Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla and Vitthal see Raghav’s car. Tehy are about to go to ask him but Kalpi’s auto reach there as well. Kalpo sees Raghav in the car she is dazed. Kamla asks why Raghav came here ? Kalpi says I don’t know. Vitthal saus must be someone else.

Scene 2
Nettu sees that Paki is still up she asks her what’s wrong ? Did you have a quarrel with someone ? you can share with me whatever is in your heart. Paki says please leave me alone. Raghav calls paki but she disconnects the call. She says you know Raghav he must have something urgent but why I came after him. He doesn’t like Kalpi at all. They are just a boss and employee. I will receive the next call. Raghav says this has to happen. She is my target never forge this Raghav. Paki waits for his call. Raghav

apologizes and says I will talk to you tomorrow. Paki says okay see you tomorrow.

Scene 3
Kalpi can’t sleep she remembers Raghav asking watchman to get he an auto and seeing him outside her house like he was following her. She smiles and sleeps. Kamla gets up and sees Kalpi she touches her face and says may God always be with you.

Scene 4
Next morning starts with a pooja. She prays for Kalpi and says may she gets all what she wants.

Scene 4
Pakhi is in office. She sees Kalpi coming in. SHe goes to her but Sammy comes and asks are you okay ? I am getting the lock fixed. Pakhi asks what happened ? SHe says Kalpi got locked in the store last night. Pakhi hugs Kalpi and says you are mad. She asks why Raghav is not here ? Kalpi says I don’t know.

Scene 5
Ramu gives Kalpi the flowers to place in Raghav’s cabin. Raghav comes in and asks what are you doing ? She says I came with the file. Raghav says we have peon in this office for that thing. Are you trying to get their work. Looks like you are forgetting your deadline. Don’t do your social service here. You know why you got locked in store last night ? Because you were doing someone else’s work. These cheap and roadside flowers show the standard of your choice. Kalpi says I am sorry sir. He says I am not done yet. If you wanna move forward then you should leave doing all this change your likes and dislike and your thoughts. Kalpi turns to him and says I don’t like these cheap flower and is going to trash it. Kalpi stops him.

PRECAP- Pakhi says to Kalpi I wanted to talk about something. Raghav says to Pakhi don’t be late for the party.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. hruthika

    I think someone have to come in kalpi s life because ragave feel jealous and realise kalpi s importance.

  2. sanjana sri

    yes really someone has to come in kalpana’s life and support her then raghav will realise his mistake

  3. ashranna

    how much more of an a***this man could be.?for god sake flowers is flowers he did not have to demoralise her like that…..and paki if sammy did not talk about the storeroom you would not be so nice to kalpi…….i really would like it if sammy ask kalpi out to the same party….then what would raghav do…..and kalpi is dress beautifully and she taunts him really bad…….that he sees her only…………forgetting about paki

  4. vna

    Im really nt liking raghav’s character lately…he doesnt have to put her down all the time..n cumon hw much can a girl take..after all she wanted to leave the job bt he stopped her by using the clause etc..nw what?? I really hope sammy asks her to join the party whr he fetches her n dances with her..n kalpi shud be dressed gorgeously, n raghav just die within by staring at her..I want kalpi to ignore him completely…;)

  5. anamika

    Poor kalpi she has already had so much troubles in life, how much this male pig raghav wants to humuiliate kalpi. totally agree time for kalpi to find th man of his life atleast then raghav may learn something..

  6. kanie

    pakhi is probably gonna tell kalpi that shes in love with raghav so kalpi wont have any funny business with him. Sammy should invite kalpi to the party so raghav could be jealous. if that happens pakhi will see it and starts getting jealous her self lol

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.