night. pakhi comes there in tears and says how can you do this ? How can you make Raghav marry kalpi. You know how much i love Raghav. Today you proved that your real daughter is Kalpi. Kamla tries to stop her. its just her dream. Pakhi is no where. She wakes up Vitthal comes and sits besides her. He says I said too much last night but none of it was wrong. The people who help others but not themselves are idiots. I will agree to whatever you decide for kalpi. Just know that she is your daughter. I stood there whole night and keep staring at you. I have made tea for you go and take it. He goes woth Pakiya to pay the bills of the cook.
kapi comes there she is in tears as well. kamla leaves. Gunjan comes to kalpi and says she is tensed but she is your mom she will agree soon. She asks why no one comes out of this door. Kalpi says its a sardar family, they are newly wed. they won’t talk to anyone, maybe they don’t like the culture here. Kalpi says Ai told me that you came to Mumbai to find your sister. Did you find your sister ? I know a policeman lets talk to him. Pakiya comes and says I will take you there. How can you go alone when you are our guest.

Scene 10
Dayal sees Shayl’s letter that says that she is leaving for Mumbai. The glass of water falls of his hand. pooja starts in the madir and kamla is there. she says both are my daughters. i saw dreams for both of them. How can I choose happiness for one of them. Shayl comes in the mandir as well. She says he God what else do i want excepts for what i don;t have. Make me meet my pihu soon. She sees Kamla there starring at the pictures. She says you look so sad ? Can i help you ? kamla says what can i say. I never thought i will be here where I have to choose one path. Knowing that they both belong to my daughter. If i give one happiness the other one is upset. People say daughters are a burden but truth is that real burden is the tears of your daughter. I won’t be able to see my daughters cry. SHayl says you are right. Kids are our eyes but why do we se dreams for ourselves. Why don’t we let them see the dreams for themselves. I mad such a mistake by forcefully getting my daughter married. Don’t repeat that mistake. Or the mother inside you will never pardon you. You will never be able to forgive yourself.

Precap- Vitthal says to kalpi to don’t take such important decisions on early notes. Kalpi says nothing is more than the one who gave me life. i will do whatever Ai asks me to.
Gunjan shows the sketch of Vicky to the constable. She says i saw him here. He says don’t worry we will find them soon.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. hatekamlapakhi

    Stupid Kamala. She cares more of that b*t*h Pakhi then of her own daughter. Well done Raghav

  2. girijashiva

    kamala is not at all a mother-ayi ka naam dabbba hai . she dont deserve a daughter like kalpana.

  3. girijashiva

    even infront of kalpana she talks about pakhi what kind of mother she is?even Raghav told firmly she dont love pakhi.

  4. Leila

    I knw kamla will force kalpi to leave raghav for pakhi…n like kalpi said she will do anythnh her Ai says…..shes such a stupid mother…i doubt if she deserves such name..

  5. Avnee

    Im hapy samy cnfusn end 2dy.bt wt next kalpi is ready for kamala’s decisn and we al knw for kamala only pakhe matters .she doesnt even hve concern abt her own daughtr she ask for sacrfc.bt wt abt raghav he was so sad 2dy .kamala stupid .yes we r nt tlng dat suport kalpi bt atlst she should stnd for d right thng and truth is raghav lvs kalpi and how cn she force hm to mary pakhe.and big question is vitthal when he wl see truth yar 2dy also he was concern abt kamala and her stupidity why he always suports kamala al d time and special when kamala was wrong

  6. Angie

    But Kalpi will be happy – the two men in her life – her father and Raghav spoke up for her.!!

  7. girijashiva

    Raghav told even they wont accept his marriage with kalpana he wont marry pakhi.

