Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal says my daughter will become a madam now. Vitthal says you have to give exams of final year once again along with the work. Kamla is quiet. Kalpi wonders why isn’t she saying anything.
She is in the balcony and remembers the interview that she had with Raghav. She says I can’t get Raghav. He didn’t meet Ai that day but agreed to give me job.
On the other hand Paki is staring at Raghav’s picture. She smiles recalling how Raghav saved her.
Raghav says now everything is in front of me. Just this night has to pass then I know what my next step is.
Paki says what will happen, I will work with Raghav.

Scene 2
Vitthal says Kalpi in deep thoughts. He asks why is she up so late ? Vitthal says its your first day at the job

tomorrow. Kalpi sasy why Raghav appointed me, he doesn’t talk to me even. Vitthal says you never know whats in his heart. All i know is that he came when you asked him to save the chowl. On your Ai’s request he gave you a job. Never judge someone by their words. Kalpi hugs him.

Scene 3
Next morning Kalpi wakes up and sees Kamla praying. She sees a handbag around her and there is a present in it for her. She opens it and there is a dress in it. Kalpi says to Vitthal thank you for the dress baba. Vitthal says no I didn’t brought it. Kalpi asks does Ai ? Kamla says Vitthal ask her to get ready. She shouldn’t get late. Kalpi wears that dress.
On the other hand, Paki is going through her closet not knowing what to wear. Mummy ji brings her the juice. She says look daddi i have nothing to wear for the first day. Mummy ji says what will happen when you go to see the guy you marry. Nettu comes in and says oh my strawberry can’t decide what to wear. She starts suggesting wear this. Paki says stop it Nettu. Nettu leaves and wonders where Kamla has got a job for KAlpi. How she manages every time.

Scene 4
Kamla gets a lunch box prepared for Kalpi. Kalpi bows down but Kamla gets back. Kalpi is sad. She places the box there and leaves. Vitthal says forgive her Kamla. Kalpi is listening to all this. Kamla says I have forgiven her but I just want her to choose the right path always. God has given her second chance. Kamla says she has to fulfill the dreams. Kalpi says no dream can be achieved without your prayers. She says you sent me to the school and sent me to the hostel. You stopped me when I ws doing dishes at someone’s house. I am incomplete without you. Kamla is in tears and kisses her forehead. She says my prayers are always with you. Go and show the world that you can win again. Kalpi leaves. Kamla sees the box she says I will give it to her by going myself.

Scene 5
Kalpi goes to the office. The receptionist asks her to wait. Kalpi says please inform that I am here. She says i am Kalpana Yadav. She asks a peon to show her the cabin. Everyone is treating her so well. He shows her the cabin. It is so well furnished. She says is it really mine ? He says yes. She wonders why is Raghav being so nice to her. She sits on her chair. A guy comes in and says I am sumit call me if ou need something. Another guy says her welcome. When he leaves Raghav is standing at his back. He ask what are you doing here ? She says you gave me the job. He asks what are you doing in this cabin? He asks his secretary. He says you said that there is supervisor coming in this office Raghav says I asid that miss Paki Kapoor will be the supervisor and Miss Kalpana will will assist her. He says sorry madam this is not your cabin.

PRECAP-Raghav is talking to sammy when a roof light is about to fall on his head. Kalpi is seeing this, not knowing what to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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