Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi takes out the sindur and is about to place in her hairline. Kamla holds her hand and stops her. Kamla says what are you doing ? Kalpi says this sindur is the sign of precious relationship of marriage. Kamla locks the door and says this is not precious. The relation you have to conceal is never precious. Kalpi says both this sindur and relation are precious. Kamla says only Pakhi has the right over this sidnur. It belongs to her. I told you never to snatch or steal something and today you are stealing Pakhi’s life, happiness and sindur. Kalpi says only i have right on this sindur nit Pakhi. Me and Ragahv decided this in front of God but my own mom does not wanna accept my happiness. You gave my everything to Pakhi. You will decide this time what you want my happiness or pakhis

right ? What right are you talking about ? Raghav always loved me. He was forced to marry Raghav. Kamla says pakhi has not married by force ? Whom are you trusting? That Raghav who always betrayed you. He shattered your trust and our respect. Kalpi says after one year i will be marrying from here and my groom will be Raghav. Kamla says how can you say that. I can’t believe that my daughter is talking like this. He said one year and you agreed. How will you wait for him ? The relationship you are trying to make has only destruction for you and Pakhi. Forget him kalpi please. Kalpi says how can I forget him ? You said relationships are made by heart. Ragahv accepted me from his heart so my relation with him is true not Pakhi’s.

Scene 2
Raghav marks a day on calander. He say just one year ad you will be my bride you will forget all this pain. Pakhi comes and asks why you crossed the day ? Are you waiting for some special day ? What will you take in dinner ? I have learned so many dishes from net. Raghav say don’t make anything for me. He is about to go. Oakhi holds his hand and says have the coffee. He says no i don’t want it and leaves. Pakhi thinks don’t worry pakhi cheer up just follow as kamla maa said. I will win his heart someday.

Scene 3
At night Kamla prays to show her some way. she says I am again stuck in a place where both of my daughters have the same thing for happiness. show me some way. I heard that you fulfill everyone’s wishes. Please give me an answer and she me the right path. She is in tears. Suddenly she hears some voice saying kamla. She wakes up and realized it was just a dream. She looks here and there and smiles. She says maybe he will show me the way.

Scene 4
Next morning doorbell rings. Gauri receives a courier fro Pakhi, Its her picture with Raghav of their wedding day. Gauri says you don’r win love my posters. Ragahv was never in your fate and will never be. Not even in the poster. She tears it apart from the center. Pakhi says why are you doing this to me ?Give me one chance. Gauri says your parents didn’t give me chance when they took my family away from me. I have to take all the revenge from your parents and you. I have to take vengeance of my husband’s dad.

There at chowl Kamla tells Vitthal that she saw God in her dream today. I think he is calling us. Suddenly they hear some noises invinting people over the yatra. Vitthal says i think you are right. Kamla says so many things are happening here should i go ? Vitthal says your going will make everything all right. Vitthal goes down adnd investigates. Vitthal says let me give them your name. The man says you look worried this is important for you. Kamla looks at kalpi. Vitthal goes down and gives them Kamla’s name.

Kamla is in deep thought. Vitthal asks what are you thinking ? She says nothing i am just packing up. Vitthal says you can’t even lie. Why are you packing my clothes with yours ? He syas i know what you are thinking. You are worried about kalpi. Just go and pray for her. Lets sleep now.

Scene 5
Next morning Kamla goes to prayer place. Pakhi comes there and gives her parshad. SHe says pray that Raghav becomes mine forever. Kamla says i always pray for you. Pakhi ask why you look so tensed? Kamla recalls Raghav saying that he has accepted Kalpi as his wife. She recalls Kalpi saying that Rahav only loves her not Pakhi. Kamla says no nothing. I was preparing whole night so a bit tired. Pakhi says i have to leave befoer nettu comes. I don’t wanna see her. She leaves. Kalpana comes to kamla and gives her parshad. SHe says pray for mine and Raghav’s relationship as well. Kamla says you know kalpi i will never pray for your relationship. society doesn’t give it any name how can i pray for it ? I will pray fro pakhi and Raghav’s relation. Kalpi says everyone has right to ask from God and he know what he wants to give whom. He will decide the real love willl triumph or just a piece of paper. Love is important nit just a signature on a paper. Kalpi place her parshad there and hugs Kamla. She says take care and leaves.