  8. Eena

    Im very hpy.but at d same time worid for ragna .2mrw promo yar kalpi wl do what kamala says ,and kamala wl say leave Raghav babb for pakhe then wt ?and Raghav wl mary pakhe bz kalpi wl force him to mary pakhe.al is wrong yar wt next ?bechara raghav kabhe kisi ke samne hath nhe jode and nhe kuch manga but for kalpi sake usne wo bhe kiya .pir bhe uske hath khali ke khali rehe gaya

  9. ashranna

    i cant understand kamla but it was good to see raghav and vitthal standing up for once…..i am glad that raghav said he dont love paki and he wont marry her….and her we go with the sacrifice…come on kalpi fight for raghav….not what ai wants you have already given kamla what she wants topping the university…..i am so hating kamla……why cant kamla wake up paki is not her daughter it is kalpi….when will that stupid woman understand that…..if i was vitthal i would slap kamla…really because she needs is more and her foolish tears i cant feel sorry for her even as a mother…..if raghav is telling you he loves kalpi then whats your problem then if u are paki mother u will explain to her about a loveless marriage….but no….will kamla go to paris with paki…
    this shows us what kind of mother not to be…..i was really hoping he would take kalpi away even though she would not have gone but she needed to be away from kamla….i thought he would have called her but he didnt….he left her alone……so sad

  10. Eena

    Ma ke naam pe dhabba he.ek baar bhe use kalpi ke yad nhe aye.and kalpi ke samne sirf pakhe ke lye mamata wt rubish yar.why al d time kalpi hv to sacrfc .iss baar bhe kalpi ready he kamala ke liye raghav ko chodne ke liye.kamala aj tho aur bhe hate karne lage he sb log.in sab me Bechara Raghav kyun Bali Chade yar

  11. Meeenal

    Kamla f**king ma deserves a hot slap frm vithal…learn to fyt for ut daugher…im sure kamla will force kalpi not to marry raghav…n at the end kalpi will make raghav marry dt stupid pakhi…poor kalpi.i feel like stabbing kamla

  12. Nico

    Ok I know this is not the time to question trivial matters, as I for one am so glad that at least the mu of the groom is sorted and Raghav was the perfect hero saving kalpi from fire n standing up for his love but was noone concerned about the fire or even putting the fire off 🙂 what about kalpis stole, did it not catch on fire and she threw it down so how was she wearing it in today’s episode…everyone was so normal after fire…writer really missed the finer details.

  13. Kamla maa is completely wrong…how can she do ds to hr own daughter…this is also against humanity….kalpi loves raghav and raghav loves kalpi…so frm where does d importance of pakhi come…if jst for pakhi’s dream she forces kalpi nt to marry raghav…thn shez d most idiot mom i hv evr seen..Kamla maa is completely wrong…how can she do ds to hr own daughter…this is also against humanity….kalpi loves raghav and raghav loves kalpi…so frm where does d importance of pakhi come…if jst for pakhi’s dream she forces kalpi nt to marry raghav…thn shez d most idiot mom i hv evr seen..one more thing it’s not kalpi who is dreaming of raghav bt pakhi…pakhi…a day dreamer….!!!if pakhi marry’s raghv m not gona see ds show….i don’t like all these kinds of impractical sacrifices…ruing own life fr others….

  14. Mon

    Chocopie angel Girija ji I m not going no where
    Choco and ap ask me for twitter acc and never had so last night mene twitter acc open Kia so I can keep in touch with my Ragna frnds after even ema na end
    No 1 can brack our friendship
    I hate dumbo
    I have 2 thing in my mind will happen any 1
    Kalma will tel kalpi to leave ragh for paji or shail will explain dumbo
    How mother could do this
    Raghna love eachother, paji love raghv to ek dusre se pyar nahi to to Saadi kese ho shakti hai
    Hope raghna ki Saadi ho

  15. AP

    Hi Mon,Choco,Girija,Anshu…and rest of the gang.. the only same dialogue was that of Raghav’s today!!! he is not gonna marry paaki no matter what!!

