Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi wonders did Kamla know what job raghav had for her. She suddenly sees a light coming on Raghav. She goes running to save him. Everyone is dazed. Sammy takes him in his cabin.
Kamla comes to the office to give her the lunch box. Kalpi sees her. She wonders what will she say to Kamla about het job. Did she know for what Raghav appointed her. Suddenly Paki comes in too, she hugs Kamla and says I was missing you so much. She says i am so happy to see you here. Kamla wishes them both luck. She leaves. Paki asks where is Raghav. Kalpi goes back to her work.

Scene 2
Sammy has called the doctor. He asks when will he give the injection. Raghav says no I don’t like injections. Sammy says he is the doctor he knows well. Paki enters the cabin and laughs

saying are you scared of injections. Raghav says how came in without my permission. Get out, Paki leaves.
Paki goes to Kalpi and tells her that Ragahv is scared of injections. She giggles. She sees her name on the name plate as the marketing supervisor, she is so happy. SHe asks Kalpi what is her designation? kalpi says I will assist you. Paki is stunned she says this isn’t possible. This must be some mistake.
Raghav says no there is no mistake. Raghav says its okay I have made your work easy. People don’t get these sort of luxuries in this office. Sammy will tell you your work. And sammy tell her assistant that people don’t other chances.
Sammy asks Paki anymore question ? Paki says are you done ? So please leave.

Scene 3
On the way back, Kalpi is in front of the same building she always wished to buy. She wonder how will she accomplish her dream. She recalls Raghav telling her that she will be the assistant to the supervisor. And Paki being happy on her name as the supervisor. A child who is handicapped comes to her and asks why are you sad ? She says don’t you feel sad ? He says because of this ? Not at all. My mo says don’t be sad of what you don’t have and celebrate what you have. Kalpi is so inspired by him, She says yes I will get what I deserve. I will prove myself.

Scene 4
Paki goes to Raghav’s room and says what does this all mean and why you did this ? She says how can you make Kalpi my assistant. She is like my sister you should have asked me. How will I boss around her. Raghav asks her to be quiet. He says take this glass and drink the water. Take a deep breath. I am the boss here. I decide what people do here and it never happens that some disagrees to me. I work in a different manner but i love it. Now get out of this room. Next time you will take my appointment to meet me and ask me before coming into my cabin.
Paki says to Kalpi that we will work together. We will manage all the things. We are friends. Kalpi says no every office has a hierarchy. Paki says we are friends. Kalpi says no we are not. Paki says God you all have gone made. I want a coffee. Kalpi stands up, paki asks where are you going ? She says to get you a coffee. She says no thanks I will make one. Raghav is seeing all this through the camera.
Kalpi calls Raghav says I have a problem, i wanna meet you. He says i will tell you and disconnects the call.

Scene 5
Paki is making coffee for both Kalpi and herself. Raghav is standing at her back. He asks whom is this second cup for ? She says its for Kalpi. Raghav calls kalpi there and says why is your senior making coffee when you are here ? Kalpi says i asked her to.. Raghav says shut up and both of you come in my office right now.

PRECAP-Kalpana sasy to raghav your hand must be aching. i know you didn’t get the injection. He says I am okay. Kalpi is on her way to home. Its raining, she stops a car, Raghav is in it but he doesn’t stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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