Precap- Raghav says to Kalpi this is the wedding locket i made for you. I want you to take it. Kalpi says i can’t accept it Raghav. I told you we won’t meet for a whole year why are you not understanding.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. it is good kalpi finally took stand for herself that wz must for her…..dambo kamla Bappa h already signal her but she is ready to xpts ths…..

  2. Mendi

    Why is Kamla so adamant in putting Pakhi in front of the child she gave birth to? This has always been the case and it is so sad that a mother is in favour of someone else’s child than hers. Wake up Kalpi. Kamla is only doing this for Pakhi. She does not love you and never have. All her tears is just because she knows in her heart that Pakhi has lost and you have won. Be strong!

  3. jasmine

    I am happy that kalpi stood up to kamala maa. I just wish every thing works out 4 kalpi this time around.

  4. Why suddenly kalpi talk like this to raghav?i dont understand.but anyway i still have hope on raghav and kalpi love and their relationship.at the end kalpi and raghav only have to unite.directors pls throw the b*t*h paakhi from raghav life and let marry her sammy.

  5. yoga efron

    stupid idiot kamla ……she has never supported her daughter …….but supports paakhi….i love u kalpi…for standing up….u dont need anyone else support …only raghav’s support……..i just cant take with kamla’s drama…..yey RAGNA

  6. Leila

    Thank god kalpi has now realised dt kamla puts pakhis happiness over n above hers…kalpi has neva stood up for herself dts y kamla is neva in her favour…nobody is dere for her…kamla nids to understnd dat a mother shud neva differenciate btw her children…u shudnt support one n neglect d oda…even if u love d oda mre dan d rest,,u shud kip it at hrt n neva show dt odawise d one u love more myt use it against d oda

  7. sneh

    BRAVO KALPANA BE STRONG .Kamla is possessed by Pakhi . SO don’t listen to her doubleface talk of KAMLA, SHE is cheating you all your life.
    You are intelligent smart girl FIGHT for your LOVEwhich belongs to YOU ONLY
    PAKHI is told many time clearly by Raghav & Gouri she has no place in RAGHAV’s life.
    Pakhi isa Barbie doll she made of plastic its beyond her understanding the real love of RAGHNA. Kamla has controversial speeches for Kalpana & Pakhi.
    KAMLA IS KUMATA SO sick she has no love & understanding for kalpana
    Kamla is really looser ……

  8. AP

    FOLKS pls pls pls don’t watch on TV till the buri saya P..KHI goes away from RAGNA’s life and we get RAGNA back with respect. If TRP increases, they will strecth this KHI track longer … REquesting all

    • girijashiva

      yes ,sure
      if you want to watch -online dont give feed back. but vote for RAGHAVA & KALPI

    • Sam

      I agree and they may even show he fallin in love wit pahki at the end…I fear the yr inwhich kalpi say they shouldnt have no contact may bring raghav and pahki together….atleast thats how the cvs will put it

  9. hi ek i read written updates & then watch on ……online..youtube…..& kalpi didn’t argue with damla bt yes took stand fr herself calmly….

  10. ek

    May this tym everything go well for raghna evev after one yr aur ab kalpi can fulfil her wishes she must work an bcm successful raghav shuld help her and plea……….. p
    ………..s pd story ko track pe lao ab kuch mat bigadna an fix ur fav pakhi with someone else may be sammy vo bhi khush rahegi aur hum bhi

  11. ek

    Ya we can only hope bcs nothing is in our hand pata chale raghna marriage ka laddoo humko dekha kar pd khane ke waqt par humse chiin le

  12. shoonya

    Yes me too reading only updates not even watching on you tube. Better not to watch this carp. Till now was silently reading ur comments but this stupid twist forced me to give me my input

  13. Mon

    Hi so Girija ji anshu chocopie ek
    I always agree with ap watch online
    Ek muthi asman desitvforum
    Ek muthi asman desi tashan
    There r many website u can watch online ek
    India me Jo ema abhi dikhaya wo muje yaha par tumhari 5th June morning jab yaha 4 evening hogi tab dekhne ko mileaga
    I can’t wait 4 Bcoz miss raghna to me ema online dekhati hu

  14. Crystal Singh

    I am sooooooo proud of kalpi,she finally stood up for herself at least she has some backbone.She needs to keep letting Kamla know the facts.Don’t know why Kamla can’t back off.

  15. Mon

    Kids r doing good
    I haven’t watch today’s ema just read Kia hai but soon will watch can’t wait Bcoz 1st time kalpi apne lie dumbo se baat karti hai

  16. Mon

    She stood up 4 her self
    Kisi ne rain vala promo dekha?
    Agar dekhna ho to ek muthi asman desitvforum par dekho
    Ema vale rain scenc shoot kar rahe hai usme ashish ka interview bhi hai
    Use pucha ki tu kiske sath Raho gr kalpi ki paji
    So he ans ki Jo frnds Chahte hai wo
    Must watch that

  17. yes ek online se trp pr koi ffect nhi padta hai it only depends upon tv….& ye mon is ryt u guyz cn watch it on these sites also desitvbox m also watchng there…..& AP no need o thnx bcoz every1 r doing ths fr themslves also v all wnt ragna back….girija is also ryt plz every 1 vote fr ashish rachna & ragna on tellyexpress voting lines r only open fr twwo or three dayz others r gvn tough competetion so plz gv ur more & more votez there

  18. ashranna

    so this has nothing to do with EMA yesterday was the most trying day for me at work….the owner of the company was behaving like an idiot so i thought i had enough because his rantings had nothing to do with my job spec but he was venting …so i vented back which is also wrong but i did not vent in any disrespectful manner but after that meeting i thought of leaving my job….i thought i had enough….then comes the VP who says you are the heart your division if the heart leaves all fails…felt good but my mind was made up…..this morning handed my letter of resignation and had it torn up infront my face…it was not accepted…….then comes damage control CEO wants u to stay…..my question was why….answer because i hold u up there and no one knows that so now u know rethink what u did….now i dont know what to do…..consulted hubby but he said its my decision….

    • girijashiva

      by giving your resignation you made it clear you are not taken for granted. any shit from any one whether he is owner or CEO. he has no right to spit venom that to not connected with the job.that means it is – personal?some kind of misunderstanding ?you are strong woman you fight for your rights.
      by the way what you wrote – damage control by CEO,VP- they know your talents – they want to retain,
      my advice is – take a week leave from the office.relax at home .think what all happened – after sometime – you will calm down.take advice from husband and close family ,friends. by that time they will also realise -dont hurry up in your decision – first of all you like your job in that office?

      • ashranna

        just got home CEO says take some time and think it over he will hate to lose me…..the news travelled fast and got calls from mktg manager etc not to leave….he said that how can I leave I am always 1 step ahead…and I he has a lot of faith in the decisions I make….in all honesty I don’t work in the marketing department but that manager has always stood by my side…..he somehow trust me blindly as for my manager he places his whole hearted trust in me…..I like what I do I was never bypass for any promotion but I have actually turned them down because I like where I am in my life….but thank u for ur advice…..but with this incident I confirmed my worth…my dear co workers said they had always seen it and I refused to accept my worth…..they said that if I give up then I will not give them hope and for them I have always given them hope even when there were times of no hope…..