  16. Nico

    I can’t believe Kamala can put pakis needs ahead of her own daughter….I know this is just a serial but it affects out lives so much…I hate kamalas character….so much tears for Kalpi….my own Heart aches for her. Cried so much myself for ragna.. 🙁

    • Angie

      My feelings exactly – Kalpi has always had the raw end of the deal – and here too!!!

      Friends its just a serial but we are all involved in it so much that we hurt when they hurt and are happy when they are happy …….. I wish it would be possible to not get so affected by the pain Ragna are going through

      • sneh

        I agree its only a serial & we all got involved & writing our feelings, Through this show Kalpana & raghav entered in privacy of our heart & home, we start thinking of them as our own, in different relations, some see them as BEST FRIEND, BROTHER, SISTER,SON DAUGHTER
        WHAT EVER YOU CALL we all feel so strongly for them
        We all wish the BEST OF BEST Pl.writers don’t make emoiotnal black mail

  17. Nat

    Way to go vithal!!!
    Also I think Kamla will agree now but something else will screw it up in the end!!

  18. Khuna

    Kamla…. Is really at it again, how can she think her daughter can love a man that is nit for her. It just shows she does not know her child and thinks little of her. Am glad Kalpi dad stood up for her. Kamla should be careful with Kalpi else she would end up having no daughter at all because Pahki is too much of Neetus daughter, she just haven’t started showing it yet

  19. hi guyz hi Ap mon anshu girija….lyk today’s epi……m axiously waitng fr tomorrow….i thnk shyl must do anythng…….

  20. sennurita

    Sorry to say this but EMA is beating us around the bush…. KAMLA must just DIE…. kalpi is just gna convince Raghav to marry paakhi… THIS SHOW IS GOING TOTALLY AGAINST ITS TITLE…. IT just shows us that being poor youNOT allowed to move up in life…… ONLY THE RICH GET WHAT THEY WANT………. NONSENSE…. WHAT ARE YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT IT????

  21. girijashiva

    shaill says Kids are our eyes but why do we dreams for ourselves. Why don’t we let them see the dreams for themselves. I made such a mistake by forcefully getting my daughter married. Don’t repeat that mistake. Or the mother inside you will never pardon you. You will never be able to forgive yourself.

  22. that is y m saying this……..shyl better mom than kamla……& ye gunjan also there….duo convince dambo kamla…..as per spoiler…….

    • Angie

      Its just that Paakhi like Neetu knows exactly how to manipulate Kamala and get her way. Whereas Kalpi is simple and straight ..

      I think thats why the CVs sent Paakhi away to Paris – so that she isnt around to confuse Kamala further so stay positive everyone and smile Shail and Gunjan will sort everything out. Only hope it gets sorted by Thursday, I have to go out on friday lol

  23. hi anshu where r u……miss u …….i knw ur doing preparation fr xams……if u r studying then it iz ok……i cn understnd……

  24. Kiran

    If Kalpi is forced to marry Sammy then i will stop watching Ek Mutthi Aasmaan for good. I know now that whatever happens Raghav wont marry Pakhi because he only loves Kalpi. But i think i have a feeling Kamla will make Raghav marry Pakhi anyhow. Kamla is so stupid. She has a daughter of her own but she cares about Pakhi more and what her happiness is

  25. Mon

    U still don’t understand Sammy was just confusion that’s clear
    Now Ragna and paji
    Dumbo kamla i hate her hate her much

  26. kamlahateu

    If pakhi would hav3 seen all this then the mu must have ended.but now nobody will tell her and she will get mareied to raghav and live happily.
    Kamala has no sense how does she even think that if she asks kalpi to sacrifice the also all kalpi,paki,raghav’s life gonna become miserable.
    Kalpi sad cause raghav is not with her.
    Raghav cause of kalpi.
    Pakhi cause raghav doesnt give time to her
    All nonsense.kamala has always asked kalpi to sacri i wish she doesnt do this mistake if she does so then 3 logh barbadt ho jayenge

  27. kanie

    I think she chose paki because in the promo on YouTube. kamla was with paki and kalpi was with gunjan mother and kalpi was surprise to see paki there dress as the bride with kamla looking happy.

