Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla starts the story, Seven years has passed and so many things have changed. Sahil kapoor is richer than before. He has made a lot of success in this span.
Sahil asks Nettu to asks Kamla to get the guest room ready. Graghav is coming back and he will live here to complete his further studies.. He says i have a really big meeting today. Before going there i would like my daughter to touch the pen. I won’t do anything important until my princess don’t touch my pen. When they look for she is not in the room. Nettu says i have not seen her since morning. Mummy ji says she never wakes up before Kamla comes, how did she wake up.

Scene 2
Vitthal is singing the religious song when he sees Kamla, Pakiya and Kalpana in front of him. He smiles and says

its amazing to see my Kalpi and Pakiya when i wake up. Kamla says ask them what they were doing? Kalpana says i was crying so Pakiya was running after them with a stick. Kalpana says that yesterday my teacher asked me what i want to be in future? i said i will be big madam, so all my classmates started laughing and Pakiya after them with a stick. Pakiya says i will slap them if they dare saying anything to my sister. Kamla and Vitthal are angry on these words of him. Pakiya says is it alright that they can say anything to Kalpi but wrong for me to say them anything. Kamla says to Kalpi not to consider what people say. Vitthal says you don’t need to cry. Pakiya syas yes you need to answer back. Kamla says what ? Like hitting them. Kamla says to Vitthal teach him something. He says what will i teach them who couldn’t do anything. Kalpana hugs Vitthal Vitthal says to Pakiya that you have to be humble and shut others mouths with your mouth.

Scene 3
Nettu asks Prem where is Poki? He says i am not her bodyguard. Kamla comes in. Mummy ji asks her has she seen Paki? Kamla says let me find her. She gets in her room where all her toys and stuff is present but she is no where. Kamla looks in cupboard from a hole and finds Paki sleeping there. She calls her name out. Paki calls her maa and hugs her. Kamla asks what was you doing there ? Paki says i missed you, why you left me alone. Kalpana asks Ai why she calls you maa? Kalpana says her what hyer hairs are like. Look my ai has made my hair. Paki says she is my mom, Kalpana says she is my mom. your mom is there, nettu. Kamla ask them to stop fighting. Paki throws Kapana away. Paki says this lizard is not allowed here. Go away. Kamla says she is my daughter like you. PAki says tell her that you love me more you are my mom. You are my mom speak up maa. Nettu sees all this from the daughter. Kamla says you are pretty daughter and kalpana my cherished one. Nettu says try these lies on me. Teach your daughter and don’t try to be mom of my daughter. Don’t bring Kalpana here Poki doesn’t like it.

Scene 4
Paki says good morning to sahil and hugs him. Sahil kisses her and ask her to place the pen in his pocket. Sahil says that i will sign 3 crore deal with this pen. Sahil says i am not lucky my daughter is. Kamla asks Kalpna to go in the kitchen she will be back after getthing poki ready. Poki hugs Kamla to show Kalpana.

Scene 5
Kalpana is back from school and sees some women dancing in a house. She is enjoying the view. Manda stops her and ask what are you seeing? She says you like it ? Come in i will show you. Kalpna says no i am going home. Kalpana says let me ask Ai. Manda says no there is no need. They will teach you dance. Manda introduces her to the ladies. She says i will apply make up and then they will teach you dance.
There Vitthal and Kamla looking for Kalpana every where.
Manda is applying lipstick and all the make up on her face.
Kamla and Vitthal asks Pakiya to look for him and scold at him for not taking care of him.
Kalpi is dancing with those weird ladies. Manda is enjoying the view she hears the voice of Vitthal screaming for Kalpana. She goes out and says to kamla that i have seen her, i wanna just says she dance so well. She is number one dancer. Mind your tongue, says vitthaol. She gathers all the people and say i will make you all see how their daughter dances. She opens the door. Kamla and vitthal are taken aback looking at their daughter.

PRECAP-Kamla says to vitthal i am not a good mom. I don’t know what my daughter is going throw. A lady says to her that we will get her out of this trouble and this is my promise to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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