  19. Snigdha

    Hi guys yeh kya nayi twist hey yaar kalpi is fighting with kamla for her luv…great..par kalpi raghav dhoor kyo rakna chahthi hey jab ragav uske saath rahna chahta hey idiot aur ragav pakhi ke saat friendly kyo hey he is raising her feelings.i hate kamla as well as gauri both dont care abt the happiness of their own children..anyways chocopie agar aap raat 7 baje nahi dekh sakte tho raat 11:30 baje dekhiyega serial dekhne ka maza padne mey nahi aathi hey…try it..! I LUV AASHISH dada

  20. Snigdha

    Guys pls do watch EMA pls mujhe aashish ko miss nahi karna hey.Kham se kham RAGNA ke liye pls. we,fans of EMA must hit TRP.pls do watch

    • girijashiva

      we will watch it online.we also love ashish.but we want to teach EMA creative team -because of us they are here.- we are paying amt to watch the channel, they are not doing any charity. without us they will be no where. we may pay channel amount -what about lower middle class people who are struggling to get some entertainment in the midst of their sorrow.just we waiting to get our messege to their head.

  21. Kamla is the most hated mother in Hindi soapies. She knows her child is in love with Raghav and Raghav loves Kapli. But still she wants Pakhi to make Raghav love her. I wish I knew where Kamla’s inflated plug is, I will pull it off and deflate her gool-gulla face. I take a walk to the kitchen when I see her on my tv sceen. I love Kalpi, it’s about time she stood up and fought for her rights…her mother never gave her priority…”wait for your man, sweetie…that’s love”.

  22. dd

    hello girjaji, mon, ek, anshu, chocopai and al tu frineds.guys kamla is supporting pakhi because she know that raghave married with her in front of society and she is legal wife of him. kalpi whom he loves but this relationship is not legal and she knows tht after some time kalpi will be hurt most thats why she is tryig to keep away kalpi from this pain(society talk) and she has strong fear that raghave will hurt her again as he did previously thats why she is trying to understnad kalpi that try to keep far away from herself from him. even truly say i am also afraid for it i know raghav loves kalpi most but circumstances and fate will distract raghav again and he will agan hurt kalpi that i dont want. i m sure pd will try that pakhi get raghav love or something happen that raghav will not able to divoce pakh (becasue she will pregrnant) or other. and now kalpi stad for love will destroy and this type of relation is not good and right way fo achieving theri love yaar.

    • anshu

      Hi dd
      Girls pd is nt cvs head
      Cvs head is misha gautam
      I think we r unnecessariliy givig her more imp

  23. dd

    as its true love i think kalpi should go far away from raghav and raghav have to promise himself that he will get back in kalpi life after some time and will give her all happiness. and kalpi should go aways to say that as now he is married and our love is true but our fate doesnt want us to be together so this relation ship not happen. and she also think that she is distroying someone house even though she know that pakhi is innocent and she loves him but he doesnt but she is also in pain atleast kalpi should give sacrifise and let give time to their relationship and raghav haveto profe that he is in love with kalpi only and cannot go with other and come back in kalpi life meanwhie kalpi make her path with pride and give punishment to kapoors becasue kahi naa kahi kapoors ne raghav and kalpi dono ko destroy kiya hai even pakhi is also person who hurt kalpi alot. i am sorry but i know this is not easy but as kalpi is so good and soft hearted she should wait anf see is er love win or again raghav ditched her under circumstances and all.

  24. dd

    now in coming week kalpi will say to raghave give me promise that he and she will not meet for 1 year and raghave get tensed again and vitthal also get to know about kalpi and raghave secrea marraige and slap to kalpi to say what she did. this is will come

  25. dd

    that is the story line and i am afraid in which ashish said that he and kalpi will toghter but may be he may change is decision

  26. ye anshu it actually starts frm 3rd august bt 4 june ka b koi connection hai whole world frndshipday k saath i listend smwhere aur kuch sites pr aur twitter pe b sb log frndshpday wishz krrahe thei kal……

  27. kamla nevar loved kalpi its always been pakhi for her so why would she cry and act so childish go to paki kamla leave kalpi alone she can stand for herself

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