    • kamlahateu

      I dont think so cause maybe u didnt see the lastest promo
      In they say:
      Shayl ne khula di kamla ke ankke(flower falls on kalpi photo)
      Tho kya pihu ko dundke kamla xhuka payegi shaly ka esaan
      Or just watch 8 may epi

  28. tai

    If there isn’t a Raghna wedding they can end the drama now already, coz no one will watch no more

  29. hey mon AP girija Anshu…..u guyz checkout ur mention (@) page on twitter there is surprise fr all of u ……m sure u guyz enjoy it……

  30. Nimi

    At last the raghav ,Sammy misunderstanding is clear now ka alas melodrama is boring when will she be happy for kalpi and finally when will pakhi understand that it was all one sided love and not geniune love .gauri reunion with raghav and raghav accepting gauri as mom and finally last but not the least waiting to see Neetu reactions for Ragna

  31. Kamla is always behaving like a donkey.hate her so much,god she need some sense and a brain of her own.she alway make the kapoor over come her,she make her self low infront of them.I wish raghav married kalpi before paki come back from paris.please make my wish come true. writer.I beg of u plz.we love raghav n kalpi.1 more thing let raghav find his mother.

  32. Nico

    Hello Ragna friends,
    I definitely don’t think Kalpi will marry. Sammy…she loves raghav…even if ragna wedding does not take place now n rag will not marry Paki at all cos he loves kalpi. I am sure about that if nothing else in this serial….I think his mom will play a part in the drama to unfold but really hope they keep Ragna together. I think ragbag learnt his lesson of not speaking for himself so now he will fight for his kalpi. Lets stay positive friends. 🙂

  33. Nico

    Ps: just watched the episode again n was wondering why Kalpi got all the scolding n the slap(I wish raghav wld have stopped her hand before it happened…poor kalpi) can’t they see raghav put the ring on kalpis finger, did they think he is also confused about the person he is suppose to marry. Really shallow writing. I hope tomorrow will be better ragna moments….sweet dreams all.

  34. ash

    hi all…i love raghav all the more today for standing up to kamla and letting her know that he loves only kalpi….also i wish vitthal had given kamla the slap she deserves ….i think the worst mother award for kamla is still too god cause she doesn’t even know the meaning of being a mother…she is not even thinking about kalpi…what the hell is wrong with her….kalpi needs to stands up for her love…i know that raghna will happen because gunjan and shail would give kamla some sense..

  35. jabee

    Wat a shame on kamla who doesn’t see kalpi as a daughter hate u yar.poor kalpi everytin will be set u shldnt make de mstake of sacrifice plsSssssssssssssss.Raghav keep on fightn 4 ur luv u really deserves.Best Johdi Rag ur Kalpi

