Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rahav is about to trash the flowers. Kapi stops him and takes them from his hand. SHe says beauty is in the eyes of the person watching. They are cheap that’s why most people use them. Being poor is not a crime. Moving forward is the wish of life not the necessity to live. These are important flowers because we decorate temples with it.

Scene 2
Paki and Kalpi are doing the lunch Kamla has sent. Paki says asks Kamla maa to send me more.
Maya says so we are throwing a party for success of our project. Raghav says enjoy your selves I won’t be coming. Sammy says you have to come and show that you support your staff. Raghav agrees. Raghav recalls Kalpana from stopping throwing the flowers. Sammy says where is your mind these days. Your face is full of

expression that says I am confused whether I have right to be happy or not. Raghav says I will show you in the party.

Scene 3
Pakhi says to Kalpi thatI have asked my designer to get the dress reday. Do you want a dress as well ? Kalpi says I am not coming in the party. Paki says you won’t be bored its gonna be a good party. Kalpi leaves. Pakhi thinks she will call Kamla and ask her to get Kalpi to the party. She calls her and says we have official party tonight but Kalpi doesn’t wanna come. I promise i will take care of her. Ask her to come. Kamla says I will talk to her she will come for sure.

Scene 4
kalpi is at the temple she wonders why Raghav didn’t even invite her to come. Raghav is there in his car. She is praying and doesn’t know.
Raghav gets out of the car and a beggar comes to her. Raghav says your God is never with me don’t ask me to give you on his name. Raghav sees Kalpi praying.

Scene 5
Pakhi is choosing dress for the party. She says I will say the truth to Raghav tonight. Kamla says to Kalpi why you don’t wanna go to the party. Yoy should go you are the reason behind it. Kalpi says what will I do there I don’t wanna go. Raghav thinks that I should control my emotions tonight. Netu says I will call a hair dresser to make you look perfect.
Kamla says tell my you don’t wanna go. Kamla gets Kalpi ready with the limited stuff she has. Kamla says Paki told me a story about cindrella you look like her. Kamlaa was just dreaming. Kalpi says I don’t wanna g. Kamla says you work for the company. Living with pride is everyone’s right.

PRECAP-Raghav says Pakhi is my target. Sammy says what about love ? Raghav says I don’t have time for that. I just wanna see Sahil Kapoor destroying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Party is going to be interesting to watch.. can’t wait till monday..however i just wish that Raghav does not insult kalpi if be cannot do anything good to her.

    1. I totally support that.. Paki has always got what kalpi deserves

  2. Omg sounds so interesting I just can’t wait to see

  3. wow it was so sweet and lovely please make kalpe and Sammy a couple to a party dance so that he can felt jealous

  4. I agree .. So plz let kalpi go to the party an sammy an kalpi dance an make him jealous wow. I will love to c d look on raghav face lol plz make kalpi an raghav a coupl in this show plz

  5. plz dont make paki enter into raghavs life

  6. Raghave proposes kalpi in party thinking that she is paakhi I read it some where

  7. The confusion seems clear to me..both paakhi n kalpi will be dressed similarly, leaving raghav confused n perhaps thats when he ends up proposing to kalpi, thinking its paakhi..nw im wondering if this happens, hw is kalpi gonna react..lol..gonna be interesting.nevertheless I would love to see sammy asking for kalpi for dance leaving rags enraged..;)

  8. i want sammy to be the one to make raghav burn with jealousy…….kalpi must haunt raghav at the party……and make him speechless……….raghav is not making kalpi stronger he is making her insecure……….this is such a sad show………..i really would like kalpi to have some good times………..i know she is worried if raghav insults…thats why she should have been sammy’s guest……………..is this the same project she saved raghav…..

  9. Yes I agree with all the comment,I really want to see raghav and kalpi as a couple on the show.can’t wait for monday episode.

  10. Can’t wait for monday’s episode.

  11. Rags is an idiot to let revenge rule his life. He really does not deserve Kalpi and Paki is not responsible for what her parents did, so why does he want to hurt her? She is a bit shallow, but she shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of her parents. Make Sammy and Kalpi a couple or bring in a new guy for Kalpi. Why should she be subjected to Rags and his crap?

  12. I feel that if raghav proposes to kalpi she should refuse and ignore him. The idoit shoulnt take kalpi for granted he has to fight to win her affection. Whateva happens at d party kalpi should have a really good time and raghav should die of jealousy

  13. As for pakhi she should just forget it, raghav will never b hers

  14. can’t wait for mondays episode………

  15. Can’t wait for monday’s episode…

  16. My 7year old son& I love the show so much. He calls the show “Kalpi”, he normally never missed an episode especially when Kalpi was a little girl. Nowadays when he is watching cartoon & I want to watch the show at 7pm Jamaica, I just say ” Kalpi is about to start” and he has no problem letting me TV .

  17. Can’t wait for Mondays episode, to each it 7pm Jamaica time. No problem watching TV .

  18. “Correction” to watch TV 7 pm Jamaica time.

  19. It’s true I think this party will be like the ball in Cinderella and Raghav is the prince not so charming while kalpi is Cinderella. Pakhi is definitely out of place in this. Tonight it’s going to be only Raghav and kalpi. Then finally he’ll admit his feelings even if it’s to himself…… Can’t wait for next update!

  20. Barbie Dawson


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