Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav has Kalpi all over his mind while he is at restaurant at hotel. Paki tells him that my brother bought me that branded dress. Ragahv says you like brands right ? She says yes. I loove working in your office. He says your parents don’t like me then why you work with me ? Paki says you are a great guy I have learnt a lo from you. The song ‘tum hi ho’ plays, Paki says this is my favorite song. Raghav asks her for dance. They start dancing on the song. Suddenly he feels like its kalpi in his arms instead of Paki and when opens his eyes he gets a little stern. Paki wonders what’s wrong with him.
He leaves.

Scene 2
Kalpi is knocking the door and asking for help. Raghav gets in the office and thinks about the dance. Ramu tells her that Kalpi stayed

here for work. Kalpi is shouting in the store she is tired now. Raghav hears her and breaks the lock. Kalpi hugs him. He tries to hold her back but he can’t. Paki comes after him and sees him hugging Kalpi. SHe is in dazed. Raghav says stop you are okay. Nothing has happened relax. Paki drops her clutch. Raghav and Kalpi see her. They are bewildered Paki leaves Raghav is about to leve ask well but a strand of Kalpi’s hair gets is knot with his shirt. He takes it out and looks at Paki. He holds her tight and says this is all because of you. Kalpi says what ? He says what were you doing here ? She says I got stuck here. He says shut up you are used to of getting in troubles. She says i am used to to nothing sir. He leaves. Kalpi says he saved me thank God.

Scene 3
Nettu says thank you God. This is all I was scared of that Paki doesn’t fall for some chowl guy. Mummy ji asks her why is she still up ? Nettu says how can I sleep until Poki is back. Mummy ji says thank God you take care of her now. Paki comes into the house. She goes running to her room. Nettu runs after her but she locks the door.

Scene 4
Raghav is in his car and remembers what happened in the store room. He says how can I forget my target I have to get Paki. Kalpi is on the road looking for an auto. Raghav stops his car and looks at her. He stops the car in front of her and gets out of the car. Kalpi says I won’t take lift from him. He comes to her and says watchman get an auto for madam. She looks at him and he goes back to his car and drives away. Kalpi says to the watchman that I will get an auto by myself. Kalpi thinks how rude is he. Didn’t even ask for the lift I would have said no but one should be mannered enough to ask.
He is following her auto. He wonders which way is the auto driver going from ?

Scene 5
Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. Vitthal says don’t worry. You tell the world that she works in a big firm . kamla says she has not called me. He says she must be immersed in the work.He says let me take you to a date. She says what place is that ? He says when a guy and a girl go out its called date. She says you have gone mad. You must be young from heart. Lets go to look for Kalpi and I will consider it a date. Raghav goes to the chowl and wonders if kalpi has reached home or not. Kamla and Vitthal see his car. Kalpi gets there too and sees Raghav in the car. She is dazed.

PRECAP-Nettu asks Paki whats wrong? Did you fight with someone? She syas go away stop annoying me. Raghav calls Paki she disconnects his call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. not liking raghav behavoiur right now…..as for pakhi well maybe they are made for eachother……kalpi did not ask for trouble this time…………get with the program dude…..and did paki go to the office………

  2. Wats wrong with u ppl y kapli always to b blame come on

  3. When will Raghav admit his feelings for kalpi? Even if he does will kalpi feel the same way? The suspense is killing me! I just wish they would do a special episode that lasts 1 hour…… When will I see Raghav and kalpi together? But Raghav is still super hot….!

  4. Paakhi is starting to annoy me… She’s too dramatic!

  5. Barbie Dawson

    Get Paki out of this show she is a pain in my rear

  6. Love to raghav role he portrays his character very am able to relate to what he is going thru but I honestly hope he stops talking rudely to kalpi n blaming her

  7. i dont care how much raghav loves kalpi he has no right to treat her badly………he is just as bad as kamla….all the worried kamla is right now it will take one phone call from pakhi so stop her from worrying about kalpi……..we will now see the dark side of paki………but even if she marries raghav he will always be in love with kalpi and really who wants to live in somebody’s shadow……….and pakhi one date with loverboy raghav and you are hurt by him hugging kalpi……….really………i hope kalpi stays working for him and taunt him more just for being mean to her and sammy will have fun spending time with kalpi…………sammy line should be you are afraid to tell her you love but i am not………..lol

  8. I really want raghav to express his love to kalpi and I want her to feel the same way about him too.they are made for each other.episode must lasts 1hour.

  9. The whole theme of the show is even poor people can dream and work hard to make their dreams true.
    Raghav should accept his love and affection for kalpana and stop the bullshit of revenge with kapoors and make good of his life.

  10. What’s wrong with Raghav yaar? He’s getting really annoying

  11. y raghav likes kalpana yahh? pakhi and raghav are made for each other o god

  12. Lets wait n see hw the story unfolds..
    This reminds me of asad n zoya..adad used to blame her n taunt her for every little thing. .bt when he was abt to loose her, is when he realized her worth..it shall work the same way here..n paakhi, she can’t have it her way all her life..

  13. i felt really bad for kalpi when she told raghav that she is use to nothing this was so sad…atleast with asad and zoya…..zoya fought back…but i guess kalpi really need the job because of her parents dreams………

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