  36. sneh

    BRAVO RAGHAV So proud of you. Today you Respected Your LOVE (Kalpana) & Humanity Every body CONGRETULATES you
    Vitthal you also understood his princess,I wish vitthal should have SLAPED stupid Kamla sameway as she slaped Kalpana. BUT Vitthal has more dignity
    Every day Kamla is going down to Slap Kalpana in front of all the people……My GOD how low Kamla can go No Dignity
    If she cannot understand & love of her own daughter how can she have feelings for somebody else daughter for whom she worked as maid &got used to her because irritatating Pakhi manipulate & demanded her attantion as her own mother Neetu was too busy in Kitty party & socializing.
    How can Kamla slaped in front of Raghav ,who just saved kalpana from fire, THIS SLAP IN REALITY WAS ON HER OWN FACE.
    I wonder if Kamla has guts to slap spoiled Pakhi who planted all this mess without any base, because of her own selfish interest.Raghav NEVER said he loves PAKHI.
    Today he said so strongly “HE loves Kalpana & will marry Kalpana only ,He will NEVER marry your selfish drama queen Pakhi.
    Who are u to say “Qabool nahi he”
    its Raghav & kalpana’s love & life
    If kalpana wants respect ,she should also respect her own daughter
    Kamla has done blunder Putting Motherhood in danger…
    Kamla shape up & listen to Shail…you are causing your daughter pain tears ,Vitthal should make kamla to appologise to Raghav & Kalpana
    We all Raghana’s Fan all over the world old & young SALUTE Raghav & Kalpana, One more thing after all this ( slap.Refusal) Kalpana is still seaking for your appoval She is so gracefull,kalpana stood strong & repeated so many times She loves Raghav
    Kalpana could easily get married without Dumbo Kamla’s approval and blessing of Vitthal. Sammy His parents Then what can kamla do.
    This month MAY 11 is Mother day which is celebrated around the world to recognize unconditional love of MOTHER but does Kamla deserve the TITAL MOTHER

  37. Mon

    Kisi ne paji ko twitter par kaha ki mam I was missing u today’s epi
    To paaji ne kaha ki she is coming with Big Bang
    Oh !no
    To woh Kya Karne wali hai ?? Aaj confusion clear hua abhi kamla ne ha nahi bola or paaji ka ESA mess uske twitter par

  38. Angie

    Good Morning my Ragna friends 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Who all saw the updated promo on Z TV HD?

    They show Kamala keeping both the photos at Ganapati’s feet and a flower falls on her Kamala’s and Kalpi’s photo and Raghav putting the ring on Kalpi’s finger…

  39. gd morning guyz……..pawandeep has also uploaded this “MAHASUNGAM NE SAB KI BAND BAJADI……,.” tht means wo samaj rahi hai wht v feel ……v want…….i tnk there wl b gd surpise fr all of ragna fans…..in the end of MS……

  40. Nat

    Guys, for sure after much sobbing and contemplating Kamla will come and give her blessings. There will be an engagement but the wedding- I predict that there will be a mess-up there BC Raghav will see his mother and take off from the manado and everyone will think he left kalpi at the alter!!

  41. Nat

    I don’t understand how no one was worried about putting out the fire! Didn’t it ruin the chawl and the clothes??

  42. TriniD!v@

    We’ll done Raghav…. Standing ovation ……. We’ll you showed the viewers who really is ur daughter … DUMBO……. And that’s Miss glue stick… PAKI…….. Stupid Kamla…..

  43. ABC

    Let Kamla Die in the accident instead of vittal meeting with an accident according to spoilers.
    Or let paki die in paris so kamla will shut up her big bad mouth.. and love her real daughter and let kalpi have what she deserves, the love of her life Raghav!!
    Mothers like kamla is disgrace to the name of mother..people will start hating their moms..
    and You kalpi .. get some sense and protest ur stupid mom and make her see sense. .Vittal slap her
    and stick ur middle finger upto her.. Raghav fight for your love man… be a man..

  44. dd

    Hi all nat, chocopai, mon, ek and all raghavkalpana fans,

    yaar i was so happy finally they came to know tht raghav loves kalpi an kalpi loves raghav. kama stupid woment thinkin that kalpi ne raghav ko fasa liya hai and started to love him after that close dance where neetu told harsh words to kamla about their relationship. but idont understand why she is not thinking that what raghav says

  45. ek

    Hi dd mon chocopie anshu and all raghna frns dd bcs cheap kamla ko paaji hi paaji dikhti hai charo aur n that she cleared by slaping kalpi aur vithal ko thoda jyada strong hona chaiye tha i am not satisfied kaash do chaar slap laga deta kamla ko than dik hota

  46. natasha

    Omg kamla is a good for nothing mom the writers need to take her out of the show she’s making me wanna stop look at EMA

  47. Mon

    Hello ek dd anshu ap Girija ji Angie litt sis choco
    I found dumbo kamlas new name DAMLA
    So how u like that name ?? Let me know
    So baby exchange ke baad phir se baby exchange ki hame dikha ne ke lie par think so and I have feeling ki paaji is damlas real daughter
    Don’t belive ki apni ma kese aesa kar shakti hai ?
    Bhagwan Sabhi jagah par nahi pahoch sakte islye unho ne hame MA di
    Can’t wait 4 tomorrow and Friday

  48. dd

    in precap kalpi is taking decision to leave raghave for her kamla maa and anyone noticed raghave was there and his face was so innocent. raghave get hurts after hear this words from kalpi he told to sammy he has hope that kalpi make her mom agree for marriage otherwise he will dies without kalpi i love it. i love u raghave for ur love. as per spoiler gungan and her sheyl convience kmala and she understand that raghave and kalpana loves each other very much i think kamla came there and said she is accepting this proposal for kalpi and engagement will happen happily with music and dance this is waht to sure going to happen in to this mahasangam weeks. but i think now paakhi will come with her neetu ideas and messup everything or neetu will do something in which paakhi not aware and raghave has to marry with paakhi forcefully or emotionally do blackmail to kamla with harsh word to kamla and vitthal i dont know vitthal acceident happen if so i thnk there will be some emotional drama for his ilaze and neetu will forcefuly save him and ask to kalpi leave raghav and get marry with paakhi and paakhi doesnt know everything but at end when she get to know she will be ok and keep herself away from raghav and kalpi life. i noticed paakhi is zeedi but only for kamla maa ke pyar ke liye wo galat kuch nahi karti even do scrifices like she took all blame of kalpi in her head when she get to know that her borhter did all things for kalpi and trap kamla maa. i think when she get to know that kalpi loves raghave and raghave love kalpi she will backout. it should be happend. if paakhi and raghave get tie with notes it would not be good again kappor will win and ek mutthi assmann meanaing less.

  49. ek

    Mere mind mai sirF dampla ke words bar bar gunj rahe hai which she said to kalpi tu kaise raghav se pyar karsakti ho paaji pyar karti hao raghav se how culd she do this

  50. dd

    hey guys damla is good for kamla. i like vitthal dialoughe he tried to realize kamla what she had done and what she is going to do i dont know why kamla thinking only for paakhi haapiness not kalpi if u noticed she never think about kalpi if she go with paalhi what wold be haapen with kalpi she slaped her but not felt bad. she knows that raghave doesnt love paalhi then still her heart is saying raghave should marry with paakhi. she told paakhi that she will stand with her and will check first the boy whom u will be getting enganged is ok for you or notwill keep u happy or not. now she know that raghav loves kalpi and how he could keep happy to paakhi if they get married how she can think that paakhi would be happy to get mary with him. she knows that this is first site love from paakhi whenever she asked to paakhi about ragave feelings she said no one can judge about him you should ask to him. how disgusting to know everything she is giving preorities only to paakhi confession inform of her that she loves raghav and totally ignoring the truth and eerything whatever happend in reality with kalpi and raghave. she is really disgusting koi mom aise aise hou sakti hai. i think u right mon paakhi hi asli beti hoge kamla ke kalpi nahi khi ye hsi suspese to nahi and for kamla happiness kalpi sacrifice her love ohh no noooooooooo

  51. dd

    i cant understand whats goig wrong with me everytime i am thinking about raghave and kalpan there love confession and all previous stories this is the best time i felt every i dont know what wrong with me i know its serial only but still my heart want to live in this only . whenever trying to read i am staring to think about them all their sabness impaceting me yesterday i really about to crywhen kamla slap to kalpi and when raghav told to kamla maa plsgive me kalpi i am loving her so much and will keep her happy you aways consider me yourson please make me your son now. ad tht kamla refused his request and treat him very rude and looks like she hate kalpi and raghav becasue they are hurting her loving dauther heart how fools she is.

    • girijashiva

      not only you DD here everyone , not only here you can go n check facebook site-EK MUTTHI AASMAAN- RAGHAV AND KALPI- and also ZEETV video update site where you can click to see the latest episode there also so many – hitting their head , tensed, worrying about RAGHNA. thousands of them writing pouring their heart out- but ZEE TV doesn’t bother about viewers request for repeat telecast or our views. Creative head – who created kamala – dabba mother character – have can recommand for an award because we till now dont know mother can be like kamala.

  52. ek

    I think it is the time for writers to show gud character of paaji may she tie the note of raghna aakir usko hum sabki pyariiiiiiiiiiiiiiii damla ne pala hai hahahaaaaaaaa

  53. sham

    “Kamla says I said my daughter wanna marry you” What kind of mother not even think one time about her own daughter

  54. ek

    Damla first saw the big dreams for kalpu when time to fulfil those dreams tab khud hi kalpi ke raaste ka stone ban jati hai what rubbish

  55. mother

    if kamla makes raghav and pakhi to get married then this is the most worst serial gone to be and in reality no mother going to behave in this way ………..really kamla is so irrritating and i hate hr mch………

  56. guyz i thnk engagement aaj hi hogi……bcoz ….,in precap raghav wz in black shirt & kalpi in pink sut & in promo duo h wearing same……

  57. girijashiva

    All are fools including creative team except actors.making a mother character as DABBA & also not anywhere in the world -when a proposal comes for a girl or boy which ever country they belongs and live – first comes boy or girls name.even lowest of lowest tell the name first. here everyone is fools. not ever mentioning the name -they assume- or because PAKHI told it is SAMMY. why she can not take RAGHAV’s name instead of SAMMY. she is such a arrogant ,rich brat.who have selfish like her mother neetu and totally kapoors.now we have to wait n watch= what is going to happen – gouri, dhaddiji and we all forgot prem most dangerous one.anyway we in our house we are not going to watch EMA if not RAGNA’s marriage.Creativeteam doesnt even bother about feed back- who give here in facebook,or written episode feed backs, or zeetv. sites,or request for repeat telecast – if they dont care about viewers we also dont care about them-we all do it by cancelling all ZEETV and related channels. that we can do

  58. rani

    what kind of a mum is kamla.she shud think of her daughters happiness first and kalpi shud go for her love

  59. ro.. hi..

    I think dat pagal paaki is gonna ruin kalpi’s life if d kapoors tel her dat kalpi has cum btwn raghav n her…
    n the most annoying kamala how cant she see dat raghav is madly in luv wid kalpi . kamla dint evn thnk of kalpi once.. I jus hattee.. her

  60. faimule

    writer adhere to viewers choice, at the end you can win viewers choice award. we want kamla to realize that it’s her dota she shud care for because paki needs r been taken care of by her biological mother why has she to show tht she’s paki mom cos she’s not in there class so she’s not the one to benefit its the kapoors so old Mr writer make raghav marry hes choice we live in the modern world.

  61. Mon

    Hello raghna frnds
    Thnks Angie for nice Vedio
    Gym time if anything good plz update today’s epi fast
    C u choco

  62. Haye……honeymoon ki b planning krli…….OMG……..Raghav Singhania the business tycoon seetiyan maar raha hai…….haye apni hi girlfrnd pe lyn maar rahe ho…….hmmmmmm……..,…

  63. ye mon…….bohat sari dresses b bijvaye…..westrn fr honeymon…….kalpi has wear it…..bcoz raghav ne jo force kiya dono video call pe hai …..he is watchng her through video cl……kalpi is lukng amazng in black….wstrn dress……wedng crd b aagye……ragna ke wedng k

  64. kalpi vithal kamla r going to mandir……BAPA ko card chadane na……also cal raghv & sammy ……..(nt shwn ths ) bt they forgot WC at